Monday, October 8, 2012

Moments/quotes of Jaycee I don't want to forget

Oh Jaycee!!  Jaycee, Jaycee, Jaycee.  I tell ya, most days, I think I'm going to be bald by the end of the day with this beautiful, sweet, yet full of energy, crazy almost 3 year old!!  And when I say full of energy, I mean, FULL of energy. Everytime she stays at my parents, my dad will call by the end of the night and say, "does this child stop?!?!  She hasn't stopped!"  My reply is "welcome to my world!!  And then I ask if he wants to throw a 4 month old on top of that!" hahaha.  I would not change a thing for the world though!! :) 

And before I get into her cute memorable quotes and moments, I do want to reinterate, that this child has tested my patience and tested my parenting skills beyond knowledge I didn't know existed!!  I google daily on how to deal with things.  There are days where I look at her and think, "if I knew how to handle this better, she wouldn't be acting this way!"  She has "that look" like, "mommy I'm getting into something I shouldn't" ALL the time!  HOWEVER, I do have to remind myself that this stage IS NORMAL, that this stage WILL pass (God willing), AND for every frustrating typical toddler thing she does- she does something even more cute or even more sweet than I could ever be frustrated with!! :)  Those are the moments I see her heart, and I see her soul, and I see the kind of person she will be when she grows up!  She really does have such a funny, sweet spirit, and there are just some things, that since this is their baby book- that I have to have on record to remember!  So read if you want, but this post is more for me! :)

*She wakes up every morning, and she stumbles into our bedroom, and crawls up in our bed, and says, "goodmorning mommy, I wanna cuddle with you!"  Every.morning.  (LOVE IT!)  Reason #1 I can't get myself to get up before the kids, because then I wouldn't get to hear this!

*When I look at her and tell her I love her, she now says, "I love you too mommy!"  There is something about her not just repeating exactly what I said, but she puts the word "too" in there, and for some odd reason- my heart completely melts!!

*Every morning after she wakes up, and/or every afternoon after nap time, I always ask her what she dreamed about. And her response 100% of the time is- "Jesus".  (You should have seen my eyes, the first time she said that!!!)

*If she's doing something, for example, coloring, and I ask if her I can color with her, instead of saying, "yes" she says "SURE!"  in an upbeat sweet tone.  I don't know where she learned "sure" but it's soooo cute!!

*When I tell her something exciting that we're getting ready to do, her very first response is, "today or tomorrow".  Don't know where she learned that either, but boy, the answer better be "today!" 

*She now goes to the potty all by herself, but as soon as she's done and she's ready for me to wipe her- she yells, "I'M ALL DONE"  "MOMMY, I'M DOOOOOONNNNNNEEEEEE!" Often times I have no clue she's even on the potty until I hear that being screamed throughout the house!!!  hahahaha.

*She calls her butt her "booty butt". 

* She checks my body almost daily for boo boos so she can kiss them (to make them better!)  It's so sweet.

* She knows better than to feed the dog, but she loves him so much, she's always trying to sneak him part of her meals.  She thinks she's sneaky and tries to just slide her hand (very slow) under the table.  When she gets caught, it makes her laugh so hard!

*She's a very lovey-dovey kid.  She always wants hugs and "cuddles"

*We have quiet time every day before nap time and bedtime where she gets to watch a tv show and lay on the couch.  And every time she asks me to "rub her back" and then it's "rub my arm" "ok, now my other arm".  She is SOOO my kid!!  My mom had to put me to sleep everynight until I was about 6 with rubbing my back! I love it though! :)

* I have fears over this, but this is just the stage of life that we are at right now, and when you have two kids, you can't go into a room by yourself and do anything, so everything is done around both my kids- including pumping.  Poor Jaycee- I get so scared she's going to remember watching me pump!  But it's sooo funny, (and reminder this is more for me, so TMI if you will, but I HAVE to remember this)- she will say, "you need to pump mommy? Do "they" hurt?"  And then once I'm pumping she will look at me and say, "take your time, take your time" in a really slow voice.  I don't know where she gets any of this- but I about pee my pants everytime!! 

I love this little kid! My heart just hurts with love for her! While this age is so trying, it's also sooo rewarding!!  We interact sometimes like two adults.  I can have conversations with her. Simple, but actual conversations.  She understands me, and I understand her.  She can talk in full sentences.  She understands emotions.  She's so observant, that nothing goes past her!  She's loves getting dirty, but then comes inside and wants to paint her dirt filled fingernails! hahaha.  She's asks for her make up daily (which is nail polish and lipgloss! No fear!) I get excited when I think about us going to get pedicures together one day.  Or going to the mall shopping!  I love having girls!!  Especially ones that can get as dirty and messy as they can princess-y! :) 

Since Jaclyn has been born, I've kinda gone back to the monthly posts on what Jaclyn is doing, and I haven't posted much on Jaycee lately.  And I know one day I'll look back and be glad I posted just a few of the sweet things about my oldest little girl! :)  Time flies, way too fast, and I want to cherish and remember as much as I can!! :)

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