Thursday, May 31, 2012

38 weeks and doctor update!!

Yay!!!  38 weeks and counting.  38 weeks and 2 days to be exact.  1 week and 5 days until my due date!! :) I think in my last post, I posted 10,000 different emotions I was having.  Well today, the ONLY emotion I am having is EXCITEMENT!! 
I went to the doctor today, which included an ultrasound! :)  So instead of posting those horrendous pictures of me and my ginormous belly, I thought these pictures below would be a little easier to look at, and MUCH cuter! :)

Look at that adorable, smiling face!! :)  I almost couldn't contain myself!!

And then this picture, I thought looked EXACTLY like Jaycee.  If you go back in my blog to my last post of 2009, I have Jaycee's 38 week ultrasound picture up, and I think they look just the same!!  She had her arm across her face the whole time, but at one point, we actually stopped, and watched her sucking on her arm! :)  It was priceless.  I cried the ENTIRE ultrasound b/c of being overwhelmed with gratitude, and gratefulness, and excitement that I couldn't hold it together.  I looked at the lady doing my ultrasound and said, "Someone needs to get her out!!!!!" 

So here's all the stats between my ultrasound and appointment and well, just me being 38 weeks:

*Ultrasound detected a weight of 6 lbs 12 oz at this time.  (Almost a whole pound less than Jaycee at 38 weeks!)

*She is measuring right on track by the US measurements

* I have lost 2 pounds since last week!!!  Can you believe that?!?!  NOT ME!!  After memorial day get togethers, and the fact that I ate a whole thing of puppy chow by my lonesome- who would have thought?!? hahaha. I'll take it.  So now, I'm at a total weight gain of 27 lbs.

*I AM 1-2 CM DILATED AND 50% THINNED!!!  I type this in caps b/c if you remember, last week and the week before that- nothing, nada, frown face.  So progress is progress.  She has also moved about as down into my pelvis as she is going to before I go into actual labor!

*I figured she had moved down when over the weekend I felt like I needed surgery on my pelvis and hip.  My poor butt has never had so much pain!  I also feel like all of a sudden, I have to walk with that DEFINITE waddle, and I can't cross my legs much at all anymore! 

* My contractions are definitely strong, but not regular.  Some of them will stop me in my steps and take my breath away, but then not be regular.  Frustrating, but I guess since I'm progressing, they're doing their job! :)  I had one yesterday at Kohls and a lady stopped to ask if I was ok.  It's hard to hide a good strong contraction no matter if you're in public or not!

* Cravings: at this moment: Grape Nuts (the cereal), and Kool-Aid.  How random, right?!?!  I haven't had grape nuts in years, and I was in the car yesterday and couldn't get to Walmart fast enough.  And then I made Josh go to  Walmart tonight for red koolaid! hahaha.   

At my appointment today we discussed my "birthing plan" when it's in regards to induction/going on my own, etc.  I told him how I loved the thought of going on my own, but I wasn't a fan of going past my due date, AND he knows I have a fear of her getting too big and me not being able to push her out, since I had trouble with Jaycee.  THEREFORE, since he is on vacation next week, and my bp and everything has been great the whole pregnancy, I will not see him next week, but instead on the Monday he gets back which is 6/11.  He said if I even make it to that appointment, then he would get her out the next day or so.  I LOVED how he said, "if you even make it to that appointment"...... :) :) :) :) :)

So let's hope I don't make it to that appointment!!  Pray with me, will ya?!?! :)

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  1. Yippee! What a great appointment. I can't wait to kiss her precious little face. :)