Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doctor Update!

So I don't have a picture for this week, sorry!! Even though, I keep hearing how large I'm looking!!! So apparently, i'm large. I was at a gas station today and some VERY rough man came up to me and said, "dang girl, you gonna bust that out in a couple of weeks or what?!?" I could have turned around and hit him!! And then when I said I have 10 weeks or so left, he said, "you sure there's not two in there?!?!" Once again, if I wasn't a christian, he would have been in trouble!! In my favorite words from full house, "how rude!"
Anyways, I told you guys in the last blog that I was scheduled to see the doctor yesterday. Well that appointment ended up being sooner. I ended up at the doctor last Wednesday instead of yesterday. I don't know if i had overdone it the day before getting her closet ready or if I had done too much that day, but last Monday was not a good day for me. I went about my business, but after Josh and I got home from taking walker for a walk last Monday, contractions started! At first I didn't think much of them, and even tried to play them off, but they were very consistent and VERY regular. After about a half hour of them being every 10 minutes on the dot, i brought it up to Josh. Well goodness gracious if that wasn't a mistake. He acted like a freak of nature!! I mean, i'm being serious, this was a side of my husband that I had never seen before in 6 years of being with him! Long story short, contractions stayed very steady at every 10 minutes for abour 4 hours. They never intensified, so i never called a doctor or went in, but they sure weren't comfortable. And that's all I could tell Josh. I kept saying, I don't hurt, I'm uncomfortable. I kept telling myself and Josh that it was the real deal, surely it would hurt more, but at the same time, both of us didn't have a clue what to do.
So i drank about 3 bottles of water like I read to do if you have alot of braxton hicks and surely enough before 11pm that night, they started spreading out further and further, and before you knew it, i had fallen asleep trying to time them. So thank goodness!! Answered prayers!
Josh was hysterical...he took the clock away from me, sat right beside me, pushed the water bottles down my throat, and would not take his hand off my belly so he could feel when I was having one, and he would start timing them himself. At one point even, when i was laughing at something on tv, he completely freaked out and yelled for me to stop laughing b/c it tightened my stomach muscles!! hahahaha. So funny looking back at it, but it was a reality check for him I think. He's become stricter and stricter on what I can and cannot do since then!
So I went to the doctor last Wednesday, since i informed them of all this on Tuesday and they wanted to just make sure that having that many contractions didn't start thinning me out. Sure enough, everything is still closed up, and I even lost a pound!! whoo, hoo!! He did prescribe me medicine to take to stop contractions should I get them like that again...I haven't even filled it yet, in hopes that I don't need it! :)
So that's my latest update!! I have a shower in madisonville not this weekend but next, so I will definately upload pictures from that! I'm so exicted! Keep praying for this little girl!! We definately can't wait to see her, but we can sure wait until she can make a healthy arrival! :) More to come next week!! Love you guys!
Layne and Josh!

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