Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jaclyn's arrival!!

As most of you know if you're arriving on my blog, Jaclyn Brooke Springer is here!! 
I was induced on Tuesday June 12th, 2012 at 6am, and she arrived at 11:39 a.m. weighing in at 7lbs 10 oz and was 20 3/4 inches long!  She is complete perfection in our eyes! :)  She came out with a head full of jet black hair, long fingers and toes, and a face that looked just like her daddy's! :)  LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

 This delivery was NOTHING like my delivery with Jaycee.  And for that, I thank God still to this day!!  She came out in an easy 4 pushes.  Dr. Howell came in after 2 practice pushes, and then once he got suited up and gave me the go ahead- during my first push with him, I asked as I was exhaling if I was even pushing hard enough, and he said, "the head is already out!"  hahahaha- who knew!!  NOT ME! :)  One more push to finish it all up, and she was here!!  I laughed and looked up at Josh and said, "I could do that all day long!"  hahaha.  If only, they were all that easy.  I for one, know first hand, that they're not, so I speak this merely out of gratefulness to the good Lord above!!

Once everything was good to go, Josh went out into the waiting room to tell everyone, and we brought Jaycee back all by herself.  We wanted her to meet Jaclyn without the chaos from the rest of the family.  Jaycee was so excited, so loving, but also very unsure of what was going on!!  The picture above was our first picture as a family of 4.  Jaclyn was only minutes old! :)

The picture above is my mom, and my dad.  My sister had gone back to the house to grab, GET THIS- Jaclyn's stuff that I came to the hospital WITHOUT!!  I could have died.  It hit me the minute she was born. 

This picture above is Josh's mom, and his grandfather.

This was the first time that Jaycee got to hold Jaclyn.  She was SO GOOD with her.  She actually just rubbed her forehead nonstop for about 10 minutes.  I sat in the bed and cried in tears.  It was the sweetest thing ever!

She was so proud to be holding her by herself!! :)

The first picture of just me and my girls!!  I couldn't be happier in this picture!! :)  I told Josh over and and over that now I feel our family is complete! :)

Daddy and Jaclyn on her first full morning at home!!! 

Her first bath. 

BALLOONS GALORE!!  I do believe that Jaycee would be ok with more babies coming into this household as long as balloons were apart of that package!!!  hahaha.

Trying to take as many pictures of my big girl as I do the baby.  So glad she loves to show off and act goofy in front of the camera! :)

Jaclyn was only 4 days old in this picture.  I had to get this picture because I always wanted to remember her when her legs barely went past the boppy.  They grow up so fast!!

Jaclyn was a little over a week old in this picture, and it was the first day that she would stay awake longer than to eat, so I thought we would get out the playmat.  Jaycee LOVED showing her how it worked, and I loved seeing them in the floor together!

This beautiful, healthy baby girl that has already filled our lives with so much happiness, that we literally do not know what we did without her!!!  She's so laid back, and so sweet- we just can't get enough of her!! 

Stay tuned for posts about how this mommy is handling this transition to 2 kids, and what daily life is like with a toddler and a newborn.  You're sure to laugh, but hey- what doesn't kill ya...... ;)

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