Monday, September 13, 2010

AHHHH.....9 months!

Yes, we are nine months old, and yes I'm going deeper and deeper into "not so baby" depression. As I was putting her to sleep the other night (yes, I still do that and probably will until she is in middle school!) I just started crying while she was sleeping peacefully in my arms. It was the night before her 9 month "birthday" and I was just thinking back at nine months ago and then 8 months ago, and then 7 and 6 and so on....and it just amazes me what all can transpire in 9 months!! She wasn't even here 9 months ago and now I don't remember my life before her...literally....I feel pathetic looking back at my life before her, sad, maybe...but she is all we know now. I go out shopping with her and she's so cheerful and lovey and happy and actually lets me shop...and I look to my left and there is a woman who looks like she could beat the crap out of her tantrum filled 2 year old and I look at her and say, "you're never going to act like that are you?!?!" hahahaha, I know I'm dreaming, but in all reality I know that the days of her being pure joy for the WHOLE time she's awake is not going to last forever either, and I'm trying to soak up these days in hopes I've implanted them so much that they are all I can think of when my child is laying in the middle of the mall one day kicking her legs and screaming at the top of her lungs because I'm not going to buy her ANOTHER build a bear!! :) So now that I have updated everyone on exactly how obssessed I am with my daughter, the only logical thing to continue is to post this pretty little picture taken while we took her to the park a couple of saturdays ago:

Do you see the you see how big that looks!??! Kills me. So now on to her 9 month stats:

*She weighs 19 lbs 5 oz. (60th percentile)

*She is 28 and 1/4 inches tall (in the 75-80th percentile) SHOCKING!

*She loves loves loves saying "Bye Bye" and waving her cracks me up b/c its the most southern voice sounding bye bye I've ever heard!!

*She will say "dada" and "ball" but EVERYTHING is bye bye. And STILL no mama. :(

* We still ONLY have 2 teeth!! Whats up with that!??! Lets get these teething days done, shall we?!?

*We are now walking as long as we are holding onto something. She will go from one side of the couch to the other holding on to it and we have a push toy to help her walk and she will now go a short distance pushing that and walking behind it!! WE'RE GETTING SO CLOSE!

*She has accepted that her paci is only at bedtime now. We have even starting doing without it at nap time so hopefully bedtime is next!! We have always immediately removed it from her mouth and out of site when she's awake, so hopefully since she's not sooo dependent on it, it will help this transition.

*She's not a fan AT ALL of the 3rd stage much that we are now doing more table food with her than anything and Dr. Hurlock said that was completely ok. We do eat oatmeal for breakfast but the other two meals are usually a little baby food a little table food. But restaurants don't seem to have HEALTHY kid menu items. I was shocked. Looks like she will eat off our plate until she's old enough to see a kid eating chicken nuggets and fries. I just don't want to start bad eating habits...and you would think restaurants would offer healthy items for these growing little things! Another shocker! Sorry, had to vent....
*Peek-a-boo is our game of choice!! We do it to her, but then she will take her "blankee" and throw it over her head herself and she will hold it there for what seems like minutes on end with daddy and I going "where's Jaycee, Jaycee where are you!?!" before she pulls it down!! She plays tough! :)
I think that's it for now. I can't believe she is getting so close to being a year old! And yes, party planning is already in progress, and I am too ashamed to admit for how long!! (hey, you only turn ONE once, right?!?)


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