Thursday, March 8, 2012

26 weeks!!!

I feel like I'm finally on the downhill stretch of this pregnancy!! Whoo HOO!!! If yall are one of those people that just LOVE being pregnant, please don't ever say it to my face!! hahaha. I get so mad (probably at myself and my stupid body) when other people love it, and I'm just praying (the whole pregnancy) that she comes out on exactly the day that she's safe to do so!

However, I am getting closer everyday, and I really am trying to enjoy the "few" perks of pregnancy while I can (since this WILL be the last one- God willing and by medical intervention! ;) )

My appetite is SUPERB!! :) Oh I love food, and Pinterest has me eating SO WELL right now. I couldn't be happier in that standpoint. (you'll see what it's doing to me momentarily).

I absolutely LOVE watching her kick around in my belly. I watch my belly all the time and I find myself sitting here cheesing. It's incredible. Im always thinking about what she's doing in there. They say at this stage they like to reach for things, and the umbilical cord is one of them- and I'm so surprised I can't feel that!! :) Thank God.

I love getting out of all of the "baby" stuff again, and getting her clothes ready to be washed. I've been through all of Jaycee's clothes, and have hooked her up way more than Jaycee is hooked up for this summer. The kids are opposite seasons, so for now- more shopping! :) Another plus! Could you not just buy baby girl clothes EVERYDAY! I have NO control!

Through my work, we can get diapers at an INCREDIBLE (did I mention- INCREDIBLE) price!! Something that I could have done with Jaycee and was too in la la land to even know about it. I ordered my first case of size 1 diapers, and how teeny tiny they are- and THE SMELL!! I smell the diapers so much, I caught Jaycee doing it!! :) I had forgotten what those pampers swaddlers smelled like. Complete baby freshness!! :) Another perk- until there's that sticky poo in there! ;)

Ok, I guess I'll show you a pic now. 26 weeks and you'd think I was 36!

No lie. Just yesterday I was at work, and ran into a girl I obviously hadn't seen in forever, and noticed she was pregnant and just by glance, I thought we looked very close in size. So without me thinking this could come back and bite me in the butt, plus, I said, "Oh you're pregnant! I'm so happy for you! How far along are you??" (thinking in my head we could be in the hospital at the same time), and her comment was 38 weeks today!! ://///// Not a good moment for me. Not at all. I told her I was extremely jealous, and out of complete humiliation when she asked me, I WOULD NOT tell her! Never did. End of story. The rest of the day, I wrapped my lab coat around me a little tighter (which probably only brought on the back fat, but oh well! :) )

But since it's been 5 weeks since I've blogged about my pregnancy there's a few other details to share too. At almost 24 weeks, my braxton hicks/contractions/cramping- whatever it was, got alot more intense than I was expecting at 24 weeks. I went in, had an US, everything was fine, and I'm sure it's just Dr. Howell being aggressive (which I appreciate since it's not just me, but my baby), he put me on Procardia to try to stop even the smallest of contractions. He said he'd rather see me when everything is still ok, than for me and him to play it off and I come in WAY too early and be 4cm. So I take that daily now- which is not something I can say has NOT been pleasent, but the symptoms are starting to become tolerable. Thank goodness. I almost stopped taking it, it made me feel so bad, but my husband said, "oh no you don't!" I'm thankful for that, b/c even now, occasionally (so I know it's false labor), the contractions I do get are even stronger than what I went do the doctor for. :/

At that appointment at 24 weeks, I had gained 16 lbs. I'm sure, I've already put on another 10 by my picture!! hahaha.

This little girl below, is getting excited to meet Jaclyn!! I really sincerely think she's starting to "get it."

We have been getting Jaclyn's room ready for a while (don't get excited- i'm a cheap person, and I'm using Jaycee's crib stuff), but she will ask me if she can play in Jaclyn's room. Or she will ask if Jaclyn will sleep there and point to the crib. It's so cute!! I hope we do this transition right! :)

Once we get over the initial shock and transition stage, Jaycee is going to be such a huge help and such a great big sister!! She's so nurturing and her baby dolls are her LIFE right now. She sings them "Rock a bye baby" and covers them up with a blanket, and then pats their backs, while she's saying, "go nite nite, I love you." I think I might turn into mush if/when she does that to her little sister!!

So in the meantime, we are enjoying just Jaycee as much as possible!! The weather has been so great lately, and we've been able to play outside and with our neighbors alot earlier than expected!! The picture below is her BFF, Rylan! They love each other so much.

I'm so thankful for Rylan and his parents, but one thing I'm grateful for, is that by them playing together so much, I've learned that Jaycee DOES NOT like to share. She's learned the word "mine!" So we have been working on sharing! :) Big thing to get ahold of before a baby takes over her WORLD! :)

And she's safe to take over this world in what, less than 11 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa...heart palpitations.....So Excited!! :)

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