Monday, October 4, 2010

Her Brothers from another Mother!

Here below are her Brothers from another Mother (aka one of my best friends, Julie)

From left to right is Zach, Jaycee and Noah. Here in a couple of months these three will be the
ages of 1 (Jaycee), 2 (Zach), and 3 (Noah).
They already act like family. Her name to them is "baby Jaycee." Julie and I joke that when they're in high school together that she will still be referred to as "baby Jaycee."! hahaha.
They play, laugh, and today at the fall festival, her and Noah even started fighting (from stroller to stroller!)
I cannot wait to see the three of them grow up together and go to school together!! At least I know there are two boys that are going to have her back! :)

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