Thursday, September 13, 2012

And Jaycee starts Preschool

Preschool.  Even worse- "younger 3's" Preschool.  A preschool that is only twice a week for 2 1/2 hours a day.  The amount of time to go home, do the dishes, run the vaccuum, start a washer, and feed the baby before you're already off to pick them up- preschool.  Yet all they have to do is put the word Preschool into that "title" and this mommy can't handle it. 
Here's the EXCITING, emotional roller coaster and how it's going....

It all started with a letter in the mail addressed to Jaycee.  It was from her teacher introducing herself.  It even had a sentence in it that said, "I was so excited to find out that I was your teacher, that I just had to write you this letter."  (insert- my tears that started flowing).  Along with that letter- her!!! Now for all you moms out there that have older kids, yes, I know that the supply list is going to get old after a few years, but let me enjoy our "firsts" for a while, please. So yes, laugh if you want, but the supply list made me cry even harder!!  It was the beginning of school for this house.  A new, exciting chapter was starting.  Thankfully, Jaycee was napping when I got the mail, so my tears were dried up, and when she woke up, I put on my poker face, and acted so excited to her about her letter and her supply list!!  She got pretty excited too!! :)  Here is a pic of her with her teacher's letter to her.

Then first off, was parent orientation.  Kids weren't allowed at this, so unfortunately, Josh stayed home with the girls, and off to parent orientation I went by myself.  A lump in my throat the whole way there, but almost as excited as I used to get for my first day of school.  I walked in, was shown to her classroom, and there it was.  A little bitty table, with all of the kids names assigned to a seat, and we were asked to sit at our child's spot.  I was in this "itty bitty" chair, at this "itty bitty" table, and the room was decorated sooooo adorably...and my lump go so big, it pushed the tears right out of my ducts!!  Thankfully, her teacher began talking, and her teacher was so upbeat, and so excited, and loves children, and couldn't wait to meet them, and I began to feel more at ease.  It was a day I'll never forget. 

Then on Monday- Jaycee got to go for orientation.  This was just 30 minutes for her to meet her teacher, meet her classmates,see her classroom, and let her teacher show them around the room (and the "itty bitty" barely off the ground, potty! :) )  Jaycee responded well.  She was interested, she was curious, and that made me smile.  School started just that next day, so as excited as we both were when we left there, I couldn't believe this was happening. 

First day of school.  I'm such a dork.  I woke up early, fixed a healthy, well rounded breakfast (like she was taking the SAT's or something), and all morning, I was pumping her up! :)  And thankfully SHE DID GREAT!!  The first day was a major success.  She hates leaving my side, but she is such a people person, that once she's around other people, she's fine!!  She's had a couple of meltdowns at school since it's started but her teacher states that it's been on days that other kids have melted down too. (Bless whoever gets a calling to teach "younger 3's"!!)

Jaycee now gets in the car, and literally talks my head off all the way home about what they did that day, who she  played with, what they had for snack, etc. etc.  I am sooooo fortunate that she goes to school with her friends, and with a teacher who loves to teach, who loves to do crafty things with them, and truly invests her time with them in such a short period of time!!  I'm in awe at what she can accomplish with them in such a short time of the day!! :)

 Praying that school is always such a positive place for her to learn and grow into the person that God has designed her to be!!  I'm so proud of her, and this milestone, while it has pulled at my heart, gives me so much joy to watch her become such a well rounded little girl!! :)  Picking her up from school, and hearing her talk about her day the WHOLE way home, are moments I wish I could always remember word for word because it doesn't get much sweeter than that!!

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