Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some new firsts! :)

I can't believe i'm actually blogging before my month is over! whoo hoo! :) We have been so INSANELY busy this month that I haven't exactly gotten just a good ol' close up picture of her, but i've got plenty of pictures of her exploring the world and trying new things! This Springer household has not stopped the past few weeks and this coming weekend is our FIRST weekend with nothing to do and no where to go, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

I'm guessing everyone has seen her professional pictures that I posted on facebook. Tara did such an excellent job with her. If anyone out there is looking for someone in the henderson/e'ville area, let me know, and she can get them done for you! Here is an example of her work:

This picture if one of my favorites. Completely looks like she's up to something that I don't know about! :)
I'll post a few things that have been a cool first for us this month!! I think I mentioned in the last post that I am JUST LOVING this age that she's in. They are so much fun! :)

This is dad and Jaycee. She doesn't look it here, but she LOVES riding on the golf cart, and of course that's my dads favorite thing to do with all the kiddos. Her and her lovely hair, actually had the wind blown look after they were done. Wish I would have gotten a picture of that! :)

Walker was so insanely jealous that we were on the golf cart and not him, but he enjoyed chasing it around and around!

This is a picture of Jaycee and Kendall. Kendall is one of my best friend's daughters. She will be a year old in July and is just so freaking cute. They are BFF's and don't even know it yet.
We had our first picnic last Friday and this is them hanging out on the blanket together. They had a good time. We also tried to get the girls in a baby pool that day. Darn it, I was so excited about the pool that I forgot to get a picture of her in her adorable bathing suit. And then no one got a picture of her trying the pool out b/c we were all so focused on getting her not to scream that the camera was the last thing in mind. It wasn't a kodak moment anyway, trust me.

And this is what happens when you eat prunes!! :) Can you see the back of her shirt?! I had a sneaky feeling this would happen, but it was the only "1st foods" she hadn't tried yet, so I had to give them a shot, and strangely enough, she loved them. This happened while I was down at my parents house over the weekend and I just screamed!! My mom and her friend, Tyra (shout out! ) and Josh all came running, while my sister didn't do anything but grab the camera! :)

And while I'm sure it was the cold water that she didn't like about the baby pool, I was wondering if it's b/c she bathes in her comfort bather and not sitting in the tub, so she's not used to be submerged (in that whole 2 inches) of water. So I have officially done away with the comfort bather and while I almost had her fall face first in the water, we have resulted to the large and in charge rubber ducky for bathtime! The beak even squeaks! We did much better in this thing. Let's hope this will help the transition into the baby pool. Mommy is determined....

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