Friday, November 19, 2010

the new thing

So we have a new obsession! CLIMBING!! And below is where she can be found 75% of her day:

From the instant that I have to put her down in the mornings to make her bottle, this is where she goes. Call me a bad mom, but so that I can go to the bathroom, get the coffee brewing and get her bottle mixed up, Nick Jr. is my savior! None of those things would get done without a crying baby pulling at my leg if I didn't do this, and to be quite honest...until I have coffee in me, I go the easiest route in all aspects of my life!

Doesn't she just look like she fits so perfectly in this!! :) It's a hoot watching her get in it, but it's like the perfect spot in babyland. Surrounded by her favorite toys!!

Needless to say, she cannot get out of this on her own...but she gives it a shot. Her next favorite thing to do is to pull it over to the couch or pull it (it's on wheels) over to the entertainment center and climb in this, to climb onto the next object! She's smart, and I'm having to be on my most alert behavior with her more and more everyday. She'd climb the walls if she could. The child has no fear!!
She's nothing like her momma!! ;)

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