Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jaclyn's 1st birthday party and whats to come! :)

FIRST OFF- I know I'm behind. I'm so far behind it isn't even funny. So far behind I don't even know how to catch up. However, I'm determined to, so hopefully for the next few days in a row I'll actually have a daily post until I'm all caught up for her 14 months! :) Jaclyn had her first birthday party and it was SO much fun!! You'll see in the pictures that she had NO CLUE what was going on and what all the fuss was about. She didn't even smile much at all during her party. It was more like "what the heck are these people doing here, and why am I getting tossed around from person to person like a hot potato" look. We just had a hamburger and hot dog bar. I kept it SUPER SIMPLE because I didn't want to be so busy that I couldn't enjoy the day with who it was ALL about! We just had our family and a few of our closest friends who treat Jaclyn like she is theirs too. hahaha. I'll close with her pictures from the party. My next few posts are Fathers Day, MOVING, and getting up to date with her 1 year stats and what she's up to at 13 months! Stay tuned... :)