Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A YEAR in review....

DECEMBER 8, 2009:
6:00am- 1cm dilated. Pitocin started
6:10am- in tears already from the contractions. Contemplating clamping my own pitocin drip tubing, and begging your daddy to take the pain away.
6:45 am- turning slightly psychotic from the pain. Your daddy came over onto the bed and in between mommy's "bad" words, we held hands and prayed together. :)
8:00am- FINALLY relief by epidural. I was returning to a normal person
8:30am- Dr. Howell broke my water and I was 8cm dilated.
10:30 am- 10cm and started pushing
12:33pm- you (the most beautiful, sweetest little girl) was born with such a soft, sweet cry
12:33pm on December 8th 2009- present: THE BEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES.
Why in the world God thought I deserved something as wonderful as you, is beyond my wildest dreams!! However, I'm going to do my best to show him that I deserve you!! I pray daily over you. I pray that I raise you where you know who created you and who made you so perfectly. I pray that you grow to know him and serve him. I pray all of your dreams come true and that I raise you to know that you can become anything you want to be with hard work and the support of your parents and God. I pray over your health for your lifetime. I pray over your happiness, and your safety. I can't seem to pray enough over you. I want the world for you. I want to see you smile daily. I want you to know that even your darkest days that there's always a light and I want to teach you to always find it.
You are everything and more I thought a child would be. Your first year on this earth, in some aspects makes me feel like it's mine. You make me enjoy the simple things. You make me love the things you love (which aren't complicated!). You make me see things in a completely different light than I feel I've seen in decades!! You are beautiful and sweet, but you are already strong and stubborn! :) You laugh at cartoons, but study even a plain piece of paper. You are full of energy, but LOVE a good nap on mommy or daddy's chest. I just can't say enough about you.
I've decided to include in this post, your daddy and I's favorite memories of your first year and then after that pictures of most of your "firsts" during your first year so here we go....
*We brought you home from the hospital and I was shaking the whole way home wondering how in the world I was able to take care of you...I was terrified!
*The whole first night, I stayed awake and watched your sleep (hindsight is 20/20) but I was terrified of the whole baby can stop breathing thing.. (you slept so good!!)
*The second night at home you screamed the whole night!! I was on the phone with your aunt at 11:30 at night wondering if it was too early to initiate the "paci" idea. Daddy then came and while I cried (i'm sure from exhaustion) on the couch, he "jogged" with you from one side of the house to the other (over and over and over again) to finally get you to sleep! (it's funny now...)
*The first night we put you in your crib to sleep. You were 7 weeks old, and I had the monitor turned up so high, i could hear you breathe and every noise you made, I sat straight up in bed..
*Your first belly giggle- oh my gosh it was so cute. I was squeeling and I told Josh I wished we would have had the video camera and he said, "not for her, but I wish I had that stupid little dance you just did on it!"
*The first time you pooped in the bathtub. I couldn't even get you out of the tub b/c I was right beside you with my head in the toilet vomiting!!
*The first time you said "bye" and waved your hand. It was to me when I was leaving for work one morning, and I just cried my whole way there! It was sooo sweet!!
*Watching you learn to sit up, crawl, pull up, walk....every one of those mountains you climbed, it was such an experience watching you figure it out!!
*The first time you ate a whole dinner meal and didn't need my help at all. You ate all finger foods and drank from your sippy all by yourself...I was proud for you, but sad for me!!
*Watching you take your first steps not holding on to anything. The happiness, excitement on your face, put 10 times over on mine!! We were sooooo proud of you!! You're getting so big!
Now on to the pictures:
(our first picture of you!)

(the first time I held you and we were in awe...)

(our first family were 1 day old)

(your first full day at home)

(your first Christmas)

the first day in your bumbo seat!)

(it's crooked, but your first bite of cereal...)

(learning to sit up all by yourself...)

(your first swim experience.)

(your first 4th of July and 1st time in a swing!)

(1st vacation- Chicago!)

(1st day of crawling!! )

(1st time on a boat on the river!)

(1st haircut!)

(1st time you went to the park!)

(1st time you and Walker became friends.. :) )

(baby dedication day!)

(first trip to the pumpkin patch!)

(1st Halloween!)

(1st spaghetti experience!)

(1st night walking by yourself!)

(1st birthday party!!)


HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY JAYCEE ANABELLE SPRINGER!!! You are such an answered prayer and you are turning into such a beautiful little girl with a heart of gold!!! I can't wait to watch you grow and learn in this next year!! It's beyond my wildest thoughts, but I know it's only going to get better!! Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!

Monday, November 29, 2010

We have a.....


She just started this the day after thanksgiving while we were all just playing in the floor!! Bless her heart, I don't think she realized what she got herself into when she did that!! Once she did it once, I kept wanting to see it over and over and over again!! We wore this chick out!! She can now go a total of about 9 or 10 steps before she falls, but she's getting braver and braver every day!! I read that walking is successfully achieved by pronounce encouragement when they make the attempt, therefore, our house sounded like we were at a football game and our team scored the final touchdown to win (with every short distance walk!!) hahaha.

One of my friends commented on facebook that they just love the frankenstein walk...and that's exactly what she's doing and that's exactly what I've been calling it myself!! And I will agree, it is adorable. Every step is an, "I think I can"

This little munchkin turns 1 next week (can't talk about it yet), and Walker (the dog) is thinking she's turning into one of the coolest people he's ever met!! :) And with her starting to walk- he doesn't know what he's in for (or maybe it's the other way around!!) She makes his tail wag, and this is what he plants on her face all day!! L-O-V-E It!!

Let the craziness of a walking toddler begin!! :) Happy Monday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

the new thing

So we have a new obsession! CLIMBING!! And below is where she can be found 75% of her day:

From the instant that I have to put her down in the mornings to make her bottle, this is where she goes. Call me a bad mom, but so that I can go to the bathroom, get the coffee brewing and get her bottle mixed up, Nick Jr. is my savior! None of those things would get done without a crying baby pulling at my leg if I didn't do this, and to be quite honest...until I have coffee in me, I go the easiest route in all aspects of my life!

Doesn't she just look like she fits so perfectly in this!! :) It's a hoot watching her get in it, but it's like the perfect spot in babyland. Surrounded by her favorite toys!!

Needless to say, she cannot get out of this on her own...but she gives it a shot. Her next favorite thing to do is to pull it over to the couch or pull it (it's on wheels) over to the entertainment center and climb in this, to climb onto the next object! She's smart, and I'm having to be on my most alert behavior with her more and more everyday. She'd climb the walls if she could. The child has no fear!!
She's nothing like her momma!! ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11 months!!

Jaycee- one year ago to this weekend, you tried to enter this world early. You made your daddy come home from his hunting weekend and take care of mommy bc they put me on bedrest. I thought it would be any day from that one that you would come, but then I guess you got comfy and decided to wait almost a whole other month before we made you come out!! So you are now 11 months old!!

We have entered a new stage with you, and while it's all glorious, and I wouldn't have it any other way, this one is not as glamorous as some, but not as bad as others!! Hey, that's why they call it "stages" right....

You have now entered "operation seperation anxiety!!" And it's not just from me being out of your sight, it's also, if you have to leave my hip!!! OH MY, OH MY!!

I know right now you are so frustrated b/c you are wanting to walk sooo bad, and you're almost there!! That's why I'm trying to enjoy this "mommy" time to the fullest right now, b/c I know how independent you'll be once those feet start going a mile a minute!

You are now able to stand by yourself in the middle of the livingroom, but boy when you act like we're playing "freeze!" hahaha. You look at us like you have no clue what to do from here. However, the past couple of nights, you will let go of the couch, and come at us with 2 steps and then you just LITERALLY dive into our arms. I think you know that we're there to catch you...I just hope at some point you realize that when you dive onto the floor, it won't be as cooshy, and that at some point, those little feet have to keep moving!! hahaha. I know you'll get there, I'm just afraid of the injuries in the making....

You now have more teeth!! who hoo... One of your top front teeth have come through, and the other one is causing you alot of pain right now and I bet by morning it will be through!! All the more to eat yummy food with!!

We have STARTED the weaning formula stage with you. I love how the doctor told me to do it, but didn't tell me how to do it. Thank goodness for google. I was so lost...

You say "bye bye" "hi" "dada" and "ball." I am still begging you for "mama" but when i ask you to say it, you say, "bye" hahaha.

I also say "where's Walker" and you will spin your head in circles looking for him and when you find him you point your finger and go "oooooo!"

You are such a blessing and you have the biggest, widest, can make anyone in the world almost laugh it's so cute smile in the whole entire world!!! I just look at you sometimes and my heart just sinks in my stomach and I think about how much I love you!! You love to cuddle, you love to give hugs (you even know how to give your teddy bear a hug!), when I squeeze you and I keep repeating "I love you" you usually put your head in my chest and just hum in your sweet voice. I like to think its your way of telling me you love me back!! :)

Happy 11 months Jaycee Anabelle. December 8th will be here before we know it!! (or are ready for it!!) :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

10 months and finally getting the hang of it!

It has taken a GOOD 10 months, but I think I'm JUST NOW getting this mommy thing together. Someone please tell me I'm not alone. Did any other new mommy's out there find themselves at 2pm still in their pjs and their hair not brushed b/c you've devoted the last 8 hrs to your kid and NOTHING else has gotten done?!?! WHEN THEY'RE NOT A NEWBY anymore?!?!?! I have struggled and struggled with the multi-tasking vs. how I WANT to spend my time battle since she has been born.

*For one, I WANT to spend every waking moment, playing with her, tending to her needs, and teaching her new things (and the snuggle/nap time) is A MUST!

*Secondly, I have HAD to come to the realization that I DO need to get dressed and do the dishes, and the laundry DOES have to get done by someone, and my husband must have something to eat for dinner at night.

How to combine those two astriks...has been SO difficult for me!! I would get so frustrated when I go pick Jaycee up from Josh's mom's house after spending the night, and Jaycee is playing in the floor and she's doing dishes...and I would have the thought, "How do you do that!?!" hahahaha. Sounds so simple, but it's like now that she's here, for the longest time, I feel like I can't get anything else done. Sometimes it is b/c I don't want to do anything else, and then sometimes I feel like I just don't have the ability to multitask and I CAN'T get anything done when she's starting to go EVERYWHERE!

But over the last month, I have MADE myself change. I have a list of at least 2 things around the house that need to be done every day of the week. (i.e. the bathrooms and doing 2 loads of laundry). And I make sure that I do those things BEFORE Josh gets home. And I don't do this out of laziness, b/c these things always get done, but I've always waited until Josh got home and then I'm in a cleaning/cooking frenzy the rest of the evening.

I can successfully say that I am doing so much better with this, and it has made the evenings when Josh IS home so much more enjoyable. It's just getting used to a different life, with different responsibilities, and adapting. (sounds like I've had therapy about it, doesn't it!!) I was just getting so frustrated!! :)

ANYWAYS, so now that months 9-10 has helped me dramatically, my little girl is a growing/discovering weed!!

10 month stats:

*We've had some sleeping trouble this past month...I was terrified...but thanks to a sound machine that actually stays on all night, we are back to sleeping through the night again! who knew a fan wasn't enough noise...

*We are still working on the walking thing. She is VERY proficient walking with her walker toy, and when we hold on to her, she doesn't hold on NEAR as we are getting there. (everytime we stand her behind her walker/push toy) as soon as she takes off walking with it, she throws one hand in the air and says "bye bye" SO STINKIN' CUTE!!

*Is it sad that I find it sad that instead of the stage 3 foods, I'm now buying the gerber GRADUATES!! hahaha, something about that word has me emotional already. We buy their little microwavable meals and she loves them...they have little spaghettios, mac and cheese with chicken...mmmm. They even have graduate nutri grain bars that she LOVES for breakfast!!

*She says, "hi" "dada" and "bye bye" I was so excited b/c she actually looked at Josh the other day and said "dada" I think that was the first time she understood what dada meant and who he was!! I was so excited!!

*We now can roll a ball back and forth in the floor. She hasn't quite figured out how to roll correctly...she just takes both hands and hits it until it rolls and then I say "yay!" And that's how we roll!!

*We still only have 2 teeth...hahahaa. But one of her teachers at the daycare said that she was impressed at what all she can eat with only 2 teeth. I told Josh, "she's MY daughter, they shouldn't expect anything less...if it's food, we find a way!"

I will leave you with some pictures of her at the pumpkin patch that we took her to yesterday! She HAD A BLAST!!! I think though, I had just as much fun as she did, but I'm always excited if I see her having a good time!!!

Her and daddy painting her pumpkin

My little pumpkin in the pumpkins! :)

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Her Brothers from another Mother!

Here below are her Brothers from another Mother (aka one of my best friends, Julie)

From left to right is Zach, Jaycee and Noah. Here in a couple of months these three will be the
ages of 1 (Jaycee), 2 (Zach), and 3 (Noah).
They already act like family. Her name to them is "baby Jaycee." Julie and I joke that when they're in high school together that she will still be referred to as "baby Jaycee."! hahaha.
They play, laugh, and today at the fall festival, her and Noah even started fighting (from stroller to stroller!)
I cannot wait to see the three of them grow up together and go to school together!! At least I know there are two boys that are going to have her back! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Dedication weekend!

We had one FULL weekend!! I feel like it was event after event this weekend and it FLEW by, but sometimes as hectic as they are, they are still the best!! This weekend was "jaycee's weekend!" Jaycee got dedicated at church this morning and it was such a WONDERFUL experience!! We are sooo incredibly blessed to have filled up a pew and a half at our church full of family and friends that were there to support us as parents and Jaycee in her walk with God. My heart was so full of gratitude looking around Josh and I at the people who were there and love us and care about us the most! I almost cried! We had friends and family show up that I didn't even know remembered that this was the "dedication" weekend! So if you were there and you are reading this, Thank you so much for taking a week away from your home church to be with us. We are so thankful and we love you all!

This was what the church gave us. It is the picture that I had to turn into the church for the bulletin in a frame that states: "Let the little children come to me...for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as thee."

This was Jaycee right after we got her ready before church. She looked so darn sweet!

And I had to save this picture for last!! As much as this girl smiles and loves attention...I feel this picture is priceless!! Such proud parents and one OVERLOADED. EXHAUSTED. baby! hahaha. And of course, she broke down ON STAGE!! I told Josh, she was just making sure that everyone noticed her! hahaha.

After that we had EVERYONE over to eat at our house which I think was around 15 people, and enjoyed the afternoon of family and friends!! God is so good!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

AHHHH.....9 months!

Yes, we are nine months old, and yes I'm going deeper and deeper into "not so baby" depression. As I was putting her to sleep the other night (yes, I still do that and probably will until she is in middle school!) I just started crying while she was sleeping peacefully in my arms. It was the night before her 9 month "birthday" and I was just thinking back at nine months ago and then 8 months ago, and then 7 and 6 and so on....and it just amazes me what all can transpire in 9 months!! She wasn't even here 9 months ago and now I don't remember my life before her...literally....I feel pathetic looking back at my life before her, sad, maybe...but she is all we know now. I go out shopping with her and she's so cheerful and lovey and happy and actually lets me shop...and I look to my left and there is a woman who looks like she could beat the crap out of her tantrum filled 2 year old and I look at her and say, "you're never going to act like that are you?!?!" hahahaha, I know I'm dreaming, but in all reality I know that the days of her being pure joy for the WHOLE time she's awake is not going to last forever either, and I'm trying to soak up these days in hopes I've implanted them so much that they are all I can think of when my child is laying in the middle of the mall one day kicking her legs and screaming at the top of her lungs because I'm not going to buy her ANOTHER build a bear!! :) So now that I have updated everyone on exactly how obssessed I am with my daughter, the only logical thing to continue is to post this pretty little picture taken while we took her to the park a couple of saturdays ago:

Do you see the you see how big that looks!??! Kills me. So now on to her 9 month stats:

*She weighs 19 lbs 5 oz. (60th percentile)

*She is 28 and 1/4 inches tall (in the 75-80th percentile) SHOCKING!

*She loves loves loves saying "Bye Bye" and waving her cracks me up b/c its the most southern voice sounding bye bye I've ever heard!!

*She will say "dada" and "ball" but EVERYTHING is bye bye. And STILL no mama. :(

* We still ONLY have 2 teeth!! Whats up with that!??! Lets get these teething days done, shall we?!?

*We are now walking as long as we are holding onto something. She will go from one side of the couch to the other holding on to it and we have a push toy to help her walk and she will now go a short distance pushing that and walking behind it!! WE'RE GETTING SO CLOSE!

*She has accepted that her paci is only at bedtime now. We have even starting doing without it at nap time so hopefully bedtime is next!! We have always immediately removed it from her mouth and out of site when she's awake, so hopefully since she's not sooo dependent on it, it will help this transition.

*She's not a fan AT ALL of the 3rd stage much that we are now doing more table food with her than anything and Dr. Hurlock said that was completely ok. We do eat oatmeal for breakfast but the other two meals are usually a little baby food a little table food. But restaurants don't seem to have HEALTHY kid menu items. I was shocked. Looks like she will eat off our plate until she's old enough to see a kid eating chicken nuggets and fries. I just don't want to start bad eating habits...and you would think restaurants would offer healthy items for these growing little things! Another shocker! Sorry, had to vent....
*Peek-a-boo is our game of choice!! We do it to her, but then she will take her "blankee" and throw it over her head herself and she will hold it there for what seems like minutes on end with daddy and I going "where's Jaycee, Jaycee where are you!?!" before she pulls it down!! She plays tough! :)
I think that's it for now. I can't believe she is getting so close to being a year old! And yes, party planning is already in progress, and I am too ashamed to admit for how long!! (hey, you only turn ONE once, right?!?)


Monday, August 30, 2010

Do I dare?!

Oh geez. Etsy gets me in all kinds of trouble!! Look what I have stumbled across and can't get off my mind:

It's a headband with FAKE hair to make it look like it's in little pigtails!! I am completely in love with this concept! :) And for 20 bucks, it just might be worth a try! I mean how stinkin' cute is this!?! But at the same time...I'm promoting hair extensions in an 8 month old! :) Do I dare?!?

(I'm thinking so....)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Haircut!

It was time...

for the mullet to go!! :)

She got to sit in a purple jeep and watch Dora while she was getting it cut while mommy took a ton of pictures and actually, cried a little!! (I wouldn't let Jaycee see, so I kept the camera to my face, so I had to keep snatching shots!)

Just like someone commented on facebook:

"Looks like she is going to enjoy getting pampered!"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Her first trip on the river!!

I think we may have just found a new river rat!! This was her first day out and it was a success! Grandma Jo Jo and Steve bought a boat, and we were so excited to go out with them today and to see if Miss Jaycee would like it.

She definately enjoyed herself!!

Look at this girl and her personality!! We're gonna have our hands full when she gets older!! No fear!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)