Sunday, November 15, 2009

36 weeks and 2 days!

Hello again! Time is flying! It's crazy to think that in 5 days she will be considered a full term baby! This year has gone sooo fast, but I'm so glad! Here on the right is what we have over her crib. My wonderful good friend Brandy from back home ordered one similar for her new baby and I was like, "oh my gosh, where and how do you get one of those!??!" It's one of the sticker wall decals off of, and we absolutely love it!! Everyone that has walked into her nursery has thought that someone painted it! We are very pleased!

Well if any of you guys have facebook, know that we've had a little excitement the past couple of days. I went to see Dr. Howell on Wednesday. I thought that he would check me but he did not. He said he wanted to wait until next week. At that point in time, i was a little bummed, but oh well. Everything looked great. Too much halloween candy got to the scales, but oh well. The way I look at it, i'm almost done! But other than that, a great visit, with excitement for next week. Then Friday came....

I woke up Friday and while I was getting ready for work, I was having this really uncomfortable back pain and just felt like I was about to start my period. Well, as perfect timing would have it, Josh was leaving that morning for "deer camp" and he was PLANNING on being gone all weekend until today. We had prepared and I had gotten almost every number of everyone that was going to be there, and I told him on Thursday to go and have fun b/c this might be his last guy time for a while. All I told him on Friday was to check his phone that I wasn't feeling the greatest. So I went to work and nothing changed. Later we got ahold of the doctor and they told me that they recommended me coming into triage to get checked. I called Josh and told him what I was going to do but told him to stay at the deer camp, that if something was going on, i'd let him know so he could come...other than that, i'd probably go home and hang low for the weekend.

They put me on the monitor and sure enough I was having contractions. One nurse came in and said that I was having them every 4 minutes. The nurse that received me checked me and said that I was dilated "a dimple" hahahaha, whatever that was suppose to mean. AND LADIES...if you have never been checked...OMG!! No one warned me what being checked felt like!! I am sooooo over the excitement of being checked. I flat out dread that part now! It hurt...really bad!! Regardless, after the UA and all came back...apparently I was really dehydrated. My temp was up, tons of ketones in the urine, yada yada. So they hoped to give me a liter of fluid and send me home, but after the first liter of fluids my contractions strengthened, and so they took my food away and everything, wondering if I really was going into labor instead of just being dehydrated. I did end up coming home after 2 1/2 liters of fluid and put on bedrest over the weekend. She said that I was probably having the most steady contractions out of anyone they were watching at the desk, but they weren't progressing me. Which was fine by me! I had a panic moment after the first time they checked me! I was like, "oh my gosh, I can't do this, i can't do this!" hahaha.

So hopefully Jaycee will be here soon!! Josh came to the hospital and even though there was nothing he could do for me all weekend, he stayed home by my side and tended to my every need!! So sweet!! (He even cleaned the house and ran my errands for me!!!) So here I am, just waiting until Thursday when I go back to see Dr. Howell. I'm still having the contractions, but the back pain is not near as bad, and that was what was hurting me. So maybe, just maybe I'll be dilated more than a dimple on Thursday!! Say a prayer for us. I want to wait until she's ready, but I don't want to feel like this for 3-4 more weeks either. A nice compromise would be nice! :)

Needless to say, my bags are definately packed now, and her clothes are currently in the process of being washed! Talk about me having a list a mile long once I realized all this was going to happen sooner than I thought! All I could think about in the hospital was that her clothes weren't washed yet!! hahaha. Hope all of you guys have a great week!! I'll keep you guys updated with Thursday's visit, or if something happens sooner! :) Love you all!

Layne and Josh

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