Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Fathers Day! (Early)

WE LOVE SUMMER!! We go swimming, come home all greased up and strip down to our diaper and play some more!! :) I mean, this is the life...

I was so excited that Josh called yesterday and said that he had receieved his first fathers day gift from Jaycee when he picked her up from Daycare. I asked what it was, and he just said that I'd have to wait and see when I got home. He's such a proud daddy. He already had it on his nightstand by the time I got home and he said that is where it was going to stay! :) On the back of it, the teacher wrote, Happy Fathers Day! :)

She made the frame herself!! Her little fingers still had some blue on them!! Such an artist... :)

By far, better than any present I could have come up with!!

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