Wednesday, October 12, 2011

22 months

Free entertainment is what we call our daughter!! We sit in the livingroom every night and laugh til we cry sometimes watching her. She loves it when she has our undivided attention anyways, so that just makes her act even more silly!! :)

At 22 months she is turning into such a little girl (in my opinion). She babbles, she loves to care for her babies (her dolls), and loves to give hugs!! I know I've said it alot, but if someone offered to freeze her at this age, I'd immediately say, "yes please!"

* She's in size 5 diapers.

*Still sleeps well

*She's able to verbalize more when it comes to meals, so it's helped with getting her to eat better!

*Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, cheese, grapes, mandarin oranges, cheese quesadila, bananas, and nutrigrain bars are all in her "signature" diet at this time. (And EVERYTHING has to have "ketchup!")

*We attempted potty training, however, she developed croup on the second day, so we have had to put that on hold. (One piece of advice- I had read on the internet a good way to pottytrain is to put her baby dolls on the potty too to let her see that her "friends" are going potty. NOW- we aren't potty trained, but a baby doll is found in the toilet almost on a daily basis. HA!! How do we find these dolls, you ask?? Jaycee is standing there looking at it IN the potty yelling at it to "poo poo!" HAHAHA.

I was so proud of her the other night. For all I know she's behind on this, I have no clue when you're suppose to learn things, but I was so excited she's learned COLORS!!

She has those foamy letter things in the bathtub, so we've been talking about colors for a while, and I asked her to hand me all the yellow ones (and she did). I asked her for the blue ones ( and she did)... and so on. She still gets mixed up on red and green, but the girl knew what she was doing!! Thanks be to daycare if this is where she's learning it. Surely our little "colors" book hasn't worked that well!! For whatever it's worth- it was a proud mommy moment! :)

*Singing songs and dancing is a HUGE thing right now. Itsy bitsy spider, the wheels on the bus, 5 little monkeys, london bridge, ring around the rosies, twinkle twinkle little star are all big hits! She'll look at me and say, "sing mommy." Or she'll pull me away from whatever I'm doing, drag me onto the rug in the livingroom and start going in circles for "ring around the rosies" Apparently, the rug is the only place she can dance!! haha.

She's so fun....

She's so funny....

She's so stinkin' loveable....

She's so strong willed....

She's everything I've ever wanted!!

Happy 22 months Jaycee!!!