Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11 months!!

Jaycee- one year ago to this weekend, you tried to enter this world early. You made your daddy come home from his hunting weekend and take care of mommy bc they put me on bedrest. I thought it would be any day from that one that you would come, but then I guess you got comfy and decided to wait almost a whole other month before we made you come out!! So you are now 11 months old!!

We have entered a new stage with you, and while it's all glorious, and I wouldn't have it any other way, this one is not as glamorous as some, but not as bad as others!! Hey, that's why they call it "stages" right....

You have now entered "operation seperation anxiety!!" And it's not just from me being out of your sight, it's also, if you have to leave my hip!!! OH MY, OH MY!!

I know right now you are so frustrated b/c you are wanting to walk sooo bad, and you're almost there!! That's why I'm trying to enjoy this "mommy" time to the fullest right now, b/c I know how independent you'll be once those feet start going a mile a minute!

You are now able to stand by yourself in the middle of the livingroom, but boy when you act like we're playing "freeze!" hahaha. You look at us like you have no clue what to do from here. However, the past couple of nights, you will let go of the couch, and come at us with 2 steps and then you just LITERALLY dive into our arms. I think you know that we're there to catch you...I just hope at some point you realize that when you dive onto the floor, it won't be as cooshy, and that at some point, those little feet have to keep moving!! hahaha. I know you'll get there, I'm just afraid of the injuries in the making....

You now have more teeth!! who hoo... One of your top front teeth have come through, and the other one is causing you alot of pain right now and I bet by morning it will be through!! All the more to eat yummy food with!!

We have STARTED the weaning formula stage with you. I love how the doctor told me to do it, but didn't tell me how to do it. Thank goodness for google. I was so lost...

You say "bye bye" "hi" "dada" and "ball." I am still begging you for "mama" but when i ask you to say it, you say, "bye" hahaha.

I also say "where's Walker" and you will spin your head in circles looking for him and when you find him you point your finger and go "oooooo!"

You are such a blessing and you have the biggest, widest, can make anyone in the world almost laugh it's so cute smile in the whole entire world!!! I just look at you sometimes and my heart just sinks in my stomach and I think about how much I love you!! You love to cuddle, you love to give hugs (you even know how to give your teddy bear a hug!), when I squeeze you and I keep repeating "I love you" you usually put your head in my chest and just hum in your sweet voice. I like to think its your way of telling me you love me back!! :)

Happy 11 months Jaycee Anabelle. December 8th will be here before we know it!! (or are ready for it!!) :)

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  1. Happy 11 Months Jaycee!! One more month and you will be the big 1!!