Tuesday, February 8, 2011

14 months!!!

Jaycee Anabelle is 14 months old today!!! Whew, things sure do get interesting around this time!! I'm pooped, 24/7, but wouldn't trade it for the world!! Thank goodness though, she seems pooped by lunch time, and I know that nap time is right around the corner!! To me, she has started doing so much in this past month than any other month so far!! I'm guessing it's b/c she's walking, but she seems like she's turned into a little toddler in the past month instead of a baby. She is doing something or saying something new everyday!! I try to write them down as she does them, but it was kinda hard this past month, when other months I was driving my little head crazy to think of things!

So here are some of those things that she's doing that either make us proud, crack us up, or make her daddy and I look at each other and say, "how are we going to handle that one?!?..."

*She sleeps from about 8pm to 7-7:30 in the mornings. She has also gotten pretty good about taking an hour and a half to a 2 hour nap a day, even though we're down to only one a day.

*She has 8 teeth, and just the other day I found 2 teeth towards the back of her mouth that are coming thru...I'm assuming her molars?!?! So counting those...10.

*She is about to go to the toddler room at daycare!! argh....I don't want her to leave the baby room. When I think of toddler room, I don't know, all I can seem to think of is hitting, pushing, biting....I know that's probably not the case, but it still makes my stomach tight!

*Her new words on top of last months are: "ibby" for sippy, "go", "dog" "doggie" "baby". We are still just doing one word sentences, but at least the list is getting longer.

*She LOVES helping with laundry!! I sit the wet clothes onto the door of the dryer, and she pushes them in there. Of course, that backfires, when I'm folding clothes, and I fold them and sit them on the dryer door, and they get pushed back into it, but oh well!!

*Unfortunately, she has figured out how to unlock Walker's Kennel. She doesn't allow him to be put in time out...she wants him out to play!! She gets so excited when she does it though, so I've decided to pick my battles, and that's not one of them!

*She has figured out how to unlock my iphone. I mean Really?!?! She hits the circle button, then slides her finger across with the arrow, and bam. I hate it, and I don't know who showed her how to do it, but that just took away an always accessible toy for her to mess with when we are at a store!! Once again, she gets so proud when it's unlocked!

*We now don't have to get her off of the couch. She actually gets mad if you don't let her do it by herself. But she turns herself around, gets her feet first, and slides off all by herself!!

*Everytime our phone rings, she keeps saying, "hi" "hi" "hi" until we answer it ourselves.

*Yo Gabba Gabba and Fresh Beat Band are her favorite shows!! She dances so hard when Fresh Beat Band is on!! She stomps her feet and waves her hands in the air!! It's pretty adorable!

*She has turned into one PICKY eater. I can't get this girl to eat to save my life! The only thing she will eat right now is peanut butter and bananas. I don't know what else to do. Everything else, she throws a fit, spits it out of her mouth or throws it in the floor for the dog. I've exhausted every route to get meat and veggies down her, but it's not happening! Any tips are appreciated... :)

*She loves getting chased by Josh or I. All we have to do it look at her like we're going to get her and she takes off running with hysterical laughter the whole time!!

*She has discovered biting and Josh and I are discovering how to teach a 14 month old that it is not acceptable. I need to go to Barnes and Nobles and get a parenting manual...I don't have a clue how we "should" be handling this, but I pray that our way is teaching her.

*She loves to "rock" her baby dolls and she always has to wrap them up in a blanket. If I'm holding the baby and acting like I'm rocking it, she "pats" her belly, like I should be patting it's bottom. It's so stinkin' cute!!

I think that is it for month 14!! We are having a blast raising this little girl. She cracks us up on a daily basis!! WE ARE READY FOR SPRING!!! I can't wait to get this little girl outside and playing all summer!!! It's bound to be loads of fun!!

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