Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jaclyn, you are ONE!

      I don't even have words without tears on this first year of your life!! To say you have blessed it, is an understatement.  You came into this world so easy, and then cried for 24 hours straight.  Yep, straight out of the womb- you know when most babies don't even wake up enough to eat- there you were, screaming nonstop, with every visitor, with every cuddle, with every moment- you were not happy.  I laugh- because apparently some things don't change.  Your entrance into this world is exactly your personality!!!  You are laid back, take things on easily- but you are ATTACHED to me, and if i'm not right there, you are letting me know about it!! hahahaha.  Sometimes, I get frustrated, sometimes I remind myself, "you just love your momma!" hahahaha- right?!!? 

I feel guilty sometimes, because it's never just been me and you during the day.  But then I remind myself how much more lucky you are because you have your sister around who is probably blessing your life more than anyone!  If there is one thing that I have tried to soak up every moment of, is watching you grow to LOVE your sister!!  You adore her, and let me tell you- the feeling is mutual!!  You guys are going to be best friends, and I get tears in my eyes just thinking about ya'lls future together!!  She has been such a mother hen to you, and it shows!!  You trust her with you, more than I do!!  And that just goes to show that you already know she will take care of you! :) 

Your eyes, your smile, your belly giggles, the way your ticklish under your arms, your chubby cheeks, your toes- so much of the first year that I just pray I took enough pictures of to remember all the things I want to! 

You've made our family complete.  Your daddy and I talk ALOT about how we don't know what we did before you!!  We knew we needed you!!  You were sought after, and longed for- don't ever forget that!!  We prayed for you before we even conceived you!  Every month I wanted to be pregnant, but wasn't yet- I knew and reminded myself that God was still perfecting you!!  And oh my gosh, did he go over and beyond with you!! This last year has been the best of my life, with having this whole family together and feeling such joy!!  You are such a great baby, and I can only tell your personality is going to go so far in this life!!  I hate to watch you continue to grow up, but I also can't wait either!!  You are going to bring so much laughter and joy in this world!!  How awesome is that!?!!

We love you, Jaclyn Brooke!!  Happy 1st Birthday!!

Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Jaycee!

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