Sunday, August 23, 2009

24 weeks and 2 days!

Time is flying by!! And Jaycee's closet keeps filling up! I went to the doctor on thursday and everything is going great! I got my glucose test done to see if I have developed gestational diabetes and they said that if something was abnormal that they would call me on Friday and I did NOT get a phone call!! So I'm certainly glad to hear that went well. I would not make a good diabetic! My blood pressure was so good it was almost low....i was like, "no wonder i'm always tired" but as long as it stays that well, I don't care!
I guess Jaycee decided to have a lazy couple of days this past sunday and monday and it scared me to death! I did everything i could think of to get her moving before i even called the doctor, and it didn't work, so i finally called the doctor in tears, and they freaking told me to do the exact same things i had already done! But regardless i tried it again, and she finally started moving! It hit me during that time though how much I care and love that little girl already. It's one of those, that you know you do, but at the same time you didn't know the extent of it. I don't know, maybe i can't explain it.
A couple of nights ago, i was laying in bed and all of a sudden my stomach starting moving! I could actually see it under the book i was reading! I yelled for Josh to come see and I think we laid in bed for about an hour watching her go to town. And for some reason, everytime she kicked or moved, i would just crack up! We had both been able to feel her before, but this time i wouldn't even let Josh put his hand on my belly. It was too fun watching her! His hand would have blocked the view! :)
So i was told by a friend (thanks, alison!) that i had to go out and buy this book by Jenny McCarthy called "belly laughs!" It is a pregnancy book, but you know good ol' jenny and how she tells it like it is and talks about things that I would only pray to God are normal, but never ever speak of! It is a definant must read if you are pregnant! I was cracking up the whole book! I actually read it in two days, couldn't put it down! I related alot to the book, sadly enough! :)
I think that's it for now!! Here are some pictures of some clothes for next summer i have gotten her! I picked out my favorites!! OH YEAH, and if any of you guys live around e'ville, there is a place called "Pretty Little Princess" that is a must go to place if you are having a girl!! It's a place for the headbands and bows, and the flowers you can put on the headbands!! That's all that store is, but the selection is so big that I could have stayed in there all day!! :) Love you guys! Layne and Josh!

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  1. I wish I could be there with you. Glad everything is going well!