Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I went back to the doctor today for the SECOND time this week! I went Monday and I hadn't dilated anymore, so he made me come back today and get an ultrasound and another check. He wanted to get an ultrasound to get an estimate on how much she weighs. They say at this point that the ultrasound weight isn't very accurate, up to a pound difference either way, but oh well, wasn't going to argue getting to see her! The ultrasound weight is showing around 7lbs 10 oz!! hahahahaha, so i'm hoping we're on the smaller end of the scale, but oh well. Dr. Howell also said that I was a very loose 1cm. Which didn't perk me up too much. So he said that an elective induction could be scheduled. I was concerned on the induction about whether it's bad for her, or bad for me, but he said that he believes that everything will go just fine. He is on call this weekend and said that it wouldn't surprise him at all if I ended up coming in. So let's hope and pray for that!
The plan right now is to go in Monday night at 8pm, and to get two doses of cervadil, and then start the pitocin at 6am. He said that the cervadil can speed the labor process along faster and that alot of times the pitocin isn't relied on as much, which means it won't be turned up as high, which is what I wanted to hear! :)
So here's my little princess!! Look at those cheeks!! :) She's leaning against her arm or hand or something. Just like I thought....she's nice and cozy....and her momma isn't!! I'll let you guys know if something happens sooner! Looks like her birthday just might be December 8th, 2oo9! YAY!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

36 weeks and 2 days!

Hello again! Time is flying! It's crazy to think that in 5 days she will be considered a full term baby! This year has gone sooo fast, but I'm so glad! Here on the right is what we have over her crib. My wonderful good friend Brandy from back home ordered one similar for her new baby and I was like, "oh my gosh, where and how do you get one of those!??!" It's one of the sticker wall decals off of, and we absolutely love it!! Everyone that has walked into her nursery has thought that someone painted it! We are very pleased!

Well if any of you guys have facebook, know that we've had a little excitement the past couple of days. I went to see Dr. Howell on Wednesday. I thought that he would check me but he did not. He said he wanted to wait until next week. At that point in time, i was a little bummed, but oh well. Everything looked great. Too much halloween candy got to the scales, but oh well. The way I look at it, i'm almost done! But other than that, a great visit, with excitement for next week. Then Friday came....

I woke up Friday and while I was getting ready for work, I was having this really uncomfortable back pain and just felt like I was about to start my period. Well, as perfect timing would have it, Josh was leaving that morning for "deer camp" and he was PLANNING on being gone all weekend until today. We had prepared and I had gotten almost every number of everyone that was going to be there, and I told him on Thursday to go and have fun b/c this might be his last guy time for a while. All I told him on Friday was to check his phone that I wasn't feeling the greatest. So I went to work and nothing changed. Later we got ahold of the doctor and they told me that they recommended me coming into triage to get checked. I called Josh and told him what I was going to do but told him to stay at the deer camp, that if something was going on, i'd let him know so he could come...other than that, i'd probably go home and hang low for the weekend.

They put me on the monitor and sure enough I was having contractions. One nurse came in and said that I was having them every 4 minutes. The nurse that received me checked me and said that I was dilated "a dimple" hahahaha, whatever that was suppose to mean. AND LADIES...if you have never been checked...OMG!! No one warned me what being checked felt like!! I am sooooo over the excitement of being checked. I flat out dread that part now! It hurt...really bad!! Regardless, after the UA and all came back...apparently I was really dehydrated. My temp was up, tons of ketones in the urine, yada yada. So they hoped to give me a liter of fluid and send me home, but after the first liter of fluids my contractions strengthened, and so they took my food away and everything, wondering if I really was going into labor instead of just being dehydrated. I did end up coming home after 2 1/2 liters of fluid and put on bedrest over the weekend. She said that I was probably having the most steady contractions out of anyone they were watching at the desk, but they weren't progressing me. Which was fine by me! I had a panic moment after the first time they checked me! I was like, "oh my gosh, I can't do this, i can't do this!" hahaha.

So hopefully Jaycee will be here soon!! Josh came to the hospital and even though there was nothing he could do for me all weekend, he stayed home by my side and tended to my every need!! So sweet!! (He even cleaned the house and ran my errands for me!!!) So here I am, just waiting until Thursday when I go back to see Dr. Howell. I'm still having the contractions, but the back pain is not near as bad, and that was what was hurting me. So maybe, just maybe I'll be dilated more than a dimple on Thursday!! Say a prayer for us. I want to wait until she's ready, but I don't want to feel like this for 3-4 more weeks either. A nice compromise would be nice! :)

Needless to say, my bags are definately packed now, and her clothes are currently in the process of being washed! Talk about me having a list a mile long once I realized all this was going to happen sooner than I thought! All I could think about in the hospital was that her clothes weren't washed yet!! hahaha. Hope all of you guys have a great week!! I'll keep you guys updated with Thursday's visit, or if something happens sooner! :) Love you all!

Layne and Josh

Monday, October 26, 2009

33 weeks and 3 days!

It's been a long while since my last blog and I apologize. I don't know how so many people keep up with these things like they do! But for those of you who are reading that have been pregnant before, life gets pretty busy about this time and that's exactly what i've been. As you can tell, my eyes in my picture are like, "oh my gosh, i can't believe i'm getting a picture taken of myself this large!" hahaha. Well, since my last post, I've had two showers and they were absolutely wonderful. Thank you to all of you guys for the wonderful gifts for myself and Jaycee. She is completely "hooked up!" I couldn't ask for better friends and family.

I go back to see Dr. Howell this Wednesday. I now go every two weeks and then after this appointment, I will go every week. It just makes the anticipation so much stronger when your appointments get closer and closer together. Yay!! When i was there two weeks ago, i asked him if he could tell if she was still breech. He didn't want to push on her too hard, but he told me to come into this other room where he had one of his dads old ultrasound machines, and sure enough she has turned HEAD DOWN! He told me that she could still flip flop for a few more weeks and I said, "well at least she knows how to get there!" hahaha. I'm so scared of a c-section if you can't tell.

We have also gotten her room pretty much ready since my last post. At the end of this, I have a bunch of pictures that I'm just going to put up of her room and closet! It's so pretty. I could just stand at the doorway of it all day everyday! I don't have anything on the walls yet. I have something ordered off to go above her bed and then initials to go over her dresser and my mom and dad have gotten me the glider that i wanted, it's just not in yet. When Josh and I were putting EVERYTHING together, the best part of it all was the carseat/stroller travel system. Josh learned how to use it first and then he TRIED to teach me. As simple as those things are to use....let's just say that I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. I was standing in the middle of the hallway crying b/c he could work it and I couldn't, and i felt like a horrible mother!! hahahahahaha. Needless to say, Josh just laughed at me the whole time i was crying. But I do have the hang of it now, so if we NEED to go out, I feel like I just might be able to do that now.

I think that is it for now. I am going to post all of the pictures of her room at the bottom. I still feel pretty well. I have cut my days down to two days a week, which is working out perfect. I am starting to get pretty swollen, pretty often now. My wedding ring doesn't have a prayer of coming off anytime in the near future. And after I work, I look like i have 5lbs of fluid, not at my ankles, but in all of my toes!!! Which Josh just thinks is a gorgeous site! :) But I will let you guys know the update from the doctor's office. Now that her room is essentially ready, I will be able to keep up with this thing better, I promise!

Quick question....what do i pack for her at the hospital besides clothes?!?! diapers?? pacifiers?? I don't know. And do you guys have any recommendations for something that I absolutely cannot go to the hospital without for myself?!?!
Love you guys and I will update you with Wednesdays appointment!
Layne and Josh!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doctor Update!

So I don't have a picture for this week, sorry!! Even though, I keep hearing how large I'm looking!!! So apparently, i'm large. I was at a gas station today and some VERY rough man came up to me and said, "dang girl, you gonna bust that out in a couple of weeks or what?!?" I could have turned around and hit him!! And then when I said I have 10 weeks or so left, he said, "you sure there's not two in there?!?!" Once again, if I wasn't a christian, he would have been in trouble!! In my favorite words from full house, "how rude!"
Anyways, I told you guys in the last blog that I was scheduled to see the doctor yesterday. Well that appointment ended up being sooner. I ended up at the doctor last Wednesday instead of yesterday. I don't know if i had overdone it the day before getting her closet ready or if I had done too much that day, but last Monday was not a good day for me. I went about my business, but after Josh and I got home from taking walker for a walk last Monday, contractions started! At first I didn't think much of them, and even tried to play them off, but they were very consistent and VERY regular. After about a half hour of them being every 10 minutes on the dot, i brought it up to Josh. Well goodness gracious if that wasn't a mistake. He acted like a freak of nature!! I mean, i'm being serious, this was a side of my husband that I had never seen before in 6 years of being with him! Long story short, contractions stayed very steady at every 10 minutes for abour 4 hours. They never intensified, so i never called a doctor or went in, but they sure weren't comfortable. And that's all I could tell Josh. I kept saying, I don't hurt, I'm uncomfortable. I kept telling myself and Josh that it was the real deal, surely it would hurt more, but at the same time, both of us didn't have a clue what to do.
So i drank about 3 bottles of water like I read to do if you have alot of braxton hicks and surely enough before 11pm that night, they started spreading out further and further, and before you knew it, i had fallen asleep trying to time them. So thank goodness!! Answered prayers!
Josh was hysterical...he took the clock away from me, sat right beside me, pushed the water bottles down my throat, and would not take his hand off my belly so he could feel when I was having one, and he would start timing them himself. At one point even, when i was laughing at something on tv, he completely freaked out and yelled for me to stop laughing b/c it tightened my stomach muscles!! hahahaha. So funny looking back at it, but it was a reality check for him I think. He's become stricter and stricter on what I can and cannot do since then!
So I went to the doctor last Wednesday, since i informed them of all this on Tuesday and they wanted to just make sure that having that many contractions didn't start thinning me out. Sure enough, everything is still closed up, and I even lost a pound!! whoo, hoo!! He did prescribe me medicine to take to stop contractions should I get them like that again...I haven't even filled it yet, in hopes that I don't need it! :)
So that's my latest update!! I have a shower in madisonville not this weekend but next, so I will definately upload pictures from that! I'm so exicted! Keep praying for this little girl!! We definately can't wait to see her, but we can sure wait until she can make a healthy arrival! :) More to come next week!! Love you guys!
Layne and Josh!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

27 weeks and 2 days!!

Hey you guys, sorry it's been so long since the last post. As you can tell by my picture, my belly is getting larger by the day!! Josh and I just got back this past Tuesday from taking our last vacation before this little ones arrives!! We went to Destin and it was soooo needed!! I knew I was getting too stressed out before I went, and I feel so much better after going. Nothing better than laying on the beach, laying by the pool, sitting on the balcony and then laying in bed with no alarm clocks! Not to mention, tons of eating! :)
Jaycee is a kicking fool! Thursday was my first day back to work after being off for 8 days and she let me know that she wasn't happy about it. I was uncomfortable at work all day long. I kept having those braxton hicks contractions and then it would feel like my stomach would never even really loosen up. It didn't hurt, but my stomach feeling like that all day was not a comforting feeling. I finally started joking around that she was letting me know she wanted to go back to the beach and quit this work stuff. hahaha.
So i spent all this evening, getting her closet ready. I had bought a ton of different stuff and then what I had gotten as samples and going to that babypalooza thing a long time ago, and all the freebies there, I had her stuff all over the house. So Josh and I finally got all of his hunting clothes out and all the other junk that had accumulated in there and after getting that hunting smell out of there, i moved her stuff in!! I loved it! After I had everything in there as best as it could be right now, i was just standing there. Josh goes, "layne, it's a closet!" I was like, "I know, but it's actually for someone this time!" I was imagining her in there with me a couple of years from now telling me what she wanted to wear that day! It just makes it seem like it's fastly approaching!

Here is a picture of her closet with her outfits!! And then I got this diaper bag in Destin and I absolutely love it! I'm going to take it somewhere tomorrow to get her name put on it!! And I don't know why, but to me the cutest things in her closet are her little newborn shoes!! :) Like her little stride rite black shoes for church and her first pair of white tennis shoes!! awwww, they just kill me everytime i look at them! Well, I guess that's all for now! I go to the doctor a week from tomorrow, so I will put an update on here! So the gap between this one and the next won't be as long! Keep praying for this little girl! :) Love Josh and Layne!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

24 weeks and 2 days!

Time is flying by!! And Jaycee's closet keeps filling up! I went to the doctor on thursday and everything is going great! I got my glucose test done to see if I have developed gestational diabetes and they said that if something was abnormal that they would call me on Friday and I did NOT get a phone call!! So I'm certainly glad to hear that went well. I would not make a good diabetic! My blood pressure was so good it was almost low....i was like, "no wonder i'm always tired" but as long as it stays that well, I don't care!
I guess Jaycee decided to have a lazy couple of days this past sunday and monday and it scared me to death! I did everything i could think of to get her moving before i even called the doctor, and it didn't work, so i finally called the doctor in tears, and they freaking told me to do the exact same things i had already done! But regardless i tried it again, and she finally started moving! It hit me during that time though how much I care and love that little girl already. It's one of those, that you know you do, but at the same time you didn't know the extent of it. I don't know, maybe i can't explain it.
A couple of nights ago, i was laying in bed and all of a sudden my stomach starting moving! I could actually see it under the book i was reading! I yelled for Josh to come see and I think we laid in bed for about an hour watching her go to town. And for some reason, everytime she kicked or moved, i would just crack up! We had both been able to feel her before, but this time i wouldn't even let Josh put his hand on my belly. It was too fun watching her! His hand would have blocked the view! :)
So i was told by a friend (thanks, alison!) that i had to go out and buy this book by Jenny McCarthy called "belly laughs!" It is a pregnancy book, but you know good ol' jenny and how she tells it like it is and talks about things that I would only pray to God are normal, but never ever speak of! It is a definant must read if you are pregnant! I was cracking up the whole book! I actually read it in two days, couldn't put it down! I related alot to the book, sadly enough! :)
I think that's it for now!! Here are some pictures of some clothes for next summer i have gotten her! I picked out my favorites!! OH YEAH, and if any of you guys live around e'ville, there is a place called "Pretty Little Princess" that is a must go to place if you are having a girl!! It's a place for the headbands and bows, and the flowers you can put on the headbands!! That's all that store is, but the selection is so big that I could have stayed in there all day!! :) Love you guys! Layne and Josh!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

22 weeks and 2 days!

Hello! Well, I am happy to say that things are getting better and better! This second trimester energy that everyone was saying that you get, that I was just about done accepting that I was never going to have....actually happened! I don't know if it was because I found out what i'm having, so planning can actually start, along with the shopping, but thank goodness it came along!
So I've known now for 2 weeks, and the bottom row of her closet is already half full of clothes! It seems like I constantly keep showing Josh what I've bought that day, and while he rolls his eyes, he can't help but smile b/c they're so darn cute and he knows it!! :) Kohls is having their 60% off summer clearance sale, and while I can't get anything for her there yet for when she's born in the winter, I am racking up on things that are 6-9 months for next summer for like 4 bucks! Can't pass that up! My sister in law also completely went crazy for her at the Gap Outlet, and i got the most adorable things from her from there! She is going to be soo spoiled!
Josh painted the nursery last weekend! It's a pale pale pale baby green! It's soo relaxing! The nursery was once the hunting room, so needless to say, I wasn't crying when I had to watch Josh take the deer heads and fishes down! Poor guy...
I went to register for Jaycee at Babies R Us and Target!! Hahahaha, omg! I got to that big wall at babies r us where it is nothing but bottles and nipples and more bottles and more nipples. And no one decided to tell me what I would encounter! There were glass bottles, plastic bottles, short bottles, tall bottles, bottles with liners in them (which i still don't know about), and then there were nipples that were slow flow, medium flow and high flow! I mean, HELLO! Talk about hyperventilation and had to use the "walk away, pretend you didn't see" method to calm myself down! I still have no clue what to do in that section! So i'm leaving it blank...
Josh on the other hand, i discovered while registering with him, had no clue that babies had to face backwards in the car and that we needed to register for a mirror to see her face! Once again, i had to use the "walk away, pretend you didn't hear him just say that" method! But it was soooo much fun and we had alot of laughs and I think both of them at times were from the overwhelming, there was nothing to do but laugh moments!
Well, I think that's it! As for Jaycee and mommy, she is having a ball in my belly!! She is kicking me like crazy! And if I didn't mention this in my last blog, she is breach right now. So I strongly believe she is using my bladder as her push off from her feet! But please be praying that she turns!! I really would not like a c-section. We have time, but i'd rather get her on her way...i'd even take sideways right now!! It's strange to think that in 15 weeks she is safe to come out!! crazy huh!? Hope all of you guys have had a great weekend!! Keep praying for this little girl! Love you guys!
Layne and Josh

p.s. i promise to try to look better in the next picture....this is what happens when i blog on sundays!

Friday, July 24, 2009


And here she is!!! Jaycee Anabelle Springer!! The most wonderful precious miracle that God could ever bless Josh and I with! I mean, isn't she beautiful!! ;) Words cannot express the feelings that Josh and I felt yesterday during this ultrasound! Everything is measuring perfect for her! I had about a half of a diet mt. dew on the way to the ultrasound to try to make her active, but that sure didn't work. It was at 330 yesterday and I know that she was thinking, "momma this is our nap time!" The ultrasound took a half hour (which didn't bother me a bit), but she wasn't wanting to do anything but wave her hand at us and suck her thumb! :) You think this will mean that I will have a calm baby?!?! They said that she weighs 11 oz (a can of green beans) which is perfect on the percentile sheet.

I was absolutely bound and determined that I was having a boy. I had been thinking this for weeks and even had Josh convinced that it was a boy! During the ultrasound I kept saying, "i think i see a penis!" And at one point she said, "honey, i'm measuring the head!" hahaha. That's how convinced I was. When she told us what we were going to have, she said that she had known for about 10 minutes, but that she was having to much fun listening to Josh and I think that we saw stuff ( that apparently wasn't there!). I completely lost it when she said it was a girl, and I looked over and Josh had teared up to...which didn't help me stop at all! It was priceless seeing Josh's reaction as we walked out of the ultrasound room to the doctors office. His eyes were huge, and when i asked if he was ok he said, "I think i was prepared to be a daddy to a boy, but I don't know if i'm prepared to be a daddy to a little girl!" It made me cry again! He's going to have himself a little daddy's girl! :) And he knows it! He'll be such a great dad!

After the ultrasound and doctors appointment, my mom, dad, sister, and Josh's mom Josie and her boyfriend Steve came out to eat with us to celebrate! I walked into the restaurant and saw a big balloon that said "it's a girl!", with pink baby roses! My sister also got me a picture frame to put a monthly picture in until they are one and got me onsie's! Which i'm sure you can never have enough of! Thank you to you guys! :)
If i can figure out how to load more of the ultrasound pictures, I will do another blog update and have a picture of my ever growing large belly and a picture of the gifts i got!! Keep praying for this little one!! I got back to the doctor on Aug. 20th! Love you guys!! Layne and Josh

Sunday, July 5, 2009

17 weeks and 3 days!

Hey you guys! I'm so sorry it's taken so long to get on here and do this!! Life has been absolutely crazy lately!! So here i am at 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Very large. I'm hoping it stays all belly, but we will see. I can still fit into all my clothes, they just won't button at the belly area! I did go to the doctor on June 24th. I got on the scale at the beginning of my visit and new that i was in trouble!! hahaha. I have gained 9.5 pounds and at that point I was 16 weeks. I knew that was too much. Dr. Howell tried to be nice. But I told him that i needed him to be hard on me. I just told him I didn't want to be a 60 pound weight gainer, and that he needed to help me make sure that i wouldn't be! hahaha. And strangely enough, I truly believe it's God helping me out, but my appetite has completely been horrible lately. And i've lost 2.3 pounds according to the scale at work, which is right on with the scale at the doctors office. So hopefully, i won't gain so much by the next visit! They say some people gain a ton at a time and then stay in a lull, so we will see. He also told me that my event monitor that i had to wear looked ok, so that was great news! And the best news of all......i get to find out what i'm having on July 23rd!!! YAY!! I really don't think that it can get here fast enough! This will be the first appointment that Josh gets to go with me and i'm very excited about that. I think i'm just as curious to see how josh reacts during the ultrasound as i am to find out the sex! Such an exciting month! I can't wait to see what God planned for us! And i think this is the appointment where i get a 3D image to bring home, so i'll definately upload that and put it on here! Hope everyone is doing ok and i'm so glad that you're following this!! It's great to share an exciting time with friends and family that are just as excited!
Love, Layne and Josh!

Monday, June 15, 2009

So here I am, late posting another one, surprise, surprise!! Here is my 14 1/2 week picture!! I look large and in charge in this picture! I about died when i looked at it after Josh took it. I had just eaten a very large meal, so I sure hope that some of that is because i ate. I can almost promise I wasn't this big this morning!! Regardless, I'm starting to feel better and better!! And i'm so definately excited about that. That tiredness was getting on my last nerve! And I know the picture looks large, butI've gained a total of 5 pounds so far. So I don't know if that's bad, but I hope not. With it being summer now though, I definately feel like i can eat better!! Fresh fruit, veggies on the grill. So let's hope i maintain a good pace for a while. The only thing that is bothersome right now is trying to get comfy in bed. If i lay on my back my lower back hurts and i end up sitting up in bed for a while. But the whole trying to lie on my stomach thing is slowly not feeling so hot either. I think i need to invest in one of those pillows that are advertised all over my pregnancy magazines!! Well that's all i have for this week. Going to the doctor next week should be a good post!! I'm kinda jealous. I work with a girl that found out at 15 weeks what she was having and i'll be that this week. And I'm not scheduled for an ultrasound this time. So maybe I can talk good ol' Dr. Howell into an earlier appointment in July so I can find out sooner!! That's what I'm so anxious about!! But I'll let ya know all the details next week!! Keep up the good prayers for us!! (And pray i don't look larger in my picture next week!) whew. I'm going to fall over backwards by 40 weeks! :)
Love, Layne and Josh!

Friday, June 5, 2009

13 weeks!

Trying to do a weekly update on this thing is harder to keep up with than i thought!! I don't have a picture of my belly this week, but i do have ultrasound pictures!!! YAY! They are absolutely adorable and it finally looks like a baby!! In this picture on the right, he/she is actually smiling, but you can't tell...stupid scanner!! This was the first ultrasound that I actually cried and i kept saying that I just wanted to hold it!! I was very excited. They did the whole genetic screening thing and it has came back negative, so that was a blessing!!

I also decided to tell my doctor that I was having these horrible palpitations that made me feel like i couldn't here i am wearing a heart monitor!! These stickies that I have to wear on my chest, omg...i now feel sorry for all of my patients that i take care of that say that these either itch or hurt!! I have welps and blisters and red squares all over my chest!! It's attractive, let me tell ya!! I was also excited because it showed that i had only gained a pound in the first 12 weeks. Well, that was a week ago, and when i was at work yesterday, it looks like i've already gained another two!! So gotta get back on track of the healthy foods! Everyone at work is asking me what all i've already bought for the it bad that i haven't bought anything??! Kinda hard to shop for something when you don't know the sex, or at least in my opinion! Maybe, i'm already failing as a parent!! hahaha. I get to go back to the doctor June 24th. I don't think i get an ultrasound with that appointment, but the next appointment will be the sex!!! YAY!! Time is flying!! I'll end this blog with another ultrasound picture of the baby, and at the bottom is the heartbeat!! I can't tell you what it makes you feel like when you hear that noise. It's breathtaking, it makes a mom immediately cry!!

Hope all of you guys have a great weekend!! Keep praying for this little one!! Love you all!
Josh and Layne!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

11 weeks pregnant!

I am so sorry that this one is a little late! Not much has been going on this past couple of weeks except my growing belly! Josh has cracked me up the past couple of weeks. You know
how girls plan and get everything in order for a baby. Well I didn't think much about a guy planning for a baby, but Josh ways I didn't even think of. Last Monday was a busy day. Josh got home from work and he had a guy meet us at our house and he decided that it was time to invest in life insurance. He said that since we had a little one on the way that we needed it. I was like, "ooookay?!?!?!" So then, that night after that guy left, Josh left also and arrived back home at 9:30 that night with a brand new baby mobile!! :) Needless to say I was excited about that. He said he did not want our baby in a car, he wanted it in something larger!! Too cute!! But he did hook me up with a 2009 Ford Edge! I do have to say that i'm quite pleased!! He did very well!

So here is my belly for this week!! I go back to the doctor on Wednesday! I get another ultrasound then!! So definately look for an update with new ultrasound pictures by this weekend!! I should have a lot more news for ya then, b/c i sure have alot of questions for my doctor!!! Pray all is well!! Hope everyone has a great week and had a safe Memorial Day!!
Love, Layne and Josh!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

9 1/2 weeks pregnant!

So I'm a little late getting to this entry. Life has been absolutely crazy lately!! Well since i last posted, many things have changed already! My nausea has subsided, and now i'm hungry!! Which i know isn't a good thing, b/c i've never been a very healthy eater! But i am trying! I went to the store yesterday and bought a bunch of fruits instead of junk food! I have also become very emotional. Josh will strongly agree with that statement, bless his heart! I had a voicemail the other day that at the end of it, said that she hoped i was feeling well, and i lost it all the way to my car walking out of target! And so i don't even have to explain to you what i did after a little girl came to the door and said that her dog was missing!
This past Saturday, a friend of mine who is pregnant and I went to this thing that the Womens Hospital offered called "babypalooza!" It was actually a great time! We were greeted with new duffle bags that they immediately filled up with diapers and wipes!! I got hooked up with alot of really great beneficial stuff! They even gave 10 minute massages for free! It was wonderful! We then got a special treat!! friend had a friend that worked inside the Womens Hospital, and she happened to let us know that it wasn't that busy in there, and that she could probably get the ultrasound girl to do ultrasounds on us because no one was doing much!! I was very pumped!! So therefore, i have another ultrasound picture to show you guys!! And it's sooo much better than the first one! And i also have another picture of my belly too. I'm not too happy with this belly picture b/c i'm already in my comfy clothes and i had just eaten, so i feel and look absolutely huge, so i apologize. But Josh refused to take the picture without my shirt up. He said it was only fair.....stupid boys....he has noooo clue! So I will be 10 weeks in a couple of days so this is my 9 1/2 almost 10 week picture!

As you can tell, I'm definately pooching!! I got a dose of reality that I was starting to show when i was at work today, and I didn't have one person that I was around not mention my stomach!! It bothered me, but at the same time I'm still trying to get use to the fact that i'm pregnant and that this is only the beginning!! :)'s my little baby!! I wish scanners gave the pictures justice! The real one looks even better!! But I feel like you can definately tell that's it's a baby now! It threw it's little 1 mm arm up in the air on Saturday during the ultrasound and so she hit rewind until she found it again and took this picture, and it's a bummer that you can' tell that's its little arm is in the air! So keep praying for the special little thing!!! Two weeks from today I get to go back for another ultrasound!! I love these things!! I literally wanted to scream on this ultrasound. I was definately more excited with this one than the first! Hope all of you guys are having a great week!! Look here next week for more updates!! Love you all!
Layne and Josh!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I went to my first OB appointment last friday on the 24th! Josh couldn't go with me (stupid Vectren), so my mom went! I got an ultrasound, lab work, yada yada. I was so excited i could hardly sleep the night before! When i got my ultrasound done, technically i was suppose to be almost 10 weeks along. But once she got going she asked me, "are your periods regular?" I said "dang it, i'm not as far along as i thought am i??" she laughed and said that she didn't think so. So when i saw the doctor I found out that I'm only 7 weeks! So my first blog on here, i must have just been pregnant! :) But being 8 weeks this week explains why the morning sickness has kicked in full gear! I have been such a party pooper lately! Between being tired and nauseated, this isn't much fun right now!! I hear that I'll feel better in a few weeks and I'm ready for that! Here is my first ultrasound picture!!

As you can see, it looks like he/she is playing peek-a-boo!! I did get to hear the hearbeat and it was going strong and was the most precious sound i've ever heard! When she turned it on, I didn't cry, but i just went "awwwwww!" I can't wait to see how he/she has grown in a few weeks! I get to go back for another ultrasound on May 27th!! The doctor says i'll see a baby then!! :)

Here is my 8 week picture!! I feel like I'm already pooching but they say that I'm just bloated!! Which to me, I'd rather be pooching!! hahaha.
I have a few other pictures to upload of a pregnancy journal i got and a onsie that my mom bought the lil one, but my computer is being very stubborn tonight, so i'll try it next week!! See you guys next week!!
Love, Layne!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby on the way!!

Hey you guys! As you know if you're getting on here, Josh and I found out that we were going to have a baby. For about a week now I have been taking pregnancy test after pregnancy test. And with my luck i was getting faint positive, followed by a negative. Then i would get a faint positive again and then get another negative. Needless to say after a week of this i was turning into a freak show! I told Josh that i felt like i could pee on a stick every two hours! It was driving me crazy! So needless to say, I begged the dr's office for the blood work to ease my mind and it came back positive! We are so excited! We went out to celebrate last night. I was celebrating the pregnancy and he was celebrating the fact that no more money had to be spent on pregnancy tests!! (those do get expensive, i'll agree with him there!). I know that they say that they will go by your last period, and if that's the case, I'll be 7 weeks already on Sunday! That's why i was freaking out! But I actually feel pretty well. No sickness, and I don't think i'm moody (you might check with josh on that). The only symptoms I have at all is that I am tired alot (have been for a couple of weeks), and then the only symptom that is driving me crazy is that my mouth is sooooo dry all the time!! My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth 24/7! I am constantly eating ice chips! But i got online b/c i had never heard of that being a symptom before and sure enough it is. I have a dr's appointment with an ultrasound on April 24th! I think that's late for my first appointment, but i'm probably impatient too! So after I get the official everything from the doctors office i'll start taking weekly pictures of my growing belly and post them on here and update you guys on any new stuff going on! I want to know how far along i am before i start posting pictures of my belly, b/c at this stage right now i just feel fat and bloated! Thank you guys for all the congrats!! And I will post an update from the dr's visit to let you guys know how mommy and baby are doing! Just pray for a healthy pregnancy for us!


Layne and Josh