Monday, October 11, 2010

10 months and finally getting the hang of it!

It has taken a GOOD 10 months, but I think I'm JUST NOW getting this mommy thing together. Someone please tell me I'm not alone. Did any other new mommy's out there find themselves at 2pm still in their pjs and their hair not brushed b/c you've devoted the last 8 hrs to your kid and NOTHING else has gotten done?!?! WHEN THEY'RE NOT A NEWBY anymore?!?!?! I have struggled and struggled with the multi-tasking vs. how I WANT to spend my time battle since she has been born.

*For one, I WANT to spend every waking moment, playing with her, tending to her needs, and teaching her new things (and the snuggle/nap time) is A MUST!

*Secondly, I have HAD to come to the realization that I DO need to get dressed and do the dishes, and the laundry DOES have to get done by someone, and my husband must have something to eat for dinner at night.

How to combine those two astriks...has been SO difficult for me!! I would get so frustrated when I go pick Jaycee up from Josh's mom's house after spending the night, and Jaycee is playing in the floor and she's doing dishes...and I would have the thought, "How do you do that!?!" hahahaha. Sounds so simple, but it's like now that she's here, for the longest time, I feel like I can't get anything else done. Sometimes it is b/c I don't want to do anything else, and then sometimes I feel like I just don't have the ability to multitask and I CAN'T get anything done when she's starting to go EVERYWHERE!

But over the last month, I have MADE myself change. I have a list of at least 2 things around the house that need to be done every day of the week. (i.e. the bathrooms and doing 2 loads of laundry). And I make sure that I do those things BEFORE Josh gets home. And I don't do this out of laziness, b/c these things always get done, but I've always waited until Josh got home and then I'm in a cleaning/cooking frenzy the rest of the evening.

I can successfully say that I am doing so much better with this, and it has made the evenings when Josh IS home so much more enjoyable. It's just getting used to a different life, with different responsibilities, and adapting. (sounds like I've had therapy about it, doesn't it!!) I was just getting so frustrated!! :)

ANYWAYS, so now that months 9-10 has helped me dramatically, my little girl is a growing/discovering weed!!

10 month stats:

*We've had some sleeping trouble this past month...I was terrified...but thanks to a sound machine that actually stays on all night, we are back to sleeping through the night again! who knew a fan wasn't enough noise...

*We are still working on the walking thing. She is VERY proficient walking with her walker toy, and when we hold on to her, she doesn't hold on NEAR as we are getting there. (everytime we stand her behind her walker/push toy) as soon as she takes off walking with it, she throws one hand in the air and says "bye bye" SO STINKIN' CUTE!!

*Is it sad that I find it sad that instead of the stage 3 foods, I'm now buying the gerber GRADUATES!! hahaha, something about that word has me emotional already. We buy their little microwavable meals and she loves them...they have little spaghettios, mac and cheese with chicken...mmmm. They even have graduate nutri grain bars that she LOVES for breakfast!!

*She says, "hi" "dada" and "bye bye" I was so excited b/c she actually looked at Josh the other day and said "dada" I think that was the first time she understood what dada meant and who he was!! I was so excited!!

*We now can roll a ball back and forth in the floor. She hasn't quite figured out how to roll correctly...she just takes both hands and hits it until it rolls and then I say "yay!" And that's how we roll!!

*We still only have 2 teeth...hahahaa. But one of her teachers at the daycare said that she was impressed at what all she can eat with only 2 teeth. I told Josh, "she's MY daughter, they shouldn't expect anything less...if it's food, we find a way!"

I will leave you with some pictures of her at the pumpkin patch that we took her to yesterday! She HAD A BLAST!!! I think though, I had just as much fun as she did, but I'm always excited if I see her having a good time!!!

Her and daddy painting her pumpkin

My little pumpkin in the pumpkins! :)

Happy Fall Y'all!!

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