Monday, April 25, 2011

One crazy weekend/Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful easter weekend!! It was a sure busy one for us!

We started off the weekend on Saturday going down to Madisonville and taking care of my mom who just had surgery. I made it clear though that it was important to me as a "mommy" that we come home Saturday night so that we can have the easter bunny come to the house and we can go to church together as a family Sunday morning.

I also hope that everyone had a great place to go and celebrate the ressurection of Jesus!! I love going to church anytime of the year, but on days where the place is packed out and everyone comes in with a celebratory mode, the atmosphere that you're surrounded in is almost breath taking. I know I got teary eyed a few times during our service.

This is where we got to celebrate:

A packed out Roberts Stadium, where at this moment all the concerts are held in town, but our home church rents out every easter, so that anyone in the community can come worship in such a wonderful, yet not threatening or scary atmosphere!! I just love it! I was getting ready to say that "Jesus really showed up" yesterday, but in better words, "we showed up" for him!! It was wonderful. HOWEVER, since it's the last year at Roberts Stadium, they had no childcare. There were "consoling" areas, and yes we utilized it almost the whole service, but Josh and I would just trade off every now and then.

At the beginning though during all the music....she LOVED IT.

We also decided since she can't really do candy yet, and any sort of small toy we get her, the dog always ruins within a week, and all her grandparents spoil her with easter baskets, we thought, the easter bunny could bring something "big and fun!" So he brought her a Sand and Water table for Easter!! We can't wait to play in it!

Is it stupid that I asked Josh, "so where can we get sand?!?" hahaha.

Our little family, with a little girl that was beyond nap time!!

My sweetie and I before curch!! :)

And I had to post this comparison!! Look at what a year does!! Last Easter and this Easter! Kills me inside...but the holidays sure are getting to be more fun around here!! :)

Happy Easter! :)

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