Monday, July 11, 2011

A whole Shmorgas-board of things! :)

So we have been busy the past couple of weeks!! It's been nonstop, I feel like!! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! We sure did! We went down to Lake Barkley for the weekend, and Jaycee was in HEAVEN. Josh's aunt and uncle have a lake house right on the water, and we take advantage of every single invite down there! :)

Jaycee had been there before, but not to where we could go to the dock, boating, or swimming. So this was her first. I really feel she would have loved it alot more if she didn't have to wear that darn life jacket, but there was NO taking it off when I was around. I even made her wear it until we were half way up their back yard when we were going back to the house! This poor girl had to put up with a life jacket that no lie looked like a surgical neck collar, she couldn't hardly turn her head, but I kept saying, it's better than the alternative! :)

The fam (minus the dog). he got in once, but wasn't a fan.

Jaycee pretending to drive the boat. This by far was her favorite pass time!!

We had a great weekend, with alot of the Walker family!! Between relaxing, tubing, skiing, boating, and eating- it's hard to go wrong!

We came back on Monday so we could take Jaycee to her first firework show in Newburgh on the river. I was nervous how she would do during the show. SHE LOVED THEM. She would say, "pow pow" with each one and then look at me and say, "more??" It was adorable!!

These are a few pictures of us goofing around on the riverfront before dark:

Then this week, we were busy with catching up with things around the house and back to work! :( On Friday though, Jaycee had her first appointment with an allergist due to her frequent colds and that scare we had at a restaurant. If I would have known what that test would be like, I probably would have cancelled. Everyone told me it was on the arm, and only a few minutes long. And it was on the back and it was the LONGEST 15 minutes I've ever experienced!! She laid on my chest, and they did several little scratches on her back and then she had to lay still for 15 minutes! She cried, I cried. They would be poking her back, and she would be looking at me eye to eye, and would be hysetrical. I felt like I was torturing her and just cried and cried with her! Thankfully though, NOTHING showed up positive. Not even dust or anything. So I'm glad that was our result, but now I feel bad for getting her tested!!

On Friday also, Jaycee was 19 months old!! We are at an age, I want to freeze her forever!! I tell Josh every night after we put her down that she is just addicting!! hahaha :)

I'm so glad we are talking more and more. It's almost like we have can have somewhat, very small conversation! :) Like choosing lunch, I can ask her, and she can (in her way) tell me! I love it! She loves to say "pease" and "tank you"!! :) It's so darn cute. We've been trying to get her to say "I love you" for some time now, and the other night, she was hugging and kissing daddy goodnight, and we were waving night night to him and I said, "say I love you" and something along those lines with three syllables came out! We were kinda excited! :) Melted our hearts!

And the last thing: I don't know where you live, but IT'S HOT!! Like roasting, can't go outside hot!! Today we are actually under a heat warning with heat index of 120, so we're not even leaving the house today, b/c I don't even want to get her in and out of a car in this heat!! BUT yesterday, we wanted to do something fun with her and a nearby town has a splash park that we've heard all sorts of good things about, and decided we'd take her. It was a major hit!!

running to daddy...

running with mommy...

going solo....

(One day, when this blog is made into a book, and I look back at these pictures, I'm going to cry like a baby!! These are the good times....) :)

Off to make more!!

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