Friday, December 28, 2012

Jaclyn is 6 months old!!

So once again, I'm late.  Time is busy these days, but my little girl turned 6 months old on December 12th!  It absolutely blows my mind!!  I mean, this has to have been the fastest 6 months of my life!!  Josh looked at me the other night and said, "do you feel like life is going so fast right now that you have no clue what's going on??"  He got an "AMEN" from this momma!!  Our lives are so blessed with two BUSY little girls that half the time, I have no clue what day it is, but I'm so eternally grateful!! There are days, where at the end of it, I sit on the couch and watch Nick Jr. for hours, but have no clue I'm watching it.  Hopefully that makes sense to some of you moms out there!  There are days that as soon as Josh gets home, I hand him the kids and say "bye" and he asks where I'm going, I say, "I don't know yet.."   There are days, where I send my husband so many text messages of "I'm losing my mind" or "Jaycee has been a CRAZY person today" or "Jaclyn has been crying all day" or "ughhhh, please let me go back to work" that I'm sure half the time he dreads the drive home....BUT....those little moments of me losing it, is only a smidgen of the time that doesn't even compare to the joys and happiness I get with these kids!! :)  Those moms who act like motherhood is ALL rainbows and sunshines are just lying, right?!?!?!  hahahaha.

So back to 6 months!!  Goodness, she's growing so fast!!!  She went for her 6 month appointment at exactly her 6 month, 1 week date and everything checked out great!!  She got an insane amount of shots though because I made them also give her the flu shot!!  Man, I think those shots and seeing her face hurts me just as bad as it hurts her!!!  I get sick to my stomach everytime, and it never gets easier.  She did great, except for running a fever for 24 hours, but that just makes for great cuddles! 

Here's her other stats:

*She weighed in at 17lbs 10 oz (75%)

*She was 27 1/2 inches long (95%)

*Her head was in the 80% percentile

*She's wearing 9 month clothing

*She's in a size 3 diaper

*Still in a size 1 shoe

*Is starting to babble more!  She says, "babbababa" alot, and then "oooooo" like an owl.  I remember teasing Jaycee and calling her my little owl- so Jaclyn might be following along too

*Takes 4- 6oz bottles a day (well 7oz in the bedtime bottle)

*I officially stopped breastfeeding at her 6 month birthday.  So far, I've still had enough breastmilk stored that she still gets half breastmilk/half formula in all of her bottles.

*She's got both of her bottom teeth!

* She eats a level 2 veggie and half a level 2 fruit a day.  I think she's ready for more though, so we might be initiating oatmeal into her morning routine soon!

* I bought some of the Gerber puffs.  I take one and break it into even smaller pieces, and put them on her high chair to let her practice that "pincher" grasp.  She's starting to get the hang of it!!  I usually put a few pieces on her high chair just while we are eating dinner, and that keeps her pretty content while we eat! :) 

* She's sleeping from about 8pm to 7am, and most of that now is in her crib.  I occasionally have to bring her to lay on my chest around 6ish, so we can both sleep more, but as of this week, she's been staying in her bed later in the mornings! :)

*She still doesn't nap well.  A 30 minute morning nap, and she naps great in the afternoons, but it's because she still naps on me.  I'm hoping that maybe once she starts crawling and wears herself out, we can do better at napping in her crib. I'm trying to remind myself to just soak up the feeling I have when she sleeps on my chest because it's so short lived!!  Jaycee napped on our chests for about 7-8 months, and then started napping in her crib, so I know my days of that cozy, house quiet, me resting too with my precious little girl on me won't last much longer!!  To me, it's worth not doing housework during that short time to cuddle up with her! They're only babies once! :)

* SHE LOVES BATHTIME!!  By far her favorite time of the day.  I think she could sit and play in there all day!! :) 

* She loves trying to reach for stuff to pull up on, even though she's DEFINTELY not doing that yet.She gives it a shot, and rocks her butt like a lil old lady trying to stand up!  hahaha. Heck she might skip crawling, who knows.

*Speaking of that, the kid, now that she can roll, refuses to stay on her stomach.  she immediately rolls over on her back, so how she will ever learn how to crawl is beyond me.

* She loves banging toys on toys, or on the ground, or splashing her hands in the tub!! ;)  It's so cute!

* Jaycee and Walker still make her belly giggle better than anyone!

When peope ask me about her personality, and if it's anything like Jaycee' reply is TOTAL opposites!!!  Jaclyn at this point and time appears to be much more laid back.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, did I mention, LOVE it!!!!  When I pick Jaclyn up, she takes her arms and throws them over my shoulders and around my neck!!  It's priceless and I just end up hugging her forever!!  She's starting to do that to Josh now too!!  It's so precious!! :) 

Since month 7 is almost here, I better stop!!!  As you can tell, there's getting to be more to talk about!! :)

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