Wednesday, May 9, 2012

35 weeks and peek at nursery! :)

 So here is a sneak peek of the nursery.  It's not a huge theme or anything.  I just wanted to make it cute and cozy, which I am very pleased with!  Here's the view from the doorway.  Still lovin' the tree! :)

The ever popular Hobby Lobby letters that I just took some small flowers from Michaels and hot glued on and added some ribbon.

Her dresser, and the tu tu on it, is what we are taking to the hospital for her hospital picture. It has a matching headband and flower.  My friend got it for me off of etsy, and it's absolutely adorable!! :)

Her bow holder!!  I always did not know what to do with Jaycee's headbands, so for now, I just added another nail hole in the wall to hang them.

This is actually the nightstand that goes with Jaycee's bedroom set, but we don't have room in her room for it, and I thought it went perfectly here.  The mirror also goes with Jaycee's bedroom suite too, but no where to put it.  Worked perfectly in this small space.  Once the diaper bouquet goes down, I have a pink and white polka dot lamp that is going in it's place.  (Ignore the bottle of wine in the floor- hahahaha- I just noticed it as I was typing this..)  It was a part of a sprinkle gift and I guess I hadn't taken it out of the room yet. :) So classy of me, right?!? ;)

This saying is one of Jaycee and I's favorite songs to sing, and so I know that Jaclyn will know it all to well too.  I couldn't resist buying it, especially since the colors coordinated.

I'm now 35 weeks pregnant! :)  I went to the doctor last week for my 34 week appointment. 

*At that time, I had only gained one more pound.  Now up to 26lbs total.

*I informed Dr. Howell of my many many contractions.  He wanted to increase my Procardia for the next couple of weeks and I REALLY didn't want to do that b/c of how poopy I am all over again by taking the small dose that I do everyday, so he checked me.  I am still sealed shut, so no increase in the meds!  Whoo hoo! :)  I was glad to hear I hadn't dilated, but then of course that made me feel like a wimp.  I told him to just call me a "weeny!" 

* I can't stay awake past 830 anymore.  And it's not even a question on if I nap when Jaycee naps.  I put her down and run to my bed as fast as possible.  People have learned not to call me between 12-2, b/c this girl isn't answering!! :) 

* Cravings: Cold Stuff.  I want anything that is cold when it hits my tongue.  A cold drink, ice cream, jello, cold fruit- anything- just as long as it's chilled.

*I feel like a human heater!  I am drenched in sweat 24/7!!  I do NOT remember having this symptom with Jaycee.  I am so hot, that I usually sleep without any covers on, and my husband is bundled up, and Jaycee has been known in the past 2 weeks to wake up saying, "brrrr, it's cold mommy!"  The only thing I knew to do, was put her back in her fleece pajamas, b/c there was no way the AC was/is getting turned down.

*I am in the process of making my lists on what to pack for Miss Jaclyn and me to take to the hospital.  It's making it very real for me to do that.  And it makes me nervous at the same time!!  I just told Josh tonight we needed to get the car seat in the car.  It's getting so very close!!! :)

I think that's it.  I go back to the doctor next Tuesday for my 36 week appointment, and from there I go weekly! :)  I'll update then! Happy Hump Day! 34 more days until her due date! :)

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