Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Words I would say!

I first Heard this song on K-Love Radio, and every single word was something that I want to say and pray for Jaycee on a daily basis!!! I want to dedicate this to her, and hope to find someway to put this in a powerpoint or something for her!!! Such a beautiful song!!! :) Enjoy!!

21 weeks

So I'm over half way done!! Whooo hoo!!! I finally took a picture of myself, but as of lately, if I'm not at work, I'm usually in sweats and a tshirt with no make-up on. So, I took a picture, finally, for all of you who have been asking for one, but no face!!! It's not pretty...hahahaha.

As you can tell, the bump is quite large!!! At my doctors appointment last week, I had gained 10 lbs, which is alot less than I had gained with Jaycee at this point, but it's had a negative effect on my mindframe when it comes to eating!! So I'm sure I've already packed on a few more!!! Here are some pregnancy stats at this point:

*Gained a little over 10 pounds so far

*Sleeping like-CRAP!!! The sciatic nerve has done me in this pregnancy!!! The back/butt/leg pain is almost unbearable by the end of the night some nights. I get in bed with my eyes full and limping quite often. Dr. Howell told me to let me know if he needed to send me to PT, and I think I'm about at the "yes, i surrender" point!!

*Food- oh food makes me so happy!!! I told my friend that I feel like every meal is the best meal of my life right now!! hahaha. No cravings, just food!! :)

*I feel her moving all the time. Just last weekend, Josh and I could feel her on the outside of my belly for the first time!

I think that's it right now!!! Things are well. Regardless of the pain, I feel very blessed that my sciatic nerve is my biggest problem!! I drink my glucola at my next appointment, so someone please remind me to lay of the sweets a few days prior to Feb. 23rd, would ya?!? :) I would not make a good diabetic!!

Have a great weekend!! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

20 weeks and IT'S A.....

So yesterday was our big day!! :) Yesterday to me is the date that I've been counting down to since the day I found out I was pregnant. Of course, you get excited about the "due date" but there's something about finding out what you're having. Something about making the little creature in my belly more "real". Something to look forward to WAY BEFORE the due date!! :)

Josh took off work, and we spent the whole morning staying busy (both of us). I think that's what both of us do when we're nervous or anticipating something. My house was so clean.....hence the word..."was". ;)

Jaycee on the other hand could absolutely care less about this "baby" that is in my belly. She is too busy making sure she's daddy's ONLY, pretty princess...

This was her posing for daddy just last week!!!

I feel like I haven't had much time to focus on this pregnancy like last time and for obvious and completely worth it reason. I am sooooo excited to bring a new addition into our family, but I am equally and probably more now, trying to soak up every enjoyable alone time moment with my first adorable princess!!! She makes my day, makes me laugh until I cry, and she's what I think about 24/7!! I have times when I struggle with having to share my time with another baby soon. When you become so accustom to something, change is hard! I think I'm more nervous about making sure Jaycee feels just as loved then as she does now!! I can't STAND seeing her sad, and i never want her to question how much mommy loves her!!!

Ok, so I'm done with my sappy part. Can't you tell yesterday made it real for me?!?! :)

My ultrasound took AN HOUR!!! There were two ladies in the room doing the US, and at first I was just soaking up every single moment and enjoying it all, thinking I saw little penis's everywhere!! (I did that with Jaycee too!!) Now granted, I'm definitely no where near to being a pro with ultrasounds, but I do believe I was better this time around with knowing what they were looking at than the first time!! So after about 30 minutes, and thinking to myself, "they sure are measuring the head alot"...I made a stupid mistake....

I said, "I don't know if you're allowed to tell me this or not, but does everything so far look ok?!?" The lady doing my US said, "we're just taking pictures, and the doctor will go over the results with you."

INSTANT tears started flowing down my face, and I squeezed my husbands hand so hard he actually made a comment outloud "ouch babe, why are you squeezing my hand?' And then after he looked at me, "Oh, and why are you crying??"

APPARENTLY.....he's not in the medical field, b/c anyone in the medical field knows that if you avoid a question like that, or say an answer like that- IT'S USUALLY not good!! I was freaking out thinking that is the kind of answer I give my patients when I know something is wrong but the doctor hasn't talked to them yet!! So needless to say my guard was up the rest of the ultrasound. I almost think that it hindered the excitment when we found out it was a girl, b/c I was still thinking, "that's great, but then what is wrong with my princess!??!"

However, by the time an hour had passed and they were still taking measurements, the other lady took over for the first US lady, and for the first time I took my eyes off the screen and looked at them, and realized the first girl was a last year student at Ivy Tech College here in town. So my hopes were up that was why I got the not so lovely response 30 minutes earlier.

Long story short. Our phones were blowing up b/c no one thought it would take so long, we were already 30 minutes late for Dr. Howell's appointment b/c of the US, and b/c I was still freaking, I told Josh to wait until we talked to Dr. Howell before we make phone calls. I JUST WANTED TO KNOW SHE WAS HEALTHY!!

SHE WAS!!!! Her measurements were perfect!!! She was weighing in at the exact weight that Jaycee did at her 20 week ultrasound!! She was measuring right on track with my due date!!! Whew....God sure is good, and I just couldn't thank him enough for another healthy baby!!! It is still so surreal to me!!!

So here's our OTHER princess!!! :) I think she just looks adorable already!!! We got a 4D picture of her, but she had apparently just put her finger or foot in her mouth and it looks like a cigarrette is coming out, so needless to say, we'll just put that one back for laughs one day!! :)

I thought this one was cute b/c it looks like she is praying!! Just an awesome reminder that she is a Gift from God!!! That he already knows her inside and out!! He already has her life completely planned out. This picture makes me smile for so many reasons!! :)

I can't wait for Jaycee to grow up with a sister!! I can't wait for them to be best friends. I can't wait until they want to sleep together in the same bed and have "sleep overs" in each other's rooms. They'll want to see the same movies, play with the same toys!! :) Jaycee will have a playmate that will grow up and love her unconditionally!!! I get to put them in matching outfits this year!! :) I get to buy more bows! :) We have to pay for two weddings... hahahaha.

I wonder if they'll look alike?!?! All the things that go through my head now!! :) I couldn't be happier!!

Now for her name....

the one and OUR only.....

Jaclyn Brooke Springer! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Eve, 17 week pregnancy, and time for a big girl bed!!

New Year's Eve and pregnant. Boy that was fun!!! I spent new years eve day working at the hospital, came home, had to make something to take to the new years eve party, and then find the energy to still want to get dressed up!! Whew- I was counting down til midnight at 10 minutes til, not 10 seconds til!!! How old have I gotten?!?!! While, it was so nice for Josh and I to get out of the house, enjoy quality time with friends we don't get to see much, and each tons of good food- I could not WAIT to get in my pjs and in my own bed!!!! Sounds soooo pathetic, doesn't it?!? I hope it's the pregnancy doing that talking, and not me just turning into a shut in!! hahaha.

Here is Josh and I at the party. The party was at a cabin where we've had many a many of new years eve parties and they are always a blast!!! It's one of those places that even if you don't feel like going, you find it deep down inside of you to make sure you still go!!!

Unexpectantedely, the whole new years eve weekend, Josh and I got the whole weekend to ourselves b/c my parents wanted her for two nights. So Josh and I got some quiet/sanity time and because I wasn't chasing around a toddler ripping off her diaper, I remembered to have Josh take a pregnancy picture of me!! Can you believe it's my 17 weeks picture, and it's the first picture I've gotten since I was 9 weeks?!?! Does that tell you, I'm a little busy these days!!

I am so much larger this pregnancy, even with being so sick the first trimester.

I have gained a total of 8 lbs at this point

Completely in maternity pants (unless they're comfy pants)

The baby is moving all the time!! Not strong enough to feel it on the outside, but I've forgotten what this feeling felt like. I'M LOVING IT!!

We find out on January 23rd the sex of the baby!!! Two weeks from tomorrow. I'm so ready!! I call it a boy- but then again, I thought Jaycee was too- so we shall see!! :)

I am for sure that I'm getting ready to pack on the pounds big time!! Just in the past week- I CANNOT GET FULL!! Do you know how wonderful and bad that is all at once!!?! I love to eat, but boy- the foods I want are soooo not healthy!! I'm craving spicy chicken sandwhiches 24/7!! And I want salsa instead of cheese dip!! Whats up with the hardcore flavor I'm wanting?!!?!

I think that's it for now!! And now onto Jaycee:

She has moved on up in her little world- she's in a big girl bed!!

I know it's probably half hormones, but I did not handle the crib being taken down well at all!! Thank God I'm pregnant, or I would have become pregnant last night!!! hahaha. It made it a little better knowing that in a very short period of time- I get to fill that crib again!! :)

It also helped seeing how excited Jaycee was. She was beyond thrilled!!

She loved helping daddy put up her new crib, and I wanted her to be apart of this as much as she could, so she would see it as such an awesome big deal!! :)

Here's the finished product!! We only got the bed up in her room, and still have 4 or 5 more pieces in the garage to bring it and get situated (not quite for sure it's all going to fit in her room at this house- some of it might have to wait until we move!)

I'm kinda laughing about this tonight, kinda not. I thought this bedding was ADORABLE, but of course I didn't go out and get all crazy with prices b/c I kept saying, "she's going to pee on this, puke on this, jump on this....I'll get her nicer bedding later!!"

Boy, did I eat those words right up!! Jaycee's first night in her big girl bed, and we woke up with her throwing up in her bed around 1am!!! Never even crossed my mind to get spare sheets for the first night it was up- but it didn't matter- those would have gotten ruined too.

We've had a very long, and heartbreaking day today watching our little girl be so sick for about 10 hours!!!

Her daddy and I are in bed, and we are currently betting on who gets sick first!!! Oh well- welcome 2012!!! :)