Thursday, June 10, 2010

How in the world does 6 months go so fast!

I want to play Simon says with Time, and Simon says freeze!! How come when you're waiting for vacation to come, 6 months takes FOREVER, but when you want to keep your baby a little baby, 6 months flies by?!?! It's not fair! But enough with the pitty party right!?! 6 months is a really cool age for babies anyways, if i do say so myself and I know that miss Jaycee agrees. I mean you can't look much cooler than this:

We have definately been getting our swim on this summer!! The first time was horrible, and now, she will at least sit in the water and not cry. We haven't figured out that we can splash yet, but hopefully by the end of the summer, we will be a pro!

This is "her" spot. She likes to be in her float, leaned back in the shade, chewing on some links. It's the baby version of what we would call, sitting poolside with a margarita in hand! Aww, heaven!

So we went to the good ol' doctors appointment yesterday for her 6 month checkup; here are her current stats:

*She weighs 16 lbs 7 oz. That is the 60th percentile!

*She is 25 3/4 inches long. That is the 50th percentile!

*We are sitting up solo!! whoo hoo

*We are in size 3 diapers now. We are now cruisers instead of swaddlers!

*She drink 7 oz of formula 4 times a day with a nightly supper meal that includes one Level 2 vegetable and 1/2 of a level 2 fruit! :)

*She is now rolling over onto her belly in the crib and I will find her asleep on her stomach when I go in there. This just started 2 days ago. She has always slept on her side. I felt more comfortable with her on her side. :/

*If she is on her belly, she will pull those arms up and tuck those knees under her, but then she looks up at me like, "i don't know what to do with this now.." then she plummets. :)

*She has her days where I am the only one that can hold her and I am the only one that can make her stop crying. When we drop her off at the nursery at church, I now have to sneak out!

*I want to say that this child is into everything, but I know if i feel that way now, it's only going to get worse!! hahaha. But if it's in her's an option for her! She wants EVERYTHING and of course it's all suppose to be able to fit in her mouth! hahaha. She reaches and leans and stretches those arms for anything in site!

*She has been introduced to the sippy cup world. We know how to hold it, and where it's suppose to go (like everything else), but not a clue how to get the juice out. hahaha, we will get there! :)

Simon continues to say freeze......

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