Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby sleeps/Mommy worries

So Thursday afternoon, they called me at daycare and told me to come get Jaycee b/c her fever was 103. Little did I know how sick I was about to see her. Bless her heart. From Thursday evening to Saturday morning she was awake MAYBE 5-6 hours. High fever, horrible cough, wouldn't eat or drink, and her nose just pouring. By Friday night, I was one worried momma. She was asleep in her crib, and I would be sitting on the couch crying b/c I didn't know what to do, how worried to be, was she ok...etc. All of my nursing knowledge I feel like goes out of the door when my daughter is sick. So Saturday morning we went straight to the doctor. He listened to her and got concerned for pneumonia. So after nasal swabs, blood work, and chest xray (which is horrible to do with a one year old)...we found out she has RSV.
This is her at the doctor, getting a breathing treatment. Completely out of it. This is how my child was for 2 days...ugh, killed me. She looks so pitiful.

Then this is us later that afternoon at home. Every 4 hours.
(yes she's in christmas pjs. they still fit, enough said..)

When she woke up this morning, the whole way to her bedroom, I was nervous on how she would be. Thank goodness, for the majority of the day, this is the face I saw...

We are FINALLY fever free!! Whoo hoo!!

(as I am typing this blog....she started coughing so hard she just threw up in the floor.) Bless her heart, we're getting there. ) :
Spring where are you!??! We need you asap!!


  1. Poor Jaycee. And mommy. Glad she's feeling better! Somehow we managed to dodge rsv - every baby but Ty and one other had it in daycare! I agree - come on spring!!

  2. Glad she is better!! And let me tell you...she looks like a little girl instead of a baby. :( She is getting so big!!