Thursday, May 31, 2012

38 weeks and doctor update!!

Yay!!!  38 weeks and counting.  38 weeks and 2 days to be exact.  1 week and 5 days until my due date!! :) I think in my last post, I posted 10,000 different emotions I was having.  Well today, the ONLY emotion I am having is EXCITEMENT!! 
I went to the doctor today, which included an ultrasound! :)  So instead of posting those horrendous pictures of me and my ginormous belly, I thought these pictures below would be a little easier to look at, and MUCH cuter! :)

Look at that adorable, smiling face!! :)  I almost couldn't contain myself!!

And then this picture, I thought looked EXACTLY like Jaycee.  If you go back in my blog to my last post of 2009, I have Jaycee's 38 week ultrasound picture up, and I think they look just the same!!  She had her arm across her face the whole time, but at one point, we actually stopped, and watched her sucking on her arm! :)  It was priceless.  I cried the ENTIRE ultrasound b/c of being overwhelmed with gratitude, and gratefulness, and excitement that I couldn't hold it together.  I looked at the lady doing my ultrasound and said, "Someone needs to get her out!!!!!" 

So here's all the stats between my ultrasound and appointment and well, just me being 38 weeks:

*Ultrasound detected a weight of 6 lbs 12 oz at this time.  (Almost a whole pound less than Jaycee at 38 weeks!)

*She is measuring right on track by the US measurements

* I have lost 2 pounds since last week!!!  Can you believe that?!?!  NOT ME!!  After memorial day get togethers, and the fact that I ate a whole thing of puppy chow by my lonesome- who would have thought?!? hahaha. I'll take it.  So now, I'm at a total weight gain of 27 lbs.

*I AM 1-2 CM DILATED AND 50% THINNED!!!  I type this in caps b/c if you remember, last week and the week before that- nothing, nada, frown face.  So progress is progress.  She has also moved about as down into my pelvis as she is going to before I go into actual labor!

*I figured she had moved down when over the weekend I felt like I needed surgery on my pelvis and hip.  My poor butt has never had so much pain!  I also feel like all of a sudden, I have to walk with that DEFINITE waddle, and I can't cross my legs much at all anymore! 

* My contractions are definitely strong, but not regular.  Some of them will stop me in my steps and take my breath away, but then not be regular.  Frustrating, but I guess since I'm progressing, they're doing their job! :)  I had one yesterday at Kohls and a lady stopped to ask if I was ok.  It's hard to hide a good strong contraction no matter if you're in public or not!

* Cravings: at this moment: Grape Nuts (the cereal), and Kool-Aid.  How random, right?!?!  I haven't had grape nuts in years, and I was in the car yesterday and couldn't get to Walmart fast enough.  And then I made Josh go to  Walmart tonight for red koolaid! hahaha.   

At my appointment today we discussed my "birthing plan" when it's in regards to induction/going on my own, etc.  I told him how I loved the thought of going on my own, but I wasn't a fan of going past my due date, AND he knows I have a fear of her getting too big and me not being able to push her out, since I had trouble with Jaycee.  THEREFORE, since he is on vacation next week, and my bp and everything has been great the whole pregnancy, I will not see him next week, but instead on the Monday he gets back which is 6/11.  He said if I even make it to that appointment, then he would get her out the next day or so.  I LOVED how he said, "if you even make it to that appointment"...... :) :) :) :) :)

So let's hope I don't make it to that appointment!!  Pray with me, will ya?!?! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

36 weeks!!!

It still does not register to me sometimes, that in less than a month, (hopefully alot less than a month), another human being will be living in our house!!  It doesn't click with me yet.  It's so surreal.  It's so exciting that part of me thinks that it's just not true!  I am SO excited to meet her.  I am so excited to see if she looks like me, Josh, or Jaycee.  I am so excited to see what Jaycee will act like (once the transition stage is over).  I am so nervous about how our days are going to go down with a newborn and a toddler.  I am so scared that I won't be able to handle the pressure of two kids needing me at once.  I have SO many emotions.  But every free second that Jaycee isn't asking a question (which isn't often) or I'm not doing something for my family, I just try to remember to praise God for this blessing growing inside of me.  I look at Jaycee and it's hard to imagine loving something as equally as much, but I know I will.  I've been told the heart grows! I already love this little girl, and I already can't pray enough over her, and her health, and her future- It's. Just. Surreal.  That's the only way I know to put it.  It's getting so close and the anticipation of her coming is killing me!! :) 

So anyways, on to week 36!!

I am one, in charge momma!!  I just don't know if I can keep posting these pictures if I get any larger!!!  hahahaha.  I know I'm big, but when I see a picture of me, I always just.about.die!  But I'm big because a wonderfully made beautiful little girl is growing like a weed inside of me- right?!?!  :)  I always have to tell myself that! :)  I know it's a blessing, don't get me wrong! :)

So I went for my 36 week appointment yesterday. 

Weight: up another pound and a half.  So almost at the 28 lb mark total.  (Do I really care this far into it anymore- not really!! :) )

Cravings: It just depends on the day.  Sometimes something sweet, sometimes something salty, and other days- just fluids.  I always have to have a drink beside me!  I'm getting to where I snack more, and meal less.  I just don't have enough room anymore to sit for a meal.  I just wish I could snack as healthy as I try to make my meals for my family. 

*Not dilating or thinning yet. :(  I know I'm only 36 weeks and she technically does need to cook a little longer, so I guess I'm ok with that for right now. 

*The contractions are being noticed less, but the cramping is becoming stronger.  I guess that's why I was hoping that the cramping was b/c there was work in progress being made on the ol' cervix, but Dr. Howell said, cramping is a good sign at this point- regardless if it's worked it's magic yet or not!  So maybe next week!! (fingers crossed!)

*Dr. Howell has another US scheduled for me in 2 weeks to get an estimated fetal weight.  We did that with Jaycee, and b/c of her weight, I needed to be induced b/c she was showing 8 lbs.  It was a good thing I was induced.  They still had to use the vaccum to get her out.  So I'm hoping this one is a little smaller, or at least her head a little smaller.  I am hoping to already have this kid in two weeks, so we'll see!  I would just LOVE the chance to not have to be induced, but her not be too large to come on her own.  Since this is our last baby, I would love to have that chance of being here at home, and being like, "it's time to go!!'  Just the fantasy world inside of me I would love to experience. 

*I found out the full week that I'm 39 weeks, Dr. Howell is on vacation!!!  I said, "I have to get this kid out before then!"  So starting this morning, I've been hitting the concrete!  Knowing that God already has her birthdate set, it's pointless, but psychologically this baby's head is moving lower with every fast pace around the block!

*My tailbone/coccyx area and my pelvis/outer hip area can surely no longer be attached to each other.  I told Josh I'm more excited about the epidural taking that butt/hip pain away more than the contractions!  Sleeping is almost a chore.  I'm thinking about sleeping in the glider!  Laying down is so painful!

* Bags are packed, car seat is now in my car.

36 weeks and counting!!!!!!!

WE ARE READY WHENEVER YOU ARE MISS JACLYN BROOKE!!  But only when you can make a healthy entrance! :) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

35 weeks and peek at nursery! :)

 So here is a sneak peek of the nursery.  It's not a huge theme or anything.  I just wanted to make it cute and cozy, which I am very pleased with!  Here's the view from the doorway.  Still lovin' the tree! :)

The ever popular Hobby Lobby letters that I just took some small flowers from Michaels and hot glued on and added some ribbon.

Her dresser, and the tu tu on it, is what we are taking to the hospital for her hospital picture. It has a matching headband and flower.  My friend got it for me off of etsy, and it's absolutely adorable!! :)

Her bow holder!!  I always did not know what to do with Jaycee's headbands, so for now, I just added another nail hole in the wall to hang them.

This is actually the nightstand that goes with Jaycee's bedroom set, but we don't have room in her room for it, and I thought it went perfectly here.  The mirror also goes with Jaycee's bedroom suite too, but no where to put it.  Worked perfectly in this small space.  Once the diaper bouquet goes down, I have a pink and white polka dot lamp that is going in it's place.  (Ignore the bottle of wine in the floor- hahahaha- I just noticed it as I was typing this..)  It was a part of a sprinkle gift and I guess I hadn't taken it out of the room yet. :) So classy of me, right?!? ;)

This saying is one of Jaycee and I's favorite songs to sing, and so I know that Jaclyn will know it all to well too.  I couldn't resist buying it, especially since the colors coordinated.

I'm now 35 weeks pregnant! :)  I went to the doctor last week for my 34 week appointment. 

*At that time, I had only gained one more pound.  Now up to 26lbs total.

*I informed Dr. Howell of my many many contractions.  He wanted to increase my Procardia for the next couple of weeks and I REALLY didn't want to do that b/c of how poopy I am all over again by taking the small dose that I do everyday, so he checked me.  I am still sealed shut, so no increase in the meds!  Whoo hoo! :)  I was glad to hear I hadn't dilated, but then of course that made me feel like a wimp.  I told him to just call me a "weeny!" 

* I can't stay awake past 830 anymore.  And it's not even a question on if I nap when Jaycee naps.  I put her down and run to my bed as fast as possible.  People have learned not to call me between 12-2, b/c this girl isn't answering!! :) 

* Cravings: Cold Stuff.  I want anything that is cold when it hits my tongue.  A cold drink, ice cream, jello, cold fruit- anything- just as long as it's chilled.

*I feel like a human heater!  I am drenched in sweat 24/7!!  I do NOT remember having this symptom with Jaycee.  I am so hot, that I usually sleep without any covers on, and my husband is bundled up, and Jaycee has been known in the past 2 weeks to wake up saying, "brrrr, it's cold mommy!"  The only thing I knew to do, was put her back in her fleece pajamas, b/c there was no way the AC was/is getting turned down.

*I am in the process of making my lists on what to pack for Miss Jaclyn and me to take to the hospital.  It's making it very real for me to do that.  And it makes me nervous at the same time!!  I just told Josh tonight we needed to get the car seat in the car.  It's getting so very close!!! :)

I think that's it.  I go back to the doctor next Tuesday for my 36 week appointment, and from there I go weekly! :)  I'll update then! Happy Hump Day! 34 more days until her due date! :)