Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I went back to the doctor today for the SECOND time this week! I went Monday and I hadn't dilated anymore, so he made me come back today and get an ultrasound and another check. He wanted to get an ultrasound to get an estimate on how much she weighs. They say at this point that the ultrasound weight isn't very accurate, up to a pound difference either way, but oh well, wasn't going to argue getting to see her! The ultrasound weight is showing around 7lbs 10 oz!! hahahahaha, so i'm hoping we're on the smaller end of the scale, but oh well. Dr. Howell also said that I was a very loose 1cm. Which didn't perk me up too much. So he said that an elective induction could be scheduled. I was concerned on the induction about whether it's bad for her, or bad for me, but he said that he believes that everything will go just fine. He is on call this weekend and said that it wouldn't surprise him at all if I ended up coming in. So let's hope and pray for that!
The plan right now is to go in Monday night at 8pm, and to get two doses of cervadil, and then start the pitocin at 6am. He said that the cervadil can speed the labor process along faster and that alot of times the pitocin isn't relied on as much, which means it won't be turned up as high, which is what I wanted to hear! :)
So here's my little princess!! Look at those cheeks!! :) She's leaning against her arm or hand or something. Just like I thought....she's nice and cozy....and her momma isn't!! I'll let you guys know if something happens sooner! Looks like her birthday just might be December 8th, 2oo9! YAY!