Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I went to my first OB appointment last friday on the 24th! Josh couldn't go with me (stupid Vectren), so my mom went! I got an ultrasound, lab work, yada yada. I was so excited i could hardly sleep the night before! When i got my ultrasound done, technically i was suppose to be almost 10 weeks along. But once she got going she asked me, "are your periods regular?" I said "dang it, i'm not as far along as i thought am i??" she laughed and said that she didn't think so. So when i saw the doctor I found out that I'm only 7 weeks! So my first blog on here, i must have just been pregnant! :) But being 8 weeks this week explains why the morning sickness has kicked in full gear! I have been such a party pooper lately! Between being tired and nauseated, this isn't much fun right now!! I hear that I'll feel better in a few weeks and I'm ready for that! Here is my first ultrasound picture!!

As you can see, it looks like he/she is playing peek-a-boo!! I did get to hear the hearbeat and it was going strong and was the most precious sound i've ever heard! When she turned it on, I didn't cry, but i just went "awwwwww!" I can't wait to see how he/she has grown in a few weeks! I get to go back for another ultrasound on May 27th!! The doctor says i'll see a baby then!! :)

Here is my 8 week picture!! I feel like I'm already pooching but they say that I'm just bloated!! Which to me, I'd rather be pooching!! hahaha.
I have a few other pictures to upload of a pregnancy journal i got and a onsie that my mom bought the lil one, but my computer is being very stubborn tonight, so i'll try it next week!! See you guys next week!!
Love, Layne!

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  1. Layne-
    I'm so glad you started a blog so people can follow along!! I hope and pray all goes well!! Congrats!!