Saturday, July 24, 2010

7 months! (way late!)

And oh my goodness, we are 7 months old!!! Life is getting very fun!! This has to be the best stage for a baby (and mommy). She is into absolutely everything that she can reach, or is a short distance from!! She is discovering so many cool new things, and can sit with her toys and be content b/c she can do so many different things with them!! As for the mommy side, I love this stage b/c they enjoy toys, they can tell when something new is in front of them, they can actually move enough to play content by themselves for a few minutes and yet she still can't REALLY move far from where I put her!! It's perfect! :)
This little gal is enjoying life!! Her personality is great!! You can definately tell her moods! She is obssessed with being around a bunch of people, and loves doing new things!! This is her at a splash park in Chicago! She was not content watching all the other kids playing, she wanted down there in it too!! She smiled and laughed the whole time. And as always did a bunch of "oooooo" noises when her feet got wet!!

Her grandma Jo Jo got her a swing for outside, and boy was it a winner!! She stayed in that thing and giggled everytime it was coming back down towards us!! She loved it, she loved it so much she stayed in it until it put her to sleep!! :)

And as for the awesome things we are doing at 7 months, here are the things that I can think of currently:
*We finally broke the gums, with her two bottom teeth coming through at the SAME time!! I found those sharp things on July 11th when I picked her up from Jo Jo's.
*We have kinda backed off of a bottle a day, but not really in ounces. Instead of doing 4 bottles of 6 1/2 ounces, we are doing 3 8oz bottles a day. This seems to be doing her well. She's content, and they say that babies will let you know!!
*As for eating, it's a bottle first in the morning, a couple of hours later, some oatmeal and apple juice. Then early afternoon is another bottle. Then for supper a veggie and a fruit and more apple juice, and then a bottle at bedtime!
*We are working on the "ferber" method of slowly letting her console herself if she wakes up in her crib in the middle of the night. Whew, that's hard to be patient when it's 2am, but I think we are making progress!! I think it's also helping her naps during the day! She tends to wake up after about 30 minutes of nap, but lately, is able to go back to sleep without me having to go in there! :)
*She is SO close to crawling on all fours. She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. And right when she tries to move her legs, she just lays them straight back out and stays on her belly. But she definately still gets to where she needs to go even though she's flat on her belly. She can get from one side of the living room to the other on her belly (it might take 30 minutes, but....) we'll see if she ever even gets on all fours!
*We have found that we can enjoy going out to dinner with her because she is perfectly content in her highchair at a restaurant b/c she is completley ammused by the environment around her, that she doesn't even have time to think about being bored or being held. She smiles at everyone, and loves watching what all is going on. Much more thrilling than our livingroom!
*Teeny tiny finger foods that we put on her high chair she can now get into her mouth on her own. For a while she would just move them all around her tray, but that pincher grasp is slowly starting to work!! The sippy cup on the other hand, she still needs help! She can put it to her mouth but doesn't understand to tilt it or her head back! Practice makes perfect! :)
*Her babble is slowly starting to sound like she's trying to talk. The other night she laid on the floor and for about a minute it was nonstop, "dadadadadadadadadadadada". I know she didn't say it on purpose, but hopefully we are getting close! :) That was the first time it wasn't just a "ooooo" or "ahhhhh"
*We have discovered just recently that she is very ticklish!! She gets her belly laughs when we tickle her on the feet or under her chin!! Just another new thing we are learning about our princess! It never stops!
I think that's it!! In less than two weeks, she will be 8 months!! I just shake my head when I think about that!! So we'll be back!!

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