Monday, April 23, 2012

33 weeks!!

 So, I'm a little late getting to her Easter pictures!! Time flies.  But I'll go through these quickly, but I had to have them for her "baby book!"  :)

This is Jaycee and Rylan Brooks hugging in the parking lot after church service was over!!  Rylan's daddy is in the military, and they only have 2 years left here.  Jaycee and I are both going to need counseling when they move!!  She asks for Rylan on a daily basis and I'd be lost without his mommy!!

This is the ONLY family picture we got the whole day!!  I cannot believe it, and yes we are in front of Golden Corral.  Hey, we met our parents half way, and in Henderson, KY there's not many options, and even worse- somewhere you can go to last minute at Easter lunch.  We're still alive! :)

This was Jaycee on Easter morning at our house!!  She woke up before the "Easter bunny had even been here!"  This is her hunting eggs in the house.  It was a little cold out easter morning to do one outside.

This is her first look at her easter basket!!  Her face is in awe!! :)

I did this last year and I wanted to do it again this year.  This is Jaycee on Easter 2011:

And Jaycee on Easter 2012!

Since Easter, we've been busy, but had time to enjoy a few things- like the Henderson Tri Fest!  Jaycee was actually tall enough to ride rides this year, and she LOVED EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND!! 

I had to take a few photos this morning purposefully for this blog, so that one day I can look back at this and smile.  Right now, I tend to get frustrated b/c my house is only picked up for the first 30 seconds she's awake.  This is what she does EVERY morning.  She wakes me up.  Then she hops out of our bed and runs into the livingroom, goes over to her bean bag where ALL the baby dolls and all the blankets are stacked from me picking them up the night before- and she says, "goodmorning babies!"  And she gets them ALL out, and lays EVERY blanket out (and a few washblothes- whatever she can find) and then a baby goes on EVERY one and she puts them "nite nite." 

Soooo, after 10 minutes of being awake, this is my livingroom EVERY MORNING!

This is also what she does to her baby dolls that are in her bedroom.  She lays them on her pillows and puts them nite nite too!! :)  I do think it's adorable when I see her baby dolls lined up on a pillow and she goes, "shhhh mommy, babies sleeeeeeeping."  And then tells me to "tip toe!"  :)  (I do love that!)

Now on to the 33 week mark!! :)  Everything is coming together nicely!!
I am so LESS stressed than I have been in a LONG while!
Her room is almost completely done.  All of her clothes from newborn to 6 months have been washed. And except for one wall, the decor in her room is DONE! :)  Whoo hoo!! 

I had to share this outfit! :)  I cannot wait to put her in this outfit! :)  I just love Zulily! :)

And here's oompa loompa me! :)  I'm technically not 33 weeks until tomorrow, and this picture was taken yesterday, but a large bump, is a large bump! :)

33 week stats:

*MD appointment last week: I'm now up 25 pounds total (yes, I might as well admit it, there's no hiding it!)
(however, I started out at exactly the same weight in both pregnancies and at my 32 weeks visit with Jaycee- I weighed the same as I did this time- isn't that weird?!?!)

*Contractions are still tolerable. 

*I am carrying her so much lower than I carried Jaycee.  My pelvic bone feels broke with every movement!

*I now go to the doctor every 2 weeks! :)  My next appt is next Tuesday May 1st

*Cravings: WATER  (weird, right?!?!)

*Sleep:  It's just not happening.  I don't know if it's b/c she's carrying lower, or she's dropped lately, but I'm up every 2 hours to the bathroom.  So between that and my back- what's the point?!?!  :)  Exhaustion has set in.  It's probably a combo of no sleep, 3rd trimester, and a 2 year old who thinks 530 is an acceptable wake up time all of a sudden! :) 

*This week is also my last week of work before I become a SAHM! :)  It's very bittersweet!! 

With the appointments becoming more often, and hopefully without having to worry about work- I'll be updating more often until she makes her arrival!!  At the MOST- 7 more weeks! :) :) :) :) :)