Friday, July 24, 2009


And here she is!!! Jaycee Anabelle Springer!! The most wonderful precious miracle that God could ever bless Josh and I with! I mean, isn't she beautiful!! ;) Words cannot express the feelings that Josh and I felt yesterday during this ultrasound! Everything is measuring perfect for her! I had about a half of a diet mt. dew on the way to the ultrasound to try to make her active, but that sure didn't work. It was at 330 yesterday and I know that she was thinking, "momma this is our nap time!" The ultrasound took a half hour (which didn't bother me a bit), but she wasn't wanting to do anything but wave her hand at us and suck her thumb! :) You think this will mean that I will have a calm baby?!?! They said that she weighs 11 oz (a can of green beans) which is perfect on the percentile sheet.

I was absolutely bound and determined that I was having a boy. I had been thinking this for weeks and even had Josh convinced that it was a boy! During the ultrasound I kept saying, "i think i see a penis!" And at one point she said, "honey, i'm measuring the head!" hahaha. That's how convinced I was. When she told us what we were going to have, she said that she had known for about 10 minutes, but that she was having to much fun listening to Josh and I think that we saw stuff ( that apparently wasn't there!). I completely lost it when she said it was a girl, and I looked over and Josh had teared up to...which didn't help me stop at all! It was priceless seeing Josh's reaction as we walked out of the ultrasound room to the doctors office. His eyes were huge, and when i asked if he was ok he said, "I think i was prepared to be a daddy to a boy, but I don't know if i'm prepared to be a daddy to a little girl!" It made me cry again! He's going to have himself a little daddy's girl! :) And he knows it! He'll be such a great dad!

After the ultrasound and doctors appointment, my mom, dad, sister, and Josh's mom Josie and her boyfriend Steve came out to eat with us to celebrate! I walked into the restaurant and saw a big balloon that said "it's a girl!", with pink baby roses! My sister also got me a picture frame to put a monthly picture in until they are one and got me onsie's! Which i'm sure you can never have enough of! Thank you to you guys! :)
If i can figure out how to load more of the ultrasound pictures, I will do another blog update and have a picture of my ever growing large belly and a picture of the gifts i got!! Keep praying for this little one!! I got back to the doctor on Aug. 20th! Love you guys!! Layne and Josh

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  1. Honey, tell Josh that he will be a great dad, and will just eat that baby girl up. There is nothing like sitting back and seeing a daddy love their baby girl so much, Wes is great with her. In fact, when we brought her home the fist time from the hospital, he was more comfortable than I was. What a blessings. Congrats to you both. How exciting! I love her name!

    Melody Kerr