Monday, March 26, 2012

29 weeks!!!

First things first!

My firstborn- who I fall more and more in love with!!!

She is getting too big for her own good, but just listening to her talk all day absolutely cracks me up!! She's huge in to telling me stories!! And EVERYTHING involves a color. i.e.- I want green ice cream. I want a purple cereal. I want pink bubbles in my bath.
She's just too funny!! And oh the things I have to watch with my mouth now!! If Walker is barking at a bird, sometimes, out of frustration I'm sure I've yelled, "shut up!" to the dog. Well today, the dog was barking and she told it to shut up!! Oh, how I've spent the day trying to reverse that comment.
She then yelled at her baby doll this morning, "Do you need a spankin'?" And then proceeded to put her against the back door (our time out spot), and yelled with her finger pointed, "TimeOut! And Stay!" (let it be noted, I think she's actually been spanked like twice in her life, and both instances involved something where it absolutely couldn't happen again- like running into the street, or something that could harm her!) Everything else can be discliplined with time out.

When she's not playing mommy with her baby dolls, we have been staying busy outside!! In Southern Indiana it's been as high as IN the 80s here, and after multiple days of that- I said, "let's play in a pool!"
This is Jaycee and her neighbor friend, Rylan Brooks! They had a good ole time in the water that day!! I can't wait for more! I laid out that day and got BURNT!! I loved every pink/red area on my body!! hahaha. (Hey, if I'm going to be insanely pregnant, a little color, or sun damage, makes me feel TONS better about myself!) :)

Note to moms that haven't potty trained a girl quite yet: get two piece bathingsuits, or tankini's for your daughter for the summer!! Best decision I've ever made!! So much better than trying to take a wet one piece off every time they need to go potty!!!

Thankfully, with the second kid, I haven't had to freak out as much about what we have, what we don't have, yada yada, because even though I almost didn't- I saved most things from Jaycee (except her carseat, jumperoo- ya know, of course- the bigger things!) hahaha. I have to have the sweetest friends that keep wanting to do something for me for this baby, and I have just not felt right about it. It's only been 2 years and it's the same sex kid! I have been insanely grateful for the offers though!

I have a group of friends that I met through all of our husbands working together. They hired on a bunch of "younger guys" at the same time around 4-5 years ago b/c all the other fellas are getting close to retirement. Anyways- since we are all around the same age, and figured we would all be stuck together forever we might as well become good friends!! hahahaha. Some of the guys already moved to a different job, but our friendships have stuck, and we try to have monthly "girls night."

Well I'll be gosh darned if I showed up at Olive Garden last week, and those girls threw me a surprise baby celebration!!! It was so darn sweet and cute!!! I was in awe at their talent.

This is a flower/diaper bouquet filled with necessities at the bottom that I thought was just ADORABLE. It makes me want to make one for someone!! I'm actually keeping it up in Jaclyn's room untouched until closer to her arrival. The idea came from Pinterest (where else?!!) hahaha.

This next picture is newborn clothes, that came in a box and shaped like cupcakes!!! Another pinterest inspired idea, and it was PRECIOUS!!! They are so crafty!!

Well, here is my 29 week photo!!!

I went to the doctor last Friday.

*I've gained 21 lbs

*My hormones have kicked back in horribly!! I'm nauseated in the mornings, i'm emotional, I'm breaking out on my face all over again- it's just lovely!

*I love getting to the point where the kicks and jabs in my belly turn more into rolls, and slow movement where I can actually feel something poking me like a heel or elbow. My stomach has rolled from one side to the other (which makes me crack up), or her quick feet kicks get my belly moving so fast (which makes me crack up equally as much!) I love that!!

*My iron level is low- so what's one more pill to take daily, but oh well!

*Strangely, my energy level is much higher than it was the last time I blogged. I told Dr. Howell that I feel now like I probably should have felt the second trimester!

*My nesting instinct is in full throttle!! If you're friends with me on facebook, you've seen those posts!

*I'm sleeping better now than I have in a while too!! I don't know if she moved positions, but my back isn't hurting as much, and I think that is helping my sleep. However, to turn from side to side takes help from God and the WHOLE bed

*Still taking Procardia- but only on the days I work, or I know I'm going to be really busy. Dr. Howell was fine with that!! The Braxton Hicks are strong, but much more tolerable!

Jaclyn's room has been a work in progress this whole pregnancy!! There is still so much to be done, but I'm going to give ya a sneak peek. I just painted this room like a year ago, so Josh refused to paint it again- which is fine- it's just a khaki color. I can work with that!

So don't judge- I'll have finished picks later!

This is where her glider will be, but the lamps won't be there, and neither will that valance! :)

This is where we are putting the crib, but that's about as far as we have gotten. All of her toys are still out of the closet right now too. You'll see why in a sec.

I'm so happy!! These are all of Jaycee's clothes (mixed in with a very SLIM few new clothes) that Jaclyn can wear. All of these here are either sleepers, onsies, or shorts/pants.

This side is a selection of shoes that I have for her. We have to build shelves in the closet, so they have no where to go right now!!

This is her diaper/wipes stash I've already accumulated!!! I am 8 short of 900 diapers!!! I am quite proud of my stash, but then when you think about it- it probably won't even last me 3 months!! hahahahaha.

This hat- there's just gonna have to be a picture made with this hat. Enough said.

And then THIS. I ordered one of those big trees to go over her crib!! It will start to the left of her crib and it leans to the right so it'll go right over it. It is white with pink birds. I just got this in the mail last week, and I ABOUT DIED. Each leaf is a different vinyl decal. OH.MY.GOSH. I'm taking offers on anyone who wants to help me put this up! My husband said him and I would knock it out one night Jaycee stayed away from home- but I'm afraid this project would end in divorce papers!! (I kid, I kid) but I can not see this going over well with as OCD as we both are, and how time consuming it will be!! Whew!

But I'm sure it'll be cute, and Jaclyn can better believe that it's STAYING there once it's up!! hahahaha. I hope to have finished product pics here in the next 2-3 weeks!!!

I think that's it. I am getting so anxious and so excited to meet this little girl!! :) Just a couple more months! :)

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