Monday, October 29, 2012

Jaclyn at 4 months!!

So I'm a couple of weeks behind on this post, but at least she's still technically 4 months old!! :)  It's easier to stay on top of this when you're doing months, instead of weekly pregnancy posts! :) 

Jaclyn, you are 4 months old now.  I feel like at this point, the ball game almost totally changes.  You are out of the "newborn" stage.  I feel like we are finally learning "you" and what all of your different responses, cries, needs, etc. are, and at what time.  We have pretty much figured out your daily schedule.  We have figured out what makes you happy, what makes you mad, how much you actually prefer to be in each bottle ;), what time you are ready for bedtime, what calms you down, what you like to do in your spare time, what you DON'T like to do in your spare time...the list goes on.  I like this stage, but it can also be a more time consuming one.  See, you don't sleep as much as you used to (that sleepy newborn stage), but you cannot yet completely entertain yourself yet either- so where does that leave me- your 100% complete entertainment.  And do I mind- not at all!! :)  Do the people mind that come inside my house and see it the way it is- well if they do- they can just deal with it or not come over.  You are WAY more important right now! :) 

We went for your 4 month appointment last week, and you did SO WELL.  You got 2 shots, and the first one you didn't even cry.  It was that darn second one that got ya!!  You were fine once I scooped you up, and were a perfect angel the whole day!!  No fussiness, no fever- I was one impressed momma! :) 

Here are your stats from that appointment and the rest of month 4:

**You weighed in at a whoppin' 15lbs 9 oz!!  hahaha (80th percentile)

**You were 26 1/4 inches long!! (off the charts!!)  I even came home and remeasured you to make sure they measured right, b/c I mean, come on, what child of mine is really that tall?!!? But they were right! :)

**I don't remember exactly your head circumfrance but it was in the 80% too! 


** You are in size 2 diapers, size 1 shoe, and size 6 month clothing

** You eat 5 oz every 3 1/2-4 hours during the day, and 6 oz at bedtime

** She said we could start you on rice cereal, and so we have.  You have a little of that every night around 6, and unlike your sister- YOU LOVE IT!!  Complete mess, but you love it!

** You are still one screaming baby at night around 7pm b/c you are ready to eat and crash, so you eat around 715, and I usually have you in your crib asleep before 8.  You usually do pretty well at night, but want to eat again around 430-5, but then you're right back to sleep until 7 or whenever your sister wakes you up!  I don't really mind that early feeding b/c it doesn't take long, and at least this way, your daddy and I can finally visit at night with both of you guys down to bed at the same time.  I'm hoping we'll get to where you can make it ALL night- soon!!! :))))))

** You DROOL, DROOL, DROOL!!!  Holy moly, but I don't see any pearly whites even close to the surface yet...

** You love your teething rings, and pretty much chew on those or SOMETHING

** You love COLORS!!  You stare at the tv, and i know it's because the colors are fascinating.

** You HAVE rolled over, both ways, however, this is not habit yet.  Not even close.  I'm starting to think you must have done those others a few times by complete accident.  I can't get you to roll over on purpose lately for ANYTHING.  I act like a rolling pin all around you, and you just look at me like, "you're nuts!" 

**You do prop up on your arms when on your belly, and you can actually stay there and hang out for as long as I leave you there.  Sometimes you're more content propped up like that, than laying on your back.  You already try to scoot those knees under you, but that just ends in frustration, and i'm NOT pushing that!

** You'd rather stand up than sit any day of the week!! If you're fussy, we stand you up in our laps, and you could stand there all day.  If you're lying down and we pull you up to sit, you immediately try to stand!! Dr. Hurlock said your leg strength is where she sees 6-7 month olds!! :)

**You're overall a pretty content baby.  You have your moments, and your screams can make sweat beads roll off the devil's forehead even- but that's usually at night when you.are.done!!!  Your personality is SO different from Jaycee's.  You're more laid back, more in a "chill" mode.  I've learned I can't even compare you guys anymore.  I used to freak and say, "jaycee was doing such and such by now...".  But- I've just learned, she was a little more eager, and you are more relaxed.  And until you get behind on a milestone, I'll be laid back with you!!  I might enjoy this quality as much as I did Jaycee's eagerness!!! Maybe a little of the best of both worlds!! :) 

You are only 4 months old, and I'm so proud of you already!! :)  Your little smile literally makes me giggle everytime I see it!!!  I fall more in love with you!  Happy 4 months, Jaclyn!!


  1. She is gorgeous, Layne! And looks sooo much like her big sister!!

    1. Awww thank you!!! And if you saw them in person- they look nothing alike!! But I agree in some pictures, they do!!