Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 months!

This just kills me. Everytime I tell myself that I'm going to blog more than once a month...it still never happens! I have no time!! none, zero, zilch!! :) Until I get myself a pretty little laptop that I can use in bed, I don't see that changing, even though once again, I will say it....I am going to start to try to blog more often!! hahaha.

So on to what is making my life so wonderfully crazy these days...my little girl who is 5 months old!! I have to say, I'm starting to LOVE this age!! So freaking cute, all the freaking time!! She is learning and exploring and trying to figure things out ALL the time. Her facial expressions kill me!! They are absolutely hysterical!

She is such a happy little girl!! You know how you always wonder if you're raising them ok, and if they seem ok to other people...well my parents made me feel good the other day when I went to pick her up after staying the night with them. My mom said, "she is just such a good baby, just so calm and so happy, that if she cries you know that something is wrong." She then went on to say that I was doing such a great job raising her with such a great personality and that she seemed secure and like she knew she was loved and nothing to be upset about!! awwww, made my day!! All mothers need to hear that I think!! :) ( We shall see how well I handle the terrible twos or try some threes!) Not quite sure, how well she or I will come out of that! :)

Anyways, on to the 5 month stuff. OH MY GOSH, can we say teething...

She LOVES to eat fingers!! Anyone's will do! :)

There are some of her toys that she just goes after with her mouth so fiercely! That if the whole toy doesn't fit in her mouth, she just gets MAD and throws the toy then throws a fit!! hahahaha. Yes, my little ma'dam has a temper!!

We are teething with full force currently!! We don't have any breaking through yet, but I sure wish we'd just get moving on this b/c it doesn't look like it's going to go well!! hahaha, bless her heart, that has to hurt though. Love the Tylenol!! (speaking of which, all you mothers who don't use generic, THROW AWAY your Tylenol and get new!!) I just did tonight. I couldn't tell if mine was affected, but I figured it wasn't worth the risk!)

Other than that:

* We are going to bed at 7:30- 8:00 at night and sleeping straight through til about 7am.

*We are still eating 6 oz at a feeding and eating one jar of baby food a day! (we had an allergic reaction to Carrots...it wasn't good!)

* We are sitting up ALMOST by ourselves. She can for a majority of the time, but I still use the boppy or pillows, b/c she still falls over sometimes

*She has discovered that she can scream and squeel!! Strangely enough, I think it's adorable!!

*She actually looks at a book now while I read it to her instead of looking all around or trying to eat it!! I feel like she's starting to take interest in things!

*She studies EVERYTHING. She loves to watch me cook dinner or watch me do laundry. She's fascinated in what I'm doing!

*We just might be starting the seperation anxiety thing....she gets awful nervous when I step out of the room or if someone else is holding her!! (If there is a way to work through that with her, someone please let me know!)

I think that's it!! I just laugh at myself reading back through these blogs, b/c I talked about how much fun I thought she was at 2 months, and while I'm sure she was...it's so much better now!! No wonder in all aspects of babyhood, mothers always tell you, "it only gets better!" :)

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  1. You have such good blog updates! Her hair makes me smile :)