Monday, August 9, 2010


I am not doing too well keeping up on my blogging. So this blog is going to contain a bunch of stuff at once!!
We ARE 8 MONTHS OLD!! My goodness gracious, the milestones that we achieved between 7 and 8 months!! The things she couldn't do a month ago, to the things we are doing now!!
Here is a picture of my little princess with her daddy. This was taken a couple of weeks ago while we were in Chicago!! She's such a blessing!

Here is a picture of her over the weekend while we were playing one morning!! I l-o-v-e a baby in just a diaper!! :)

And now to the 8 month milestones:
*She can say dada!
*She jibbers other stuff nonstop all the time!! It's finally not all a scream or a "oooo" but you can tell she's definately trying to tell me something!
*We still drink about 24 ounces of formula a day and eat about 3 jars of baby food a day. Plus a little apple juice and the gerber puffs are our favorite snack! :)
*She is a solid 10 1/2 hour sleeper at night, and sometimes 11 hrs if she's worn out!! I can't complain
*We got our two bottom teeth at the same time. They finally broke the gums on July 10th!! (thank God...we weren't sleeping too well right before that!)
*WE ARE CRAWLING!!! She did the belly/army crawl for the longest time and honestly, it did nothing but frustrate me b/c I knew she could get up on those legs!! hahaha. Us mommy's can push us harder than anyone!! But on August 3rd she finally went forward on all fours to get nothing else but a dog bone!! :) Here is a picture of her in action below!!
*She is pulling up on EVERYTHING!! I was washing bottles one day this weekend at the sink and she crawled up to me, grabbed ahold of my leg and I could tell she was trying to pull up, and after about a minute I turned and looked down and she was up on her feet!! I freaked out!! And of course she doesn't know how to get herself back down to the ground, so she just falls!! This is making me a nervous wreck! She's bumped her head more in the past 2 weeks than she has her whole life!
*She LOVES cords!! Cords to lamps, computers, name it, she wants it!! And now that she can crawl to these things...I've got to get creative!! This crawling stuff is bittersweet!!
And while I believe that's it for the 8 month milestones, I think that's enough for one month!! I don't think mommy can handle much more!! Her personality is just the greatest!! She so sweet and friendly and right now, she still has no problem holding her hands out for anyone to hold her!! She's a big flirt too with the boys!! :)

Look at that face, and those thighs!!! How could you know eat her up?!?! :)

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