Friday, September 14, 2012

Jaclyn @ 3 months!!


I can't believe you are 3 months old!!  You are getting way too big, way too fast!!!  I just look at you and laugh, because everytime I glance your way, you shoot me this HUGE toothless smile, and I just can't even stand it!! You are absolutely the sweetest little girl (besides your sister) that I've ever been around!  You are such a sweet mannered, calm, content baby (and I thank you sooooo  much for that!)- except when you're hungry or tired! You have gone from a newborn, to a full of personality infant.  I love watching you grow into your own.  I can AND can't wait to see more of you!

I look at you and my heart hurts, because it is so full of emotions for you!!  I look at you and I couldn't imagine being able to love you as much as I do.  I look at you and can't wait to see you and your sister playing together, and I imagine the sounds I'll hear in this house when that happens.  I look at you and try to picture what God might have in store for your life. 

Just not even 2 years ago, I figured this family was complete. Had no plans on having another baby. And then out of nowhere- God put this POWERFUL, longing in my heart for you.  He had plans.  You were already being created by God, and he knew he wanted you to be apart of this family, and God placed that need in my heart and your daddy's heart for you!!  I am so overwhelmingly glad he did.  You complete our family (God willing), and we couldn't imagine this family without you now!!  God sure does always prove he's in charge, he knows our needs, and his ways are always good, and he longs to bless us! :)  I am eternally grateful to him everytime I look at you!

At 3 months, life is getting fun! :)  I'm finally figuring out your schedule!! 

*You are now in size 2 diapers!! :)

* You wear 3 month clothes, and even some 3-6  months clothes because of your length!

* We are still breastfeeding, and you take 5-6 oz every 4 hours and a good 6 oz at the bedtime bottle

*You are sleeping through the night!! You have your last bottle between 730 and 8.  We usually have you in your crib asleep by 830.  You occasionally get restless during the night, and i have to go calm down those arms of yours that are flying all over the crib, but you either wake up to eat around 5 to nurse, and go back to sleep, or you wait and wake up for the day around 7 and eat.  Either one, is fine by me!  I'll take it!

* You are reaching for your dangling toys when you're on your playmat, and if I put the rattle in your fingers, you love to keep ahold of it and shake it!! :)

*You have learned to turn on your side.  I love watching you throw those legs in the air to get your body to turn on your side.  It takes every ounce of you to do it!  It cracks me up!

* You are much better in your bumbo seat now.  But I still joke, and say you get lazy, and try to lay your head on the tray.  hahaha. 

*I still haven't gotten the belly giggle out of you yet, but you get so excited and these crazy high pitched noises come out of your mouth!!  It cracks me up

*You have FOUND.YOUR.HANDS.  The bib is now apart of our apparel.  Not b/c of teething, but you drool sooooo much from munching on those fingers ALL.DAY.LONG.  You turn your fingers red from munchin' so long!  You have no interest in the toys that you can chew on yet though.  I've tried.  Even the cold ones....

* You are such a mommy's girl.  So much, that we actually struggle with you allowing your daddy to care for you if I'm here or not.  If I'm not the one getting you to sleep at night, you can peel  the paint off the walls with your screams.  Daddy is trying not to take it personal, but I've found him tearful about it on a few occasions.  I know one day you'll probably always want him, and not me, and so we are just rolling with the punches. But daddy sure would love to cuddle you to sleep, and mommy sure would love a girls night every now and then, if you could do that for us, we'd appreciate it!! :)  hahaha.

I think that's it for month 3! :)  You change everyday!!  Can't wait to see where you are in just another month!! We love you!! Happy 3 months Jaclyn Brooke! :)

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