Tuesday, February 5, 2013

7 months!!

I try to blog often.  I sit down, laptop in hand, and of course, something or  SOMEONE should I say, needs me, needs something, something that apparently only mommy can do! ;) 

Jaclyn is so close to 8 months old, I'm going to try not to mess up with what she was doing at 7 months.  Things just change so fast with her now days!!!

Between Christmas and the middle of January, we were at the doctor 4 times!!  Actually 5 times, but the last one was just an "ear recheck!"  So this poor little girl has struggled since about 4 days after Christmas!!  She caught all of this cold nastiness going around, and started the wheezing, the coughing, the suctioning of the nose by moonlight- name it, and we did it.  I was thinking she was getting RSV, but thankfully that never came about! :)  However, she did get her first ear infection, which was this momma's first ear infection as a mommy.  Jaycee has never had one, and in the past month, we have had 2, and as I'm typing this, I think we have a 3rd!!  I now understand what mommy's mean now when they say or put on fb "so and so has an ear infection!"  You know what that means:  a whiny, fussy, in pain, don't know what to do for them, baby.  It absolutely BREAKS my heart!!  I remember having ear infections. I remember how bad they hurt, but to see my baby hurt like that, KILLS ME!  But now, I'm so scared of them, I tug on her ears daily seeing if she has one.  And everytime she touches her ear, I stop breathing for a second.  (Yes, they make me panic, I think they're just too new to me, and she DOES NOT sleep when she has one!) Reason to panic all in it's own, right!?!?!  ha!

Besides the illnesses, she's still been adorable, and cute, and learning new things everyday!!! 

*At her last doctor's visit she weight in at 18lbs 10oz (but that was fully clothed in winter gear!)

*She still has 4 bottles a day.  6 oz during the day, and 7 oz at the bedtime feeding

* She eats a jar of veggies, and a 1/2 jar of fruit a day.  Sometimes, she will finish the jar of fruit too

*She's loving the Puffs!!  I still break them in half, but that pincher grasp is starting to work.  Bless her heart, I always think she does really well, and then I pick her up out of the highchair and there is a PILE of them! haha.

*She's working on the sippy cup thing.  She loves to at least chew on it.  Whenever I fill it up even with water and I'm bringing it to her, she smiles and kicks her feet so hard! Ha!

*She's still saying "babbababa" and "ooooo and awwww" but no words yet

* Sleep is so up in the air.  I hold my breath every night that I get in bed to go to sleep.  I have no clue if I'll just have to get up once and pop the paci back in, or if I'm going to be up every 1 1/2 hours to put the paci back in and settle her down.  She's soooo up and down.  We have our good nights and bad nights

{you got a problem with me not sleeping??} :)

* Still takes a short morning nap and long afternoon nap!

*She's starting to stay more on her belly, and you can tell she's trying to figure out this crawling thing!  She quickly though just ends up spread all out, and then it's over

* She can roll though to WHEREVER she needs to go.  I put her on the rug in the living room one day, went to make her a bottle, came back, and she was in the middle of rolling onto the carpet that goes into our bedroom!

I think that's it for month 7!  She's such a cutie, and is still pretty content, even not being held, as long as she can see my face!  If I put her down and then walk in another room, that's a whole different deck of cards right there!!  But that's ok. I know soon enough, she'll be able to follow me wherever I go!

8 months is only 10 days away, and it's hard to wrap my hand around the fact that in 4 months, she'll already be a YEAR old!!  GEEZ LOU-ISE!!!  Time flies!! :) 

I've already started her 8 month update, so as long as I find time to load the pictures up, I'll have this post up soon!!! :)

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