Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"Life Happens." My motto that fits this whole past month. I don't know how many times I've made that comment lately, just to help me rationalize life right now!! It is also a good motto for this blog post b/c it's probably going to appear like it's all over the place!!

So on Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day, but it was also the day that Jaycee turned 17 months old!! To be honest, I didn't even realize it until we had gone to bed that night, but hey, it's b/c "life happens." haha. See how easily that comment fits into everything! :)

I don't really have a bunch of "new" things that she is doing right now, except perfecting all of her "old" skills.

The one thing that just amazes me daily is her personality!! My goodness, does she have one. She cracks me up. She's majorly into dropping her mouth open wide when something excites her, she loves to throw her hands in the air and have the "where did it go" hand expression when she can't find something, and now she lowers her eyebrows and squints her eyes when she isn't sure of something, and that to me is the best one!! Always ends up making me laugh!

She is slowly starting to "talk" better. We're still really working on this. It bothers me that she doesn't "talk" more, but Josh thinks she's fine. I know me though, and I'm sure I'll be bringing it up at our appointment next month. She will repeat anything and everything you say, it's just trying to get her to say it herself without me saying it first.

Mother's Day was great! I truly got spoiled rotten by the best husband and daughter I could ask for! I didn't lift a finger all day, got to sleep in, got patio furniture, and then Josh took me shopping! A very good day!! :) I think it's my new favorite holiday! It's the only one where I don't have to do anything! haha.

Josh and I have been very blessed with a great church, and we are apart of a small group in our church. We are doing a study called the "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer and if you need to read something regarding your thinking, thoughts, perception of life, and how God wants our mind to be- this book is PERFECT. Every single couple in this group will make a comment at almost every meeting, "this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear." hahaha, and it is very true for Josh and I. This book has helped us leaps and bounds with how we handle things, and how we help each other get through situations. This book/study couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Throughout all the rough patches our family has encountered this past month, we've been able to resort to this book for so much strength!! And it has brought us so much "mental" peace. God is in control of it all, and any worry, fear or anxiety over anything, is a waste of time!! Our mind is one huge battlefield!! I just wanted to share this since it's been so great for us, I thought I'd pass it on!

Our little family (minus the dog!) When it comes to the big things in life (like this picture above), so many things (that I let get ahold of me) are so so small!! :)

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