Sunday, January 30, 2011


So states that a confession is a formal acknowledgement of guilt. While I hardly think that blogging is a formal acknowledgment, it's all coming out here.

So I have to start this off right- my first confession is that I copied this idea from another blog I stumbled upon, but I loved it!! It's raw. It's true. It made me laugh.

So I thought, it's Sunday, a day of rest, and a day of reflection, baby is napping - why the heck not admit my "guilt" on the internet for who so ever stumbles across this website. You ready?!?

Confession #1: I act stressed out sometimes at home (when I'm not) just to get my husband off the couch to do something. It's not fair, even if I'm not stressed, I don't ever get to sit.

Confession #2: I more times than not have to rewash the clothes that have been washed in the washer b/c I start it, then forget about it for a day, and then open it up and go "oh yeah.." rewash (grosses me out to think they have sat there for 24 hours) i hate laundry that bad that I can THAT easily push it to the back of my mind... :) it's a talent.

Confession #3: There are days that I still watch Full House in the middle of the afternoon.

Confession #4: Just like this other mom put on her confession blog, I like her, do not listen to kid tunes like i should around my child. It is all "today's hit music", and honestly, she loves it. We dance to my ipod quite frequently, and there is no "this little light of mine" kid music on it. But she has developed quite the beat when she dances, and I'm already thinking ahead into dance classes b/c of this. How bad am I?!?!

Confession #5: I sit up in bed everynight when we're in bed in hopes while my husband is watching "Pawn Stars" he'll rub my back since, hey, it's right in front of him...most of the times he does, but if he doesn't, I've started a huge habit of pouting. hahaha. Spoiled...yes, I can admit that too. :)

Confession #6: I feel on the days that I do the BIG walmart run, should mean that I don't have to do anything else the rest of the day. I mean both (Jaycee and I) have to get dressed, load her with me, spend 1-2 hours at walmart, load the car, unload the car, unload the child, and put all the groceries away...which usually ends with me having to clean out the cabinets and the refrigerator, b/c well, it just doesn't all fit. And tend to the 1 year old that at some point is going to have a breakdown. Doesn't that wear you out reading it!! Josh doesn't understand this..

Confession #7: When we have doctors appointments, I make them as early as I can...why...b/c it MAKES me get dressed. B/c on the days we have nothing going on, I tend to stay braless and in pjs all day, and while I know this is unacceptable, Jaycee is the only one around, and at this time, doesn't seem to mind.

Confession #8: In regards to confession #7, on these days, I tend to get dressed, brush my teeth, and brush my hair right before Josh gets home (at 430), to try to make it appear I've done something with myself on that day. For all he knows I've been like this since 8am...right??! I'll never tell him otherwise... :)

Confession #9: There are times when Josh and I are in the car and a song will come on that in MY mind, I think I can sing pretty well, so what do I do...I start singing it, and I keep singing it, and I try my hardest to sing it so well in hopes my husband is going to compliment my singing hasn't happened yet...not even once...I should get the picture.

Confession #10: I secretly still consider my dog "my firstborn" and I WILL be in a mental institute one day when he passes. My husband has stated he has already mentally prepared himself to realize that he will be visiting his wife in a "facility" when that day comes. :)

Whew, I think I'll stop there!! :) I can't believe I just admitted all those things! It was actually fun though. Whats yours?? Don't lie to yourself, you got em' too!! :)

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