Sunday, May 24, 2009

11 weeks pregnant!

I am so sorry that this one is a little late! Not much has been going on this past couple of weeks except my growing belly! Josh has cracked me up the past couple of weeks. You know
how girls plan and get everything in order for a baby. Well I didn't think much about a guy planning for a baby, but Josh ways I didn't even think of. Last Monday was a busy day. Josh got home from work and he had a guy meet us at our house and he decided that it was time to invest in life insurance. He said that since we had a little one on the way that we needed it. I was like, "ooookay?!?!?!" So then, that night after that guy left, Josh left also and arrived back home at 9:30 that night with a brand new baby mobile!! :) Needless to say I was excited about that. He said he did not want our baby in a car, he wanted it in something larger!! Too cute!! But he did hook me up with a 2009 Ford Edge! I do have to say that i'm quite pleased!! He did very well!

So here is my belly for this week!! I go back to the doctor on Wednesday! I get another ultrasound then!! So definately look for an update with new ultrasound pictures by this weekend!! I should have a lot more news for ya then, b/c i sure have alot of questions for my doctor!!! Pray all is well!! Hope everyone has a great week and had a safe Memorial Day!!
Love, Layne and Josh!


  1. Layne! You look so cute!!! Love your top too!

  2. You look way cute!! Where did you get your top?

  3. hahaha, the top is maternity!! at Motherhood!! thank you though!