Thursday, March 10, 2011

15 months!!

Miss Jaycee is 15 months old!! Actually she was on Tuesday. I wanted to wait until we went to to the doctor today to post this so we would have her stats!

Because she has had RSV, and she still sounds junky, she didn't have to get any shots today!! WHOO HOO!! She said that they were just boosters, and could do them at the 18 month appointment. The bummy news I got was that her lungs still sound horrible, and said we needed to continue doing breathing treatments twice a day. Dang you, RSV....go away!!

This past month, has been a LOT of sickness for us, but in between all that, she's of course been up to a bunch of cute things!! Here's some of her stats and new things:

*She is 30 3/4 inches long (60th percentile)

*Her weight- 20lbs 11ounces. (10th percentile). :/ (I'll get to that in a minute)

*Her vocabulary is slowly expanding. New words: "go go" "doggie" "papaw" "gi gi" "jo jo" "mmmilk", "book" (She actually will try to repeat everything I say to her, but it's not things that just automatically come out)

*She loves to pretend to have tea. She brings over her tea pot and two tea cups, and she pours me tea! (I love it!)

*If I am vaccumming, she has to vaccum too, or else she wants to jump on and ride on the one I'm using!

*She is getting more proficient at using the spoon, but she still needs some help

*She's getting better about not being so picky on what she eats

*She goes and reaches on her highchair when she's hungry

*When I say let's go change your diaper, or let's go take a bath- she heads straight to where she needs to go!!

*She loves playing pat-a-cake. Clapping is her favorite part. Watching her trying to "roll it up" is hysterical!

*Her new thing is walking backwards. She loves it, and gets a kick out of it, if you act surprised she's doing it!

*She is finally enjoying being read to! This little girl is such a busy body, she wouldn't last but about 2 pages of the book before she was off, but now she enjoys them!

Ok- regarding her weight. The doctor and I are certain that part of it is because of how sick she has been. But if you are my friend on facebook, I'm sure you've seen me begging for help on what to give my picky eater child!! The child went thru a phase where she wouldn't eat!! If I put it on the highchair- it went in the floor. If I put it in her mouth, she spit it out!!

Nonetheless- our priority for this little girl is to put some meat on those bones!!

(I laugh and told Josh that 10 lbs of her twenty are in her cheeks!!) They are deceiving!! She really doesn't look that skinny, and I was shocked to see she hasn't gained weight from her 12 month appointment, but it's nothing a few carbs, peanut butter, pediasure, and ice cream can't take care of...right!! :)

I could gobble the little girl in that picture right up!!! :)

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