Friday, August 24, 2012

Jaclyn @ 2 months!

My sweet little girl is 2 months old!!  I can't believe it!!  Time is sure starting to fly! Starting to fly faster now that the nights are moving along a little faster (aka actual sleep!).  She is such a good little girl!  I mean, I needed so badly a calm, content baby to counteract my crazy 2 year old, and God sure blessed that request! (so far!! hahaha).  She is just the sweetest thing in the whole wide world!!  Her facial expressions are to die for!

Even though the first month wasn't near as bad as I remember the first month being with Jaycee, the second month has gotten even easier! :)  I worked hard that first month making sure she didn't get her days and nights mixed up, and now (thank God), I don't have to work so hard during the day to keep her awake. 

 Josh tells me all the time that I have attachment issues with her already.  I hardly ever put her down, and I'm very possessive of her!  I don't even let Josh have her sometimes when he asks for her!! hahaha.  Bad, I know!  I look at her and my heart melts.  I look at her and wondered how I ever had the thought that I couldn't love another child as much as I do the first one!  God sure does just expand the heart!!

Here are her 2 month stats:

*We went to the doctor for her 2 month checkup when she was 9 weeks and 6 days and she weighed 12lbs 6oz.  (80th %)

*She is 24 1/2 inchest long- off the charts!  (my child- really!?!?) Definitely gets that from her daddy.

*She's eating 4 oz every 3 hours during the day, but we give her 5 oz at her bedtime bottle

*We are STILL BREASTFEEDING!!  I'm very proud of this, but because of her acid reflux, unless it's the middle of the night feeding, I pump and feed her.  She doesn't get as much air this way, so it helps with the reflux issues. 

*She still isn't sleeping through the night completely.  But MOSTLY she'll go 7-8 hours without eating.  However, this girl is ready to crash, SCREAMING for her bedtime bottle at 730 every night.  We've tried so hard to get that time to 8pm or later, and she's too far beyond DONE then!!  hahaha.  So therefore she eats between 730 and 8pm.  We get her to sleep, and she's usually in her crib by 830, and she usually wakes to eat around 330-4am.  I nurse her, and she's back to sleep until around 7am.  So it's not too too bad.  I actually don't mind the middle of the night feeding, because she just eats enough to go back to sleep, so I can change her, feed her, and get her back to sleep and in her crib in 30 minutes or less!

*She is one RESTLESS sleeper!!! I'm sure hoping this gets better soon!!  I feel like I watch the monitor half the night because I never know if that noise is just her being restless and noisy, or if she's waking up!! 

*She's holding her head up like a pro! (Even though she totally got lazy at her doc appt and I don't think her doctor believes she can even lift it off the ground!) hahaha. 

*She's able to sit in her bumbo seat now.  Not for long periods of time, but she can tolerate it while I'm washing bottles or we are eating dinner!

*She's kicking, moving her arms, and smiling, cooing, and squeeling all the time.  I haven't been able to get that belly giggle out of her yet!!  I'm hoping by next month I can say that I've heard it!!

* She LOVES HER SISTER!!!  Jaclyn gets the biggest smile on her face when Jaycee is in front of her.  It melts my heart and makes me tear up often!

I think that's it for month 2!!  Time sure is flying, thinking that in just 3 days she will be 11 weeks old! Can't wait to see what she can do by her 3 month post! :) 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The many faces of Jaclyn!

 This kid cracks me up!!!  Her facial expressions absolutely kill me!!  I cannot wait until she can talk and she can make me laugh even harder, because if she is as funny (and sweet) as her facial expressions, I'm in for one awesome treat!!!  Enjoy some of the funny/cute pictures of my little girl so far!! :)

The sweet and innocent:

The "oh Lordy, SHE is going to raise me!" look:

 "Look at me, Look at me" look:

The "Now, here's what I think" look:

"What IS this brown furry thing??" look:

The "OH YEAH!" look:

The "just hanging around" look:

The "just chillin'" look:

The "whatever face you just made to try to make me smile, scared me!" look:

The "Shooooot, this baby doll has nothing on me" look:

The "I'm out" look:

The "not sure, thinking about it" look:

The "look that steals mommy's heart" look:

The " I'm trying so hard to keep my head up straight for this picture that I can't smile also" look:

The "mommy, I just filled my pants satisfaction" look:

The "perfect goodmorning, I love you" look:

This funny little girl goes for her 2 month appointment tomorrow.  Check back for her 2 month update and stats-SOON!! :)  Probably Tuesday- I'm sure tomorrow night is going to insist of alot of Tylenol and cuddles!! ;)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I wish I didn't enjoy/NEED sleep so much!

I had a cup (actually 2) of coffee with french vanilla creamer today for the first time in over 10 months!!  It's amazing what I feel like with a little caffeine in me.  It's amazing how much more energy I have.  It's amazing how much better I feel- with just those 2 small cups loaded with fuel!!  I had forgotten what that felt like.  I was a caffeine-aholic before I got pregnant with Jaclyn.  I drank half a pot of coffee a day, and then went on to diet coke and went through the day ready for war.  Then pregnancy came- I cut out the coffee, cut back on the diet cokes, and I've been a walking zombie ever since.  Add that to the mommy of a newborn comatose state- and that pretty much sums of a picture of me!!  BUT today, I feel great.  Today, is a day that I HAD to have.  Today was a caffeine MUST!!  And what does caffeine do to me- it allows me to blog during nap time, instead of running to the couch with a baby on my chest as soon as I shut the door to Jaycee's room for her nap. 

I've been wanting to blog SO MUCH lately.  I have so many things I want to remember, so many things that I want to share- yet as soon as I get 10 minutes- my first thought is, "can I fall asleep and get a cat nap in this much time??"  I WISH I DIDN'T ENJOY SLEEP SO MUCH.  I wish I didn't NEED sleep so much!!  You know those friends you have that can stay up all night long, and then go through the day like it's nothing- I'm SO envious of those friends of mine.  The ones that stay up to clean after their newborn goes to sleep for the night.  The ones that stay up doing crafts until 2 am, and are still able to function fine when their day starts at 6am.  I'm so jealous.  ME?  I'm panicking if I can't get Jaclyn to sleep by 11pm, b/c I know besides the middle of the night feedings, Jaycee is up rearing to go at 6am!  7 HOURS, minus 30 minutes here and there for a feeding, and another 15 to get her good and back asleep to lay down- oh my gosh, I'm going to die!!!  That's the thoughts that go through my head at 11pm.  Complete panic counting down how much time I HOPEFULLY have before I wake up to do it all over again! 

If I was selfish, I would have given up breastfeeding a long time ago to have that "morning joe" every morning.  To have the energy everyday that I do today.  It's tempting, it's VERY tempting, but then I look at my little girl with HORRIBLE acid reflux, and knowing how easy breastmilk (without caffeine) is on her little belly, and not knowing what formula would do to her little belly- i.just.can't------YET!  (But the day is coming!)

I look back on these past 7 weeks (YES, SHE'S 7 WEEKS OLD NOW!!  AHHH!!), and I feel exhausted just reminiscing them.  It's surreal how much time has gone, and how little of sleep one can function off of.  DON'T GET ME WRONG, she's a wonderful baby.  She usually wakes to eat 1 or 2 times in the night, and then goes instantly back to sleep.  I cannot complain about HER sleep.  But I'm not just on her sleep schedule.  I've got another sleep schedule to work with!!  That's why I've wanted to blog so much, because I feel like in the hustle and bustle, and the exhaustion, and the busy'ness of what our everyday life is now, I'm going to forget the little things.  Forget some of the funny comments, or what we are going through at this exact time.  I'm hoping now to get caught up. 

As I sat in my bed nursing last night, I went back through some pictures I've been taking on my phone, b/c as of lately, I don't even grab the nice camera, life happens too fast right now, for me to say "hold on" while I go and get it!!  But as I was looking at the pictures, I was reminded of what I would be missing if I wasn't so sleep deprived right now. 

I wouldn't have this BEAUTIFUL BABY....

I wouldn't have this beautiful, healthy, energetic toddler....

I wouldn't be able to enoy those "proud mommy/wife" moments watching Josh be such a good daddy...

I WOULD be using this a lot more, instead of it looking like this....

I wouldn't be making Friday night movie night memories with Jaycee...

I wouldn't get a date night with my husband...

I wouldn't have any fun, happy pictures with my girlies....

And if I was sleeping, I wouldn't be able to enjoy EVERY SECOND of watching them sleep on me...

Because as tired as I have been, these are the moments that I DON'T want to forget.  These are the moments WORTH staying up for!! 

So CHEERS to the no makeup, the messy house, the sleepy eyes, the dirty laundry, the 2am and 4 am feedings, the days in a row in pjs, and my INABILITY to function on little sleep!! Cheers with a caffeine- free diet coke, that is!! Because they're only this dependent on me for such a small time, and I'm not wasting it- sleeping!!