Monday, June 15, 2009

So here I am, late posting another one, surprise, surprise!! Here is my 14 1/2 week picture!! I look large and in charge in this picture! I about died when i looked at it after Josh took it. I had just eaten a very large meal, so I sure hope that some of that is because i ate. I can almost promise I wasn't this big this morning!! Regardless, I'm starting to feel better and better!! And i'm so definately excited about that. That tiredness was getting on my last nerve! And I know the picture looks large, butI've gained a total of 5 pounds so far. So I don't know if that's bad, but I hope not. With it being summer now though, I definately feel like i can eat better!! Fresh fruit, veggies on the grill. So let's hope i maintain a good pace for a while. The only thing that is bothersome right now is trying to get comfy in bed. If i lay on my back my lower back hurts and i end up sitting up in bed for a while. But the whole trying to lie on my stomach thing is slowly not feeling so hot either. I think i need to invest in one of those pillows that are advertised all over my pregnancy magazines!! Well that's all i have for this week. Going to the doctor next week should be a good post!! I'm kinda jealous. I work with a girl that found out at 15 weeks what she was having and i'll be that this week. And I'm not scheduled for an ultrasound this time. So maybe I can talk good ol' Dr. Howell into an earlier appointment in July so I can find out sooner!! That's what I'm so anxious about!! But I'll let ya know all the details next week!! Keep up the good prayers for us!! (And pray i don't look larger in my picture next week!) whew. I'm going to fall over backwards by 40 weeks! :)
Love, Layne and Josh!


  1. Layne, you look great! Speaking from experience put a pillow between your legs and try sleeping on your side. They say that is the best for the baby also. I can't wait to hear what you all are having. Those little girls are precious, but boys are Wonderful too! TEll Josh hello for us! Stay healthy!

    Melody, Wes, and Ally Kerr

  2. Layne! You look so cute!!!! I'm like you, I can't wait for you to know the sex!!!

  3. hey, congrats! im expecting too. for the first time. i'm 14 weeks and scared outta my mind!! hope all is well..