Sunday, August 23, 2009

24 weeks and 2 days!

Time is flying by!! And Jaycee's closet keeps filling up! I went to the doctor on thursday and everything is going great! I got my glucose test done to see if I have developed gestational diabetes and they said that if something was abnormal that they would call me on Friday and I did NOT get a phone call!! So I'm certainly glad to hear that went well. I would not make a good diabetic! My blood pressure was so good it was almost low....i was like, "no wonder i'm always tired" but as long as it stays that well, I don't care!
I guess Jaycee decided to have a lazy couple of days this past sunday and monday and it scared me to death! I did everything i could think of to get her moving before i even called the doctor, and it didn't work, so i finally called the doctor in tears, and they freaking told me to do the exact same things i had already done! But regardless i tried it again, and she finally started moving! It hit me during that time though how much I care and love that little girl already. It's one of those, that you know you do, but at the same time you didn't know the extent of it. I don't know, maybe i can't explain it.
A couple of nights ago, i was laying in bed and all of a sudden my stomach starting moving! I could actually see it under the book i was reading! I yelled for Josh to come see and I think we laid in bed for about an hour watching her go to town. And for some reason, everytime she kicked or moved, i would just crack up! We had both been able to feel her before, but this time i wouldn't even let Josh put his hand on my belly. It was too fun watching her! His hand would have blocked the view! :)
So i was told by a friend (thanks, alison!) that i had to go out and buy this book by Jenny McCarthy called "belly laughs!" It is a pregnancy book, but you know good ol' jenny and how she tells it like it is and talks about things that I would only pray to God are normal, but never ever speak of! It is a definant must read if you are pregnant! I was cracking up the whole book! I actually read it in two days, couldn't put it down! I related alot to the book, sadly enough! :)
I think that's it for now!! Here are some pictures of some clothes for next summer i have gotten her! I picked out my favorites!! OH YEAH, and if any of you guys live around e'ville, there is a place called "Pretty Little Princess" that is a must go to place if you are having a girl!! It's a place for the headbands and bows, and the flowers you can put on the headbands!! That's all that store is, but the selection is so big that I could have stayed in there all day!! :) Love you guys! Layne and Josh!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

22 weeks and 2 days!

Hello! Well, I am happy to say that things are getting better and better! This second trimester energy that everyone was saying that you get, that I was just about done accepting that I was never going to have....actually happened! I don't know if it was because I found out what i'm having, so planning can actually start, along with the shopping, but thank goodness it came along!
So I've known now for 2 weeks, and the bottom row of her closet is already half full of clothes! It seems like I constantly keep showing Josh what I've bought that day, and while he rolls his eyes, he can't help but smile b/c they're so darn cute and he knows it!! :) Kohls is having their 60% off summer clearance sale, and while I can't get anything for her there yet for when she's born in the winter, I am racking up on things that are 6-9 months for next summer for like 4 bucks! Can't pass that up! My sister in law also completely went crazy for her at the Gap Outlet, and i got the most adorable things from her from there! She is going to be soo spoiled!
Josh painted the nursery last weekend! It's a pale pale pale baby green! It's soo relaxing! The nursery was once the hunting room, so needless to say, I wasn't crying when I had to watch Josh take the deer heads and fishes down! Poor guy...
I went to register for Jaycee at Babies R Us and Target!! Hahahaha, omg! I got to that big wall at babies r us where it is nothing but bottles and nipples and more bottles and more nipples. And no one decided to tell me what I would encounter! There were glass bottles, plastic bottles, short bottles, tall bottles, bottles with liners in them (which i still don't know about), and then there were nipples that were slow flow, medium flow and high flow! I mean, HELLO! Talk about hyperventilation and had to use the "walk away, pretend you didn't see" method to calm myself down! I still have no clue what to do in that section! So i'm leaving it blank...
Josh on the other hand, i discovered while registering with him, had no clue that babies had to face backwards in the car and that we needed to register for a mirror to see her face! Once again, i had to use the "walk away, pretend you didn't hear him just say that" method! But it was soooo much fun and we had alot of laughs and I think both of them at times were from the overwhelming, there was nothing to do but laugh moments!
Well, I think that's it! As for Jaycee and mommy, she is having a ball in my belly!! She is kicking me like crazy! And if I didn't mention this in my last blog, she is breach right now. So I strongly believe she is using my bladder as her push off from her feet! But please be praying that she turns!! I really would not like a c-section. We have time, but i'd rather get her on her way...i'd even take sideways right now!! It's strange to think that in 15 weeks she is safe to come out!! crazy huh!? Hope all of you guys have had a great weekend!! Keep praying for this little girl! Love you guys!
Layne and Josh

p.s. i promise to try to look better in the next picture....this is what happens when i blog on sundays!