Friday, February 12, 2010

2 months old!!

My goodness, where does the time go! I cannot believe that she is already 2 months old (2 months and 4 days to be exact!). She blows my mind on a daily basis! I'm obsessed. Completely head over heels in love with this little girl! It makes me wonder what I did with my life before she was born. Apparently nothing of any importance!

The second month has been cloud 9 compared to the first, and I know that things are only going to get better! Learning her has been so much fun! Learning her personality, her facial expressions, what makes her happy, what calms her down, even learning what different cries mean has been surreal! At different times, I'll just look at Josh and i'm like, "she's ours!, we made her!" God is so good! :)

Here she is at 2 months old!! She is such a cutie! And she's usually always up for a good smile and some sort of a laugh. It's almost like this little squeel tone that comes out when she's having a good smiling moment, like when mommy is being goofy!

She loves to smile and whenever she gets really excited about what is going on, she throws her arms around and kicks those legs while she's smiling (hence the blur in her was an action shot!) I usually have to act pretty crazy to get that to happen. She probably thinks, "my mom is nuts!"

And this is her on her play mat looking up at a twinkling lady bug that she just loves! I tell ya, this girl loves color and anything that flashes or blinks! She gets mesmorized!
So this past month, I have stopped breastfeeding and she is now taking formula like a champ! She's like her mom, if it's food, it's good! :) I think she was 5 weeks when we attempted her first bottle, even of breastmilk. I was told that sometimes you have to go through a few bottles, b/c they can be picky on the nipple. Boy, we went through 4 bottles before we found one that she would take. And of course, when I went to go buy the bottles that she would take, I was not happy to find that they are the most expensive ones out there!! Josh said, "did you expect anything less from her!" hahaha. But at 2 months old, she's downing 5 oz at every feeding which is every 4 hours during the day!! whew, we've got a chunk!
Here are some of her 2 month milestones:
*We have changed to formula with no problems. I was afraid of belly trouble and all that, but so far, so good!
*She is now sleeping through the night. She started that at about 7 weeks. Her last bottle is anywhere between 930 and 1030 at night, she wakes back up usually around 6 to eat breakfast! (Mommy sings her praises and prays nightly, that this is for good!)
*SHE IS NOW IN HER CRIB IN HER ROOM!! Hallelujah!! :) Can you sense my excitement!?! For the first 7 weeks of her life, she slept in her bouncer in the living room and I slept on the couch! I missed my husband and my bed!
*She does have acid reflux so she sleeps in a thing called a snuggle nest, that is slightly inclined but she seems to sleep really well in it.
*She definately started smiling this month, and just within the past week, she has really started to "coo" all the time! I love it. I read to respond back to them when they do this, b/c it's there way of talking. So we have multiple conversations a day. She tells me all about it! :)
*She's holding her head up like a pro! We hardly have to ever hold it anymore! It wobbles from time to time, but she can always regain control of it before we have to intervene.
*She still isn't a fan of tummy time, but she's slowly trying to raise that head up when she's flat on her belly.
*We no longer cry during bath time. I think she likes the warm water now! I enjoy giving her a bath and it always seems to help with the nighttime routine. I think it calms her.
*We have pretty much established a schedule with her and I am very proud of that. She has taken to it very well. Before the nighttime feeding is bath time, and then when she's eating that last bottle of the day, we do it with the lights out and noise level down and I rock her while she eats it, and I think she knows that it's bedtime after that.
*She had her first ER visit actually last night with a high fever. She is ok, and nothing serious is wrong, but she handled that very well. I was so proud of her! She handled it better than mommy! I told her she ruined my goal of never having to take my child to the ER. I guess I had unrealistic expectations!
I think that's it for month 2!! I love how she is changing and growing daily! I feel like she does something different everyday! Can't wait to be able to tell you the things she can do at 3 months! Stay tuned! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1 month old!!

While having a baby is the BEST thing in the world, and looking at your child look at you makes your heart melt...the first month was do i put this...EXHAUSTING!! I honestly feel like I have never been so tired in my life with a few days of not knowing if i can go on!! hahaha. And i'm saying that now, because I'm finally at a stage where I can look back at the first month and realize that if I can make it thru that, I will survive anything!!
It might have been because I was used to sleeping 11-12 hours a night before her, or the fact that I was not a coffee drinker before her...or the combo. But things change, things change quickly. I now can run off of 45 minutes of sleep for a whole night (have proven that by living thru the first month), and I now am a half a pot of coffee drinker a day! hahaha. But I have come to the realization that I can sleep when I'm dead, and that there is teeth whitening kits out there for the coffee stains!
So on to my pretty princess (that now sleeps!) Here she is around 1 month old. Sorry the blog was not on my mind then, and probably didn't get her on the exact date!

Look at those cheeks!!! I just love her. She is a mess!! As for the first month of her life these are her milestones:

*We accomplished breastfeeding

*Towards the end of the first month, she learned to focus on things...especially if they were the color red.

*We would do daily tummy time, but not a fan of it. But she did learn to roll her head from one side to the other, even though her nose never left the mat.

And well...there's not alot besides eating and sleeping that goes one during that first month, but surviving with food and sleep (for the both of us). I believe that we have adjusted very well and so has daddy. She was during the first month, definately a daddy's girl! He was the only one that could really calm her down! God bless that man!

Her arrival on December 8, 2009 at 12:33pm!

Here we are as a new family!! I think I was definately still scared of what my life was just changing to be!!

I was holding her for the first time in this picture!! I was crying, she was crying! It was sincerely the most special moment of my life thus far! Words can't describe it! I get teary eyed looking at this picture!

I thought she looked so scared in this picture!! I think it's amazing how God is trusting me to raise one of his children!! I hope I make him happy!!

She wanted to go back inside but her momma said no!! She's got a little conehead there...they had to vacuum her out! She was as stubborn as her momma when it came time for her to come out! Boy, i can just see her teenage years! Thank goodness we have Josh to referee! :)

And here we are AFTER my epidural had kicked in!! I am glad we don't, but part of me wished we had a picture of the BEFORE epidural look to put beside this one! Actually, no one should have had to witness that or see me during that time. Not even my husband. I'm still embarrassed to this day what I was like before the epidural. And I thought I could handle pain pretty well. Contractions proved me WRONG! Pitocin is the devil!

Oh my goodness, I have to play catch up!! everyone who probably reads this knows that our daughter has arrived!! As new mommyhood took a toll on me for a while, my blog got neglected! I am going to try to catch back up! I will do monthly updates on my little one with a cute new pictures and new things that she is able to do that month! Please enjoy as you watch our daughter grow and learn all about this new world she has entered!! It's going to be a great year!