Sunday, September 18, 2011

10 year high school reunions

10 years later!! My oh my, what 10 years will do!!! I can already look back at high school and think, "if I knew what I knew now...."

I loved high school in some aspects and absolutely couldn't stand it in others. I already get palpitations thinking about what it will be like for Jaycee. I miss the football and basketball games. I miss the "study hall" classes, that really just gave us a free pass to roam the halls our senior year. I miss pep rallies. I miss decorating the school for all of the big events. I miss seeing my best friends everyday. And I really miss that my biggest concern was what my weekend plans were. (my oh my, life was good!)

However, I could not stand the drama. Oh my gosh, high school should just be labeled, "DRAMA!" That's what gives me palpitations about my children going to school!! I mean seriously, I crack up at my list of what was drama back then, that I laugh about now....

10 years ago vs. 10 years later (now):

*worrying about wearing the right kind/brand of clothes vs. I currently shop at Target and if it's over 10 dollars I hesitate!

*worrying I wouldn't be invited to a weekend party vs. Now, I just want to run to bed as soon as possible so I can get the most sleep as I can

*worrying that some other girl was flirting with my boyfriend vs. I'm now married to man I didn't even know existed in high school

*worrying about which one of my friends I should side with when we're all in the midst of an argument vs. I currently can't remember the last time I had friend drama.

I know there's tons more drama, but I get stressed out thinking back to all that stuff!! Whew, that part of me is glad it's over!! hahaha.

So moving on, Josh and I have both had our 10 year high school reunions this summer. They BOTH were interesting to say the least!!! We went to mine first, and while it is great to see some of the people we graduated with, most of them are on Facebook. There isn't anymore of not knowing what people are up to or where they live or if they're married with kids. I think that's kinda put a damper on the whole "reunion" thing!

We had a photo booth at mine and the pictures above were some good moments of my reunion!! It gave us a chance to get out the props and act goofy together all over again!!

Josh's happened to be last night. He had a much larger graduating class, so they definitely had a larger turnout. Luckily, thankfully, to facebook, I did know a few people that he graduated with and we did get to catch up with a few. However, more times than not, I found myself standing around comforting myself with cheesecake and a mixed drink!! HAAHA. (I'm sure Josh did the same at mine!)

I'm curious on if either of us will have a 20 year one. I would put more of a bet on Josh's class having one than mine. However, both of them gave us an excuse, to get dolled up, get out of the house, and socialize with friends!! (Something that doesn't get to happen much anymore with kids), so for that, bring on the reunions!

(as long as they always offer desserts and a bar for the long lost spouses!) :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

21 months!

So I feel that I have much more sanity now than my previous post!! HA! One of those days!

My little girl, who is MOSTLY a sweetheart is getting closer and closer to two! The things she's doing now and the stuff she understands and can say, just makes my heart sink to my stomach!! I started her Christmas List the other night, and it makes me look at her "play corner" here in the livingroom and think, "that stuff all looks like baby stuff compared to what's on her list this year!" Time really does go so fast!

So of course at 21 months we are just working on talking, listening, BEHAVING, and learning everything her little mind can soak in!! She might not be able to say a whole lot yet, but she sure can understand almost anything that comes out of our mouths!!

So I thought I'd just give ya some photos to show you what she's been up to the past month!

Below is a picture of Jaycee (and her friend Brayden beside her) at her first "pump it up" party. The inflatable party place!! You can tell she's been sweating! She LOVED it!!

I thought she looked so big sitting there at the table with all the other kids!! It killed me!

She LOVES to help me get ready in the mornings!!

I have also put her in "Kids Day Out" once a week. I had alot of guilt about this since she already goes to Daycare twice a week. But it's only for 3 hours, and it's such a popular place for preschool in our town that I was told if I wanted her to go to preschool there (which I do) then I needed to put her in Kids Day Out b/c those kids get first registration (then alot of times it's full!) So mommy did what mommy had to do! ;) She loves it though, and for quite some time all I've heard is what a wonderful place this is, so I didn't really have any concerns!! So far, it's worked out to perfection!!

This is her below, on her first day. :/ She has to take a backpack, and she always wants to carry it now!! I laughed b/c strangely enough I wasn't the only mommy in the parking lot getting pictures, and then we looked at each other and laughed!! :)

She's at such a fun age, but energetic age, that if playdates weren't apart of our lives, we would both probably lose it!! Below is Jaycee and her friend Noah (he still calls her "baby Jaycee"). They came over to play one morning. They play, and the mommies have coffee! It's perfect! I'm hosting another one tomorrow morning with 4-5 kids coming over. It's crazy, but makes for great naps! :)

I had to snap this picture below. This is how long her hair is getting!! :) I just love it! :)

Hopefully by my next post I can say that she is pottytrained!! (fingers crossed!) She's obsessed with the concept of it, but then refuses (85% of the time) to go. We have made some progress, but when I'm off in a few weeks for 2 full weeks, we're going hardcore! Forget the candies, the stickers, the "promised" toy to bribe her to pee in the potty. All she wants is some toilet paper to wipe herself! HAHA. The few times she does go, that's the only bribe she needs! (Wish I would have known that before "googling" potty training and stocking up on all my bribe supplies!!) HAHA.

I seriously could just eat her up!! :)