Sunday, April 10, 2011

16 months old = miss independent!

On the 8th, miss Jaycee turned 16 months old! I cannot get over that she is already this old, and Josh keeps having to remind me that she's not 16! I am freaking out at how big she is getting!

During this past month (or the last time I blogged about her), she has transferred completely to the toddler room at daycare, and boy can I tell!! It's a good thing, but since she's transferred, the girl does not stop babbling!! She's always rambled a little, but now, it's full length stories in gibberish, with facial expressions and all. I always respond, and when I do, I crack up b/c it could go on for 10 minutes!

She also, gets so mad if I don't let her completely feed herself. I think she's also picking this up from her daycare room. She's always liked to attempt to feed herself, and never minded if I stepped in and helped, but I think since she watches 2 year olds all day eating by themselves, she's turned in to miss independent! Now her eating a meal, TAKES FOREVER, but I am so proud to watch her do it. ( I just think- if only I could fill that spoon all the way up with applesauce, this would go much quicker!! haha!)

She has such an imagination!! She thinks of the most creative things to do, that sometimes I think, "why didn't I think of that?!"

She is getting VERY interested in the potty, and I think at her 18 month mark (in June) we will begin potty training with her. She might not be completely ready, but now when she goes with me when I go to the bathroom, once I sit down she goes, "pee pee?" So since it'll be summer, and less clothes to deal with, we are going to get a start on it! She loves it when she thinks she's done something good, so I think she'll catch on to this (or I might just have first time mom nieve syndrome...we shall see...)

I love that she is at an age that we can do "activities." I got her a picnic table, and while it's a hassle to lug it in and out of the house, it works perfectly for both. She loves to have snack time and color with her color wonder markers on it inside, and then we play playdoh and finger paint on it outside. She is also loving the sidewalk chalk!! She studies how things work so much, that she's intrigued with anything new I try to do with her!

She is eating better, sleeps well, and continues to take around a 2 hour nap a day. I can't complain. But one thing and this is just raw honesty- oh my gosh, the whiney stuff she does!! Is it b/c she's a girl, or is she just rotten....the girl loves to whine!! :) There are days, where I think if I hear that whine one more time I'm going to have to step outside and scream!! :) hahaha, oh the joys. I wouldn't trade it for the world...I guess I'm just getting payback for all of my whiney days as a child! :) I'm sure I had my mom reassures me daily, I was a very proficient whiner! Karma....

No matter what kind of mood she's in- this little girl lights up my life in ways I didn't know she could. She is the most cuddly, funny, sarcastic, full of personality little thing I've ever met!! I'm so glad she's got such a personality!! I don't want to wish her years away, but I think we're (one day) going to be best friends!! :)

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  1. Im with you Layne on the whining Ailise has def perfected the whiny stage. I dont know if its just a girl thing or not but it can get old very quick.